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The Sims Mobile: Waterfront Update Walkthrough

After the long wait, Waterfront has been unlocked in The Sims Mobile’s latest update today. Considering this is a major update (360mb+ in-game) so make sure you will have good internet connection to not miss out new things.

Note that in this update, not only Waterfront is the main-focus but a brand-new feature LlamaZoom is also introduced.

What is LlamaZoom?

Guess what, no more Daily To Do List! Instead we have the LlamaZoom feature which will allow you to take on special challenges multiple times daily. See that LlamaZoom truck in front of your house? Click on it! (or other access would be the LlamaZoom button located on the bottom-right corner of the screen, in UI).

A new character Emily will be the instructor in this new feature. She is the one giving you tasks to complete daily. You will earn extra Simoleons and XP within a timeframe, along with bonus rewards and LlamaZoom Tokens.

Note: new quest will appear after you click on ‘Select Theme’.


LlamaZoom Tokens

Version 12.0.0 of The Sims Mobile is bringing us to a brand-new experience with the LlamaZoom Tokens which replaces all your Home and Sim Tickets. Instead of having different tickets like we used to have before, the new LlamaZoom Tokens can be used to purchase both home items and clothing. LlamaZoom Tokens is earned by completing LlamaZoom Tasks.


Now to the most exciting part: WATERFRONT!

It finally happens. Waterfront after months remained as a locked district has now been released. It comes with a beautiful city theme right along the coast, and the two new venues which will unlock new career stories: The Wellness Center and The Science Center.

The Wellness Center

Discover the path to enlightenment as a wellness guru, and learn that not everything is what it seems on the surface….

To unlock The Wellness Center, you will need: 4 LlamaZoom Tokens + 11500 Simoleons. Unlock this venue will give you access to a new career story: Must Be Something in the Water.

The Science Center

Dive deep into the world of a marine biologist, searching for a new species in a high-tech research lab. Will your research provide the next great breakthrough?

To unlock The Science Center, you will need: 4 LlamaZoom Tokens + 11500 Simoleons. Unlock this venue will give you access to a new career story: Rumblings from the Deep.

Level Cap Increased

The max player level in the game has been increased to Level 50.

Unlocking Districts and Venues Changes

Unlock Venues in the order of your choice.

Collection Updates

This update also comes with better organisation and new thumbnails in Home Collection.

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