The Sims 4’s next Game Pack is definitely coming with a New World

Over the last few hours SimGurus managed to share over 30 new images of weird-looking Sims from The Sims 4’s upcoming 7th Game Pack.

Although we don’t know many details about this Game Pack other than that there’s an option for our Sims and their limbs to get distorted, we also got a small sneak peek at the upcoming world that’s coming with the latest pack.

We don’t know much about the world other than that it’s probably desert-themed with cracks on the road, red rocks and a few ruins. There’s even a screenshot that you can check below that features a Sim standing behind an airplane crash site!

Down below you can check out all the new images that catch a glimpse of the new world:

Written by Jovan Jovic

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      • Hahaha literally. Australia doesn’t look like this unless you’re waaaay out, away from civilisation. The accent you always hear, isn’t what we sound like either. That’s usually just the accent our rednecks and plumbers have. The rest of us just sound like we’re from England… fun fact. Starting to hype myself up for this pack though. Kinda disappointed cause we’ve been asking for so many other things and this is just ehhhh. Hope it’s better than it looks and has a lot more to it.

  1. I reeally don’t like military themes(( and these creepy faces don’t make me feel hyped in any way… I will buy tho, for new furniture and building stuff

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