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The Sims 4 Seasons: Important Facts from the Livestream


The Sims 4 Seasons: Important Facts from the Livestream

The Sims Team has done a huge livestream for The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack, talking about Create A Sim, new Gameplay Features and showcasing some of the new build items. We’ve tried to do our best and cover the most important facts that they’ve talked about during the stream.

Check out all the important facts mentioned about The Sims 4 Seasons down below!

  • There are 2 new outfit categories in Create A Sim for Warm and Cold weather.
  • Plenty of new outfits for all ages!
  • Toddlers get a new swimwear category with 3 new swimwear outfits, all exclusive with Seasons.
  • Sunrise and sunset will happen at different times, depending on a season that you’re in.
  • Each world in The Sims 4, including vacation worlds as well have been updated for Seasons.
  • During fall, leaf piles will appear on ground inside and outside your lot.
  • You can add social events to your calendar such as dinner parties, birthday parties and more. While planning a social event you’ll be able to select Sims who wil attend the event, which venue and what time will the event start.
  • In game options you’ll be able to change season lenght, rain options, snow options and the ability to enable/disable temperature effects for Sims.
  • The new holiday user interface will appear in the top left corner each time a holiday begins. Holidays begin at 6AM and end at 2AM.
  • Some Sims won’t care about certain traditions during holidays. For example, teens will ignore the Grand Meal tradition. It all depends on your Sim’s personality, traits and age.
  • Cooking a grand meal will bring up 5 different recipes: Grand Breakfast, Ham, Fish, Turkey and Tofurkey Dinner.
  • You’ll be able to edit holidays while they’re currently running.
  • In Edit  / Create Holiday you’ll be able to change the Holiday Name, Holiday Icon, Decoration Themes, choose if your Sims will have a Day off Work/School, Traditions and the ability to choose Traditions.
  • You’ll be able to set up holiday decorations using the Holiday Decorations Box object. You’ll be able to put up decorations, sabotage decorations, take down decorations and rummage for decorations that are appropriate for the season you’re in.
  • Neighbors’ houses will be automatically decorated appropriately for the season your game is in. If you change the current holiday’s decoration theme your neighbors will also change the decoration theme of their houses.
  • You’ll be able to decorate eaves, fences and foundations using the new holiday decorations feature.
  • Going into Build Mode during a holiday will immediately redirect you to the Holiday items objects category.
  • There are surprise holidays in the game and they will randomly appear in the game for the next 7 days. One of those is the Rebate Day.
  • You can click on the ground full of leaves and rake for leaves. Creating a huge leaf pile will allow your Sims in relationship to have woohoo or try for baby in it.
  • You can build a relationship with the scarecrow. There are 4 chat interactions that you can perform with it that’ll eventually help you build a relationship with Patchy the Straw Man. Maxing out the friendship with Patchy will help you unlock the Scarecrow Outfit as well as some new interactions.
  • Around noon time Patchy the scarecrow comes to life and helps you with gardening.
  • Scouting is treated as a career for kids and teens.
  • The scouting board allows you to get tips, tricks and information about your badge progress.
  • There are 9 different badges that you can get and each badge requires you to do a different set of interactions.
  • There are 6 new glass roof patterns that you’ll be able to get with the upcoming Sims 4 base game update.
  • During harvestfest holidays will show up in your home and “celebrate”. You’ll be able to appease the gnomes and make 6 different offerings such as Coffee, Fruitcake, Pie and more. Uncomfortable and angry Sims will be able to kick the gnome, which will cause gnomes to cause mayhem in your home and break most objects in your home. Disturbing a gnome will only make it so that more gnomes appear on your home and the only way to get rid of them is to kick all of the gnomes on your lot.
  • Sims who are walking by in the world will occasionally slip when there’s a layer of snow.
  • You can manually decorate the holiday tree with multiple Sims.
  • All Sims, even toddlers are able to sneak and steal a present from the present pile.
  • Sims can contribute to the pile of presents and make it bigger.
  • There are two options on the thermostat: make the interior colder or warmer. You can also turn it off.
  • You can also contribute to killing your Sims with the thermostat if for example you set the thermostat to colder while it’s already really cold outside.
  • There are new snow interactions that you can select by clicking on the ground such as shove snow, make snow angel, have a snowball fight and more.
  • Going outside will make your Sims automatically switch to their cold outfits.
  • You’ll be able to have a snowball fight anywhere in the world and Sims will be more dynamic throughout the fight compared to previous iterations.
  • Sims can sometimes create random snowpals in the game. The style of your snowpal also depends on the mood of your Sim who’s creating the snowpal. There’s also an ability to rename and destory the snowpal.
  • Child and Toddlers will be able to build relationships with snowpals!
  • Random snow piles will appear around your lot. Some might even block the entrance of your home meaning that you’ll have to shovel the snow piles in order to get access again.
  • There are 2 new skating rinks: ice skating rink and roller skating rink. These rinks will appear in certain neighborhoods outside your lot.
  • For skating rinks you’ll be able to set different music genres, different lighting and different effects.
  • There’s a skating skill with 5 different levels that your Sims can build, unlocking new tricks as you level up.
  • Other Sims can join and watch your Sim skate. If they cheer and clap your skating Sim will get a positive moodlet.
  • Father Winter will appear near midnight. You’ll immediately be able to do casual interactions or fight Father Winter for presents.
  • Rain will add additional water puddles around your world and roads.
  • You get umbrellas for your Sims through the umbrella rack object. There you’ll be able to pick 12 different umbrella designs. 2 designs are seethrough.
  • Sims will be able to play in mud puddles created by rain. You’ll also have an option to have a mud fight. However, doing interactions will mud will greatly decay your hygiene need.
  • On swingsets you’ll be able to swing by yourself and even ask someone to push you on the swing.
  • You’ll be able to put toddlers in the toddler pool. Older ages will be able to lounge in the toddler pool.
  • With the weather controller you can change the current waeather, change your current season’s forecast and advance to a different season.
  • The forecast won’t change after manipulating the weather using the weather controller.
  • Sims with low handiness levels won’t always manage to successfully change the weather, leading to occasional catastrophic occurances.
  • Specific plants grow for during specific seasons, meaning that they’ll go dormant when it’s not their season.
  • There are new plants including flowers, vegetables and even the money tree.
  • The area of effect including watering, seeding and harvesting is a feature that’ll be added with the new update. This means that Sims with bigger gardening skills will be able to water, weed and harvest multiple plants that are inside the plant box all at once.
  • There’s also an ability for you to sell the produce of your plants.
  • There’s a new Flower Arranging skill with Seasons, letting you arrange and create different bouqets of flowers.
  • There’s a new user interface for plant evolutions. There are now 5 levels of evolutions that you can keep track of.
  • If you have The Sims 4 Get to Work you’ll be able to sell flowers that you’ve arranged and sell them in your retail store.
  • Certain flowers and their different scents can trigger all sorts of emotions to Sims that have received those flowers.
  • You can give gifts including objects in your inventory and even money from your household funds.
  • Bees that are nearby plants will help pollinate them, making plants evolve faster.
  • The beekeper suit will help you prevent from getting stung by bees. You can always choose to not wear it and risk getting stung by bees.
  • With honey you’ll be able to create honey tea and even a honey cake.
  • You can collect a swarm of bees which will show up in your inventory. The bee swarm disperses in 5 hours and you have several options with the bee swarm: you can attack other Sims, woo other Sims, send to fetch gift, pollinate nearby plants and cheer up other Sims and your Sim!
  • You can’t die from getting stung by bees.
  • Your umbrealla can break by using it during stormy weather. You can pick a new umbrellla or wait for a while until you can use your old, broken umbrella.
  • Sims will get extremely tense moodlets when being put out in extreme weather conditions.
  • Death by cold can easily occur if your Sim is wearing clothes for warm weather while being outside in cold weather.
  • You can now get seed packets through Build Mode.
  • There’s a water balloon bucket that you can find in Build Mode and fill in Live Mode, letting you have water balloon fights.
  • There’s a new Summer Strut Radio Station!

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