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The Sims 4: Positivity Challenge Featuring Millie Bobby Brown

Today’s patch has not only come with some new building tools, a new career, bug fixes and more it has also come with a brand new in-game challenge.

The challenge is called The Positivity Challenge and it features none other than Millie Bobby Brown. Take a look at the blog post from EA about the new challenge below.


Simmers, our collaboration with Millie Bobby Brown continues with the Positivity Challenge!

The Positivity Challenge encourages your Sim to perform kind, generous, and sweet tasks for other Sims. Being friendly to others, performing helpful deeds for neighbors, or anything that spreads positive energy will unlock certain gifts. Plus, your Sim will make their (game) world a better place. Now that’s a win-win! From November 13 to December 4, 2018, your Sims can opt-in to this Aspiration.*

Here’s how it works:

  • Have your Sim call the Event Coordinator from the social tab (Wink! It’s MBB.)
  • When MBB shows up, accept the Positivity Challenge
  • Your Sim will then receive the Box of Kindness
  • Each time your Sim completes an objective, the Box of Kindness will gift your Sim with a decorative reward – viewing the reward, such as a motivational poster, will give your Sim a random positive moodlet or skill buff
  • Once your Sim has finished all the objectives, they’ll get a special reward trait
  • Sims will also be able to challenge other Sims to be kind

So, what Good Deeds are we talking about, exactly? Here are a few examples:

  • Brighten a Sim’s day
  • Tell a Sim a joke
  • Clean up trash or dishes
  • Repair a broken object
  • Read to a toddler or child
  • Help someone with homework
  • Send a Sim a gift
  • Give a pet a treat

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play.


It’s as simple as your Sims picking up the phone and giving Millie a call! So what are you waiting for?

Don’t forget you can read the full patch notes from today’s update here and let us know what you think of the new Positivity Challenge too.

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  • Uhhh??? Problem- What do you do if the “Call” In the socials tab doesn’t show?? does she have a spot you can meet her at??

  • I’ve completed all the tiers but I’ve only been given the first 2 boxes of kindness. The other 2 won’t appear – I’ve even tried going to the main menu and back in. I can’t get the special reward until I’ve opened all 4. Help!!

  • I can call her and she comes over but when I try and ask about the event my sim waves her hands and a gold lock with a explosion comes up in the social cloud? Help please.

  • If you want to easily complete the positive interactions an easy way to do it is to (if your trash can is empty) Get something cheap out of the fridge like a bag of chips and throw it away. Then tell your sim to empty the trash and right when they start going to the can cancel it and they will drop it on the ground click cleanup up and you will get another then drop it again if they put it back in the trash can again just select empty trash again and repeat.

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