SimGuruGrant Shares New Farming Poll

SimGuruGrant shared a new poll yesterday on his Twitter wanting to know what Simmers thought the most important feature would be if The Sims team created a farming expansion. Check out the poll on Twitter and let us know what you think as well in the comments!


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  • I wanna play with cows, chickens, sheep ,pigs and horses with ability to create them in create a pet/live stock
    Ride my tractor in a huge farming area and grow wheat, corn , pumpkin and sell them in my own little store
    And ability to craft some items like hand made hats, pottery skill and …
    More work on plantsims also would be amazing
    These are my opinions about Farming expansion pack

  • I would love to raise cows, chickens, pigs and goats. But if we did get them I hope they wouldn’t be like a object, I hope they would be more like a cat or a dog.