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The Sims 4: Gardening Overhaul Coming Soon

Sim Guru Grant has been tweeting again, and this time he’s said about Gardening! Now we already know Plants will be affected by the Seasons, but now we know we are getting an entire Overhaul!


What do you hope will be included in the Free Gardening Overhaul? Let us know in the comments.

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  • “this time he’s said about Gardening!” Wow, such poor grammar.

    Though, I’m interested in the overhaul.

  • I’m really wondering how the Cowplant will react to some of the weather. Like the snow and rain especially.

  • I’m sure they will try to improve gardening, but the question is will we like those changes? I’m anxious for more details.

  • I hope we won’t be able to place gardening plants indoors anymore without MOO (because it doesn’t makes sense), but we’re able to if the roof is a glass roof.

    • Why not? I grow plants indoors also. Not everybody has a garden plus the Sims is about freedom and not realism. Don’t place it indoors if it doesn’t make sense for you.

      • Dafür , dass es angeblich keinen Realismus bei den Sims gibt gibt es aber doch ziemlich viele reale Dinge im Spiel :))) Also ich mag mein spiel realistisch, mit Playmobil hab ich mit 12 gespielt gg*

    • Liking the outdoors is a lot different from liking gardening. It’s not the same thing at all. To be neat, you have to keep things clean and tidy. Liking the outdoors doesn’t mean you want to grow your own vegetables, and not all gardeners like to go walking through forests.

  • “Evolve All” would be a big help for large gardens, as would Sims being able to autonomously garden, maybe when they have a high Gardening skill or the “Love Outdoors” trait.
    One thing that would also help is better pathing through gardens when the Sims are using “Tend Garden” or “Harvest All” – mine seem to wander about all over the place and take twice as long as they would if they planned their routes out better!

  • Yes it be nice and i would love if we could have sprinklers in the garden if you could water every plant and a lawnmover

  • My biggest hope would be they make the plants look better, like how they looked in ts3. Tired of all the plants looking pretty much the same. It’d also be really awesome if they made it easier to sell produce and make it so we can actually do something with the flowers. (I hear they’re adding bouquets in seasons, but honestly flowers should have some use in base game because they’re available in base game. Doesn’t have to be anything too special, but at least give them something to do.)