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The Sims Mobile: Winter Warm-Up Event + Quest Walkthrough

The Sims Mobile has a new event available right now in the game! In case you’re not familiar, one of the very first events after the worldwide launch of The Sims Mobile was the Hot Tub Dreams event which is very similar to this one – except this time around the quest steps are different and there are a few additional items added.

The Winter Warm-Up Event + Quest will last for the next 7 days during which you’ll be able to complete the quest, collect Duckies (the event token), spend Duckies on Duckie Bags which carry new items and gain all sorts of prizes along the way!

You’re able to access the Winter Warm-Up Menu by simply selecting the Rubber Ducky icon on the top right corner. From this menu you’ll be able to have a full overview of Events that you’ll be able to perform in exchange for tokens and Simoleons, Duckie Bags which carry new items, lenght of the event and the number of event tokens you’ve gathered so far.

There are two different Duckie Bags  – the regular Duckie Bag that you can purchase for 125 Duckies and the Golden Duckie Bag that you can get for 50 SimCash. The difference between these two bags is the fact that the Golden Duckie Bag gives you much bigger chances of unlocking items marked with a Rare ribbon.

Here are the following items you can obtain with Duckie Bags:

Winter Warm-Up Quest

The Winter Warm-Up Quest is a 7-day limited time quest which brings exclusive prizes that can only be obtained through the quest. Along quest completion you’ll also be obtaining Duckies that will help you purchase Duckie Bags.

  • Part 1 – Complete events to earn Simoleons (25 Simoleons)
  • Part 2 – Complete Get cozy and warm in a bed interaction
  • Part 3 – Complete Think of warmer times at a mirror or vanity
  • Part 4 – Ask about Warmest Memory with another Sim
  • Part 5 – Complete any event
  • Part 6 – Change your appearance
  • Part 7 – Complete the “Home Spa” event
  • Part 8 – Open a Duckie Bag
  • Part 9 – Give stickers to 5 Sims
  • Part 10 – Complete the “Swanky Swimwear” event
  • Part 11 – Complete any event
  • Part 12 – Earn 650 Simoleons
  • Part 13 – Complete any 5 events
  • Part 14 – Complete the “Spa-Side Snacks” event
  • Part 15 – Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards
  • Part 16 – Complete the “Home Spa” event
  • Part 17 – Collect 1,200 Duckies
  • Part 18 – Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards
  • Part 19 – Complete the “Swanky Swimwear” event
  • Part 20 – Collect 1,200 Duckies
  • Part 21 – Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards
  • Part 22 – Complete the “Spa-Side Snacks” event
  • Part 23 – Earn 650 Simoleons
  • Part 24 – Complete all LlamaZoom tasks and collect rewards
  • Part 25 – Collect 1,200 Duckies
  • Part 26 – Complete 3 Long Events in any Career, Relationship or Hobby

Completing the quest in total will grant you items such as the Backyard Bar, Beach Towels and a Rubber Duckie.

Video Walkthrough

Want to check out all the quest steps in action? Check out our video walkthrough down below:

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