9 Details from The Sims 4 Seasons Reveal Trailer that you might’ve missed

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack has finally been announced! With the latest reveal trailer just scratching the surface of all 4 seasons we wanted to see what else The Sims Team might’ve subtly shown in their latest trailer. Here are 9 details from the reveal trailer that you might’ve missed!

1) New food stand with possible new recipes

2) Sunbathing mats!

3) Freezing temperatures will cause rivers and lakes to turn to ice (check the background scenery!)

4) There are multiple roof trim decor for all types of Seasons!

5) It seems Sims will be able to celebrate New Year! Also, it looks like there’s a live New Years broadcast for TVs.

6) The Egg Hunt is back!

7) Parents will be able to help bathe their Toddlers in the new kiddie pools

8) WIND!!!

9) Lightning strikes will truly impact your neighborhood with light effects surrounding each house / object each time the lightning strikes down.

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