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The Sims 4: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Style Influencer Career

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Today’s Maxis Monthly live stream shared some awesome new features and details about the franchise and one new feature that is coming soon to The Sims 4 is the brand new Style Influencer career.

What do we know about the Style Influencer career?

  • It will be coming to us in the next patch and will be available to everyone. There is no need to have a specific pack to be able to access the career.
  • There are assignments your Sims can undertake to help them progress through the career as well as completing daily tasks.
  • The new career will help utilize the Create A Sim aspect of the game.
  • The starting point in the career is ultimately a freelance journalist but you are known as a Rag Reviewer.
  • The higher the level you are in the career path the more the Creativity side of your Sims will play a part in the Style Influencer career. This is where the painting and photography skills will come in handy.

The Sims 4: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Style Influencer CareerBut that’s not all!

  • You can discuss outfits with other Sims.
  • You can interview other Sims.
  • Style Influencer is a work from home career too!
  • Your Sims writing skill will improve helping them to create better articles.
  • There are two new signature items with the new career. One is the brand new Sketch Pad the other was not revealed on the stream.
  • The sketch pad is a portable digital easel and can be dropped straight into your Sims inventory.
  • There are multiple branches to the career.

The Sims 4: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Style Influencer Career

We’re nearly there but there is still more!

  • The sketch pad can be upgraded with one upgrade that was mentioned would allow your Sims to create paintings faster.
  • There are new interactions where you can discuss fashion with another Sim and even ask a Sim to model a particular look. You can even offer to give a Sim a makeover. This may be a specific interaction for the “stylist” branch of the career. Beware! The Sim you ask may decline but the better your relationship with them the better chance you have of them allowing your Sim to do the make-over.
  • Makeovers will even work for Non-Playable Sims also.
  • Your Sim can set and create trends that other Sims may follow in.

The Sims 4: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Style Influencer Career

Let us know what you think of the brand new and exciting Style Influencer Career and if you can’t wait to get your Sim started on their path to becoming the most famous Style Influencer in The Sims!

Down below you can check out all the screenshots that showcase new interactions / features / animations, as well as the full Stylist Influencer portion from the stream:

The Sims 4: NEW CAREER Sneak Peek! (Stylist Influencer)

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