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The Sims 4 Get Famous: Talent Shows & Celebrity Awards

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The Sims 4 Get Famous sees two new additions to events added which you can find in your Sims Calendars.

First up is the Talent Showcase. This can be held in various lounge venues across the game. This is the perfect opportunity for your Sims to show off their skills and get noticed by other celebrities.

The event its self is simple and straightforward. Once your Sim arrives at the venue simply walk over to the bar and then “join open mic.” Once you have done that simply wait for your Sims turn to perform and then head for the microphone stand or an instrument. You’ll get a notification letting you know when it is your turn.

Inbetween your Sims performance and the end of the event you can watch other Sims perform, socialize, interact with fans and more.  Once the event finishes at 11 pm you will receive a notification telling you that the event has ended.

The event pops up a couple of Sim days in a row and is then followed by the Starlight Accolades event that is held at Studio PBP in Del Sol Valley. At the star-studded Starlight Accolades, celebrities from across the world will gather to see who will be lucky enough to be given a Starlight Accolade Award.

With every Sim who wins they will pop up to the microphone and give an acceptance/thank you speech. There are about four different accolades that Sims can be awarded including Best Video and 110% Starlight Accolade Award.

Although these are just two new events that come with the new expansion pack you can also create your own events including Meet & Greets (which also show up as its own event in the calendar and will guarantee your Sim a chance to meet another celebrity), Charity Benefit Party or create your own star-studded celebrity event!

But say you want to create your own venue to host a talent showcase or even the Starlight Accolades Awards or any celebrity event. Well, you can. Make it as extravagant as you want or even as minimalist. Whatever kind of Lounge venue you want to create. Create it! Just don’t forget to add the lot traits that you want.

The Sims 4 Get Famous, however, adds two new Celebrity venue specific lot traits.

Hottest Spot In Town – A place for the Superstars, the VIPs, those who achieved victory over the commonplace! After all, who else could afford these hyperinflated prices? Not you… no. But at least, the Starlight Accolades can only happen on Lounges with this trait.


Up-and-Coming Hotspot – At least your sims can say they ‘went here before it was cool.’ Also, cheap drinks and eats for the super famous! Even better, Meet a Celebrity events can only happen on Lounges with this trait.

For the talent showcase event, it appears as though the game will randomly select from any of the lounge venues that are in your game regardless of which world they are in.  As for the Starlight Accolades, the game will choose from only lots that have the Hottest Spot In Town lot trait.

Let us know what Starlight Accolade Awards you think your Sim will win and what celebrity events you will create for all the hottest celebrities to attend in Del Sol Valley! Also if you create any celebrity inspired venues share them with us on Twitter and on Sims Community Social!

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  • Loving this expansion so far :D Here’s my only question: Is there any known way to make your sim more likely to win an award? I’m trying to get my aspiring actress to win an award for her aspiration, and she’s level 8 in the career and hasn’t won anything yet. She was nominated for a commercial early in her career but she didn’t win. & at that same ceremony her sister who had just started making videos w/ the video production skill won 2 awards in the same night :P So I’m trying to get my Sim to take bigger, more “prestigious” & “primetime” rolesb but it hasn’t paid off just yet. Would love any tips you can think of!

    • Paint masterpieces. License songs or Lyrics.

      I needed the award for my acting aspiration, and got the award for a masterpiece painting.

    • same thing happened to me my sim got nominated and her sister won an award
      .even if you arent nominated go to every award show anyway (you can still win)
      .do more movies and work on your acting skill
      thats it

    • Yes. Sunday 6pm at Studio PBP.

      You can’t win if you do not attend. Save game before it starts and exit without saving if you don’t win. Took me 3 re-plays before I got won.

  • I keep getting told to meet someone at a Talent Showcase event and we go there and its just an empty lot in one of the many worlds? I think its a major bug, did a whole play-through and it never worked right.

  • Hi,

    Just wondering is anyone else has experienced the following. My sim wins at least one, sometimes two, awards for best book every week. I haven’t written a book since close to the start of this game and I’m a world renowned actor, have written several songs, all kinds of other things. I’ve got one Best Song award and 25 best book awards.

    On previous games I’ve won, what seems to be, the normal awards but this best book stuff is driving me nuts.

    I do use mods but the same mods were used in all games.

    Anyone else run into this?


      • write songs on the guitar violin piano or music station and publish them at the mailbox (btw a certain level of the instrument is required to write and publish songs)

      • write songs on the guitar violin piano or music station and publish them at the mailbox (btw a certain level of the instrument is required to write and publish songs)

  • I had the Acting career aspiration to win an award.
    I saved game Sunday at 4pm.

    Then went to Studio PBP ahead of times, posed for paparazzi, performed romance scenes, etc… when I did NOT win, I quit game without saving and tried again. Rinse and repeat. (Also, do NOT interact with the Host, it makes them slow to call winners.)

    Took 3 times. And THEN I won an award for my masterpiece paintings, not my acting. Still fulfilled the aspiration!!

    The hard part is remembering to go on Sunday at 6pm to Studio PBP, I usually miss it. You cannot win if you do not attend!