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17 details from The Sims 4 Get Famous Reveal Trailer that you might’ve missed

The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack Reveal Trailer covered so many different frames and angles and tried to fit all that in a 1-minute trailer which is completely understandable why you might’ve missed a few details that were shown in it.

We broke down some of the more interesting details such as world props, objects, interactions and more that you may have missed:

1) Billboard reference to Vlad from The Sims 4 Vampires

2) The Walk of Fame seems to have a special interaction and a gameplay feature as seen below

3) Bouncers!

4) A Sim listening to music on his headphones…in a nightclub.

5) Finally…a costume in The Sims 4 that isn’t enormous…

6) …and another one.

7) There’s a lot from this frame to take in – a Sim controlling the stage effects from her computer, a huge backdrop and props on the stage that look very real.

8) Know this fella measuring the actresses’ dress? That’s Izzy Fabulous from The Sims Mobile!

9) The actress being overly extra for, what seems to be, a laundry detergent commercial.

10) There’s also a whole new Voidcritter costume! Wouldn’t be a new Sims Pack without a huge costume…

11) The pirate ship could be one of the biggest props that come with this pack!

12) This awesome-looking holo sword.

13) The acting career doesn’t just bring new gameplay but a wide array of objects, clothing and interactions that are themed differently!

14) There’s so much happening in this picture – a bougie new fountain, a limo, eager fans waiting outside and tons of new build objects!

15) Stan Twitter as a Sim:

16) A Sim carelessly flexing with his wealth

17) Ummm is this Baby Ariel hanging out with Deligracy, Xmiramira and The Sim Supply?

Is there anything that we might’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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