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Community Spotlight: IllogicalSimmer

08 25 18 12 47 05 AM

A Simmer who has caught my eye in the community lately is none other than IllogicalSimmer. You may or may not remember that IllogicalSimmer actually featured in one of our recent Gallery Spotlights for Affordable and Luxury Homes for his build Timber Eco.

Now I’ve followed IllogicalSimmer on Twitter for a little while now and he is always sharing amazing content from a variety of custom content, builds and Sims. You can find more of his creations on his Tumblr page by clicking here.

That’s not all though! IllogicalSimmer also has a Youtube channel where he shares a variety of different content including renovations, speed builds, series and more! Why not take a look at the recent Caravan Home speedbuild.

Seriously that is not all! One thing that IllogicalSimmer has shared a lot of recently is multiple renders inspired by Sims NPC’s, Sims from his game and also of players Simselfs and they are awesome. For starters, we have a render of everyone’s favourite Pancake, Bob Pancakes!

And here is another recent render that IllogicalSimmer has created of the lovely PrismaticSimmer too!

Whether you are looking for a new YouTube Sims series to follow or if you want to add some custom content to your game then definitely do take the time to check out IllogicalSimmers creations!

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