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Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling


With the Seasons expansion, storytelling has never been this easy in the Sims 4! With a handful of new features, and a few pre-existing ones, you can make your game come to life for your gameplay and your sims stories. Utilizing new decorating options, multiple outfits, and tweaking the seasons settings to suit your experience, gives your game a whole new depth and telling a more dynamic story than ever before – just think of the screenshots!

Decorating the house exterior

Use the new decorations box to quickly and easily get your house ready for the festivities of the season! You have plenty of options from bunting to lights to streamers, and plenty of colour options to cycle through to perfect the atmosphere. You can even use these decorations for everyday, and they can all be taken down with one click on the box. The perfect way to immerse yourself into seasonal gameplay and take wonderful screenshots with none of the fuss!

Search The Attic Stack Decoration Box in build/buy mode.

Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling

Using multiple outfits for all your categories

Utilising the multiple outfit system from the base game makes it easy to have your sims dressed for every occasion! Having some alternate outfits set up means you can switch super easily from your snow coat to your festive winter sweater, or from your shorts and flip flops to a dress, hat and sunglasses. Making use of multiple outfit options with the new weather and holiday functions adds realism to your gameplay, and makes your screenshot stories so much more dynamic. There’s some gorgeous new Winterfest sweaters that are sure to get your sims in the holiday mood!

Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling

More decorating

If you want to spend more time decorating, Seasons has added a load more festive decorations for you to manually place in your sims abode to up the realism in game. Not sure what to choose? By using the decorations box, you can be provided with some seasonal decorations in the matching colour scheme for that time of year. That way, you don’t have to search through the catalogue to get a homey seasonal feel. If that’s not enough, don’t forget to download the free Holiday Stuff through Origin for even more Winterfest decorations, or use The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff for any Halloween shenanigans!

Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling

Fine tune your seasons

Trying to take the perfect screenshot, but the extreme weather in some of the neighbourhoods keeps getting in the way? Use the seasons menu to fine tune your neighbourhoods weather effects, so you can choose how much your sims are affected by the daily forecast. Playing in Oasis Springs, but your sims can’t go outside without getting heat stroke midsummer? Turn that off, and you can have all the fun you want outdoors! It’s all about fine tuning your experience to you, to give you the most immersive experience possible.

Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling

Using events for storytelling

Got a sim who throws big raging parties every week? Or a family that gathers for a movie night every second Sunday? Use the new calendar functions to add events like these into your sims lives! This way, you can organise when some gameplay highlights will happen, and you can coordinate sims around work or other activities to make sure you can tell the story you want to tell. The calendar will also tell you other important dates such as sim birthdays, making it even easier to know when sims will be aging up and to plan the perfect party to celebrate. For an expanded explanation of the new calendar system, click here.

Using The Sims 4 Seasons to Create Immersive Storytelling

What are your tips for incorporating storytelling with The Sims 4 Seasons? Let us know in the comments!

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