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The Sims 4 Get Famous: Becoming Famous in Existing Careers

The new acting career isn’t the only way for your Sims to get famous. Sims can find fame in any career or skill in the game. Want to be a famous detective? You got it! A famous writer? Yup. A famous musician or comedian? Definitely. Chef? Painter? Gardener? Carpenter? Business tycoon? Athlete? A big YES to all of them and more! If you can imagine a way for your Sim to become famous, the chances are high that they can find fame that way.

But becoming famous in an everyday career is no walk in the park. You won’t have your face all over TV screens from the start like the acting career. If you want to become famous from a regular career, it’s not going to happen overnight. It will take a lifetime of hard work and dedication to your profession to begin to see any major results.

A Slow Grind

No matter what career your Sim chooses, they’ll need to get promoted to a high level before fame opportunities will start to present themselves. Once your Sim is well established in their career, they may start to receive event popups that will affect their fame level. There is no way to trigger these events except by gaining promotions and going to work. They pop up at random when your Sim is at a high level in their career. These popups differ from the standard chance cards. The outcomes are not random. You will be able to see exactly how your choice will affect your Sim. One option gives your Sim a hefty fame boost, while the other allows your Sim to continue on the way they always have been.

For active careers, your Sims will gain a small amount of fame whenever they do something significant during their work day. For example, Sims in the Detective career will earn fame for arresting suspects and closing cases.

Our Thoughts

One thing we noticed while playing through some of the existing careers was that fame came much more slowly. We did not receive any fame events until our Sims were at quite a high level in their careers. In the active careers, we weren’t able to gain fame faster than the decay rate. Our detective Sim would gain a small amount of fame when she made arrests and solved cases, but as soon as she got a day off, her fame would plummet back to zero. We could not get her to one star of fame solely by doing detective work.

We got around this limitation by supplementing our Sims’ careers with related activities that built up fame. Our Entertainer started out by playing for tips at lounges. Later on, he got signed with a record label and released tracks with the music station. Our Detective started a social media following and would regularly update her Simstagram Story on her days off to prevent her fame from decaying.

Our advice? If you plan to get famous in an existing career, supplement their career with another fame boosting activity. Get creative with it. Maybe your detective writes crime novels based on real cases they’ve solved at work. Maybe they manage the police department’s social media page and regularly post things that go viral due to their police humour. Perhaps your chef has their own online cooking show. Get them a video station and a drone and start cooking up a following. There’s lots of room for creativity.

Seeking fame in a regular career is not for those aspiring to get rich and famous overnight, but for the truly hard-working Sims among us, it might be more rewarding to find fame and fortune the slow and steady way.

Have any tips of your own for becoming famous in an existing career? Let us know in the comments or chat us up on social media!

Written by SnarkyWitch

I'm a 28-year-old author and Sims-addict based in Canada. I've been a diehard Simmer since it all started back in 2000 and I'll be focusing on providing you with some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your Simming experience here on SC. When I'm not Simming, I'm writing my next novel. To date, I've published The Heaven Corporation and Wanderer.


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    • I find it’s easier to gain fame in careers that involve using the internet, like social media and style influencer. My style influencer Sim became a one star celebrity from writing a few fashion articles.

  1. Honestly it makes sense it would be harder. It’s more reflective of real life, it makes me happy because it means every sim you have isn’t a 5 star celebrity just for existing in a career. I’m really pleased with the way it works!

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