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The Sims 4: New Items Coming Soon to Holiday Celebration Pack!

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The Sims Team has revealed during their third Maxis Monthly Livestream that they’ll be adding new Create A Sim and Build / Buy Items to the Holiday Celebration Pack – a Free Pack that you can obtain on Origin.

Kate revealed a lot of interesting details about the new items, starting with the new screen that features the Holiday Celebration Pack:

The Sims 4: New Items Coming Soon to Holiday Celebration Pack!

We later got to see the new objects in action! You can see some of the new objects straight from Live Mode:

The Sims 4: New Items Coming Soon to Holiday Celebration Pack!

There are 8 new items that are going to be added with the upcoming Holiday Celebration Pack for The Sims 4, including:

  • Papercraft Ceiling Decor
  • Mason Jar Holiday Decor
  • Glass, Wax and Wood
  • Log Display LV-426
  • Festive Ceiling Light
  • Faux Fireplace Facades
  • Picnic Table and Bench with Cushions
  • Handcrafted Holiday Etchings


The Pack also comes with 2 new recipes including the “Winter Cake” and “Crown Roast”. You can check them out down below:

However, the new additions to Holiday Celebration Free Pack don’t stop there! Kate also showcased the new items that are going to be added in Create A Sim as well, including:

  • 1 Feminine Hairstyle
  • 1 Feminine Bottoms
  • 1 Feminine Outfit
  • 1 Feminine Shoes
  • 1 Masculine Hairstyle
  • 1 Masculine Top
  • 1 Unisex Adult Costume
  • 1 Child Top

You can check out the new items and what they look like in Create A Sim down below. Some of these items come with plenty of different swatches and patterns!

This is all the new content that The Sims Team has showcased during this month’s Maxis Monthly. Although SimGuruKate didn’t say exactly when the new update for Holiday Celebration is going to arrive, she did mention that we can expect it to come soon ™.

She also shared information that majority of the bugs that have been introduced with the big Get Famous Patch should be fixed with the upcoming base game update for The Sims 4 that should be arriving soon.

You can check out all of these new items in action in the livestream replay below:

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