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The Community speculates on The Sims 4 Game Pack 7’s Theme


We’re only a few hours away until the official reveal of The Sims 4’s 7th Game Pack!

Over the last day the official Sims channel and SimGurus only hinted about what the next Game Pack could be about. So far we’ve seen a brand new desert-themed world, creepy-looking Sims with huge eyes and big smiles, Sims in military uniforms and more hidden details. However, there hasn’t been anything specified about what the theme of this pack is all about.

The community was quick to speculate over the general theme of this pack and they definitely have a few interesting theories. Check out what they have to say:

The return of the Strangetown Neighborhood from The Sims 2 seems to be a winning speculation so far. However, time will tell what the true theme of this pack is all about. Stay tuned on our website to be the first to know when the pack gets revealed!

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