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What we know so far about the Anniversary Maxis Monthly Livestream

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The Sims Franchise is turning 19 years tomorrow, February 4th! That’s right – the first iteration of The Sims was released all the way back in 2000 with stunning 2D graphics, compelling gameplay and interesting stories that to this day are still relevant and present in the hearts and minds of many Simmers.

The Sims Team announced that they’ll be doing their 5th Maxis Monthly Livestream on the exact day of The Sims’ 19th Anniversary. What can we expect from this Maxis Monthly Livestream? Well, SimGuruKate shared some clues in some of her tweets…

First of all the Livestream will be hosted by SimGuruKate and joined by the developers SimGuruNinja and SimGuruMorgan, as well as the Executive Producer of The Sims SimGuruLyndsay. They’ll be doing a Q&A and answering some of your burning questions about The Sims Franchise in general – although they won’t be able to share any details about the upcoming content.

Next, some of the SimGurus were talking about a “super secret thing” coming to The Sims 4. Although that “super secret thing” won’t be shown in this livestream, SimGuruKate did address that they’ll be revealing the full details about what will be shown during Maxis Monthly an hour before the livestream begins. She hasn’t denied that there won’t be new things shown off during the stream so let’s hope the Anniversary Livestream will bring more than just a trip down the memory lane.

There are also going to be PLENTY of giveaways on February 4th, both on The Sims’ Twitter as well as the Maxis Monthly Livestream. We should expect giveaways for both PC / Mac and Console ports so get your preferred platforms ready for redeeming the codes.

And last (but not least), Kate revealed that The Sims’ official Twitch Channel will be hosting plenty of Twitch streamers on their channel during the anniversary. If you’re a Twitch streamer and plan to play some Sims games, February 4th is the right day to do so!

Are you ready for The Sims’ 19th Anniversary Livestream? We’ll be hosting the livestream right here on Sims Community and provide you with all the information before, during and after the livestream ends so stay tuned!

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