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The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Uncovered Information From the Game Code (SPOILERS)


The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Uncovered Information From the Game Code (SPOILERS)

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains potential spoilers for The Sims 4 StrangerVille’s storyline – specifically information that you can find AFTER the Loading Screen Tips section. Please read this post with extra caution!

Today, The Sims 4 received a new patch in preperation for the upcoming Game Pack, StrangerVille. The patch contains code containing new information about the pack.

Game Pack Icons

 The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Uncovered Information From the Game Code (SPOILERS)The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Uncovered Information From the Game Code (SPOILERS)The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Uncovered Information From the Game Code (SPOILERS)

Main Menu Text

This is the text that will appear when starting the game after the pack is newly installed, or when clicking the pack icon on the main menu.

  • Welcome to StrangerVille! – “A seemingly normal world shrouded in secrecy. Watch the world change before you as you dig deeper and deeper into the mystery. Unravel its secrets to the world, fall in love with its charm.”
  • Roger That – “Join the all new Military Career, where your Sim can become a Grand Marshall. Or maybe take the path of a Covert Operator to keep tabs on suspicious (or maybe, not that suspicious *wink*) Sims in the world.”
  • Leave No Stone Unturned – “With the new StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration, your Sims will be in headfirst into the investigation. Can your Sims uncover what is truly behind what is plaguing the town?”
  • Secret Lab – “Locals say ever since the Secret Lab got built, the town has been…acting weird. But the only way to find out is to investigate! Traverse the lowest levels of the Secret Lab and see what hides behind the curtain.”

Loading Screen Tips

  • The Curio Shop stocks many hard-to-find items that might be useful in your investigation.
  • Feeling lost? Chat with the residents of StrangerVille and see what they know!
  • Things haven’t been the same in StrangerVille since the secret lab was built in the crater…
  • Your Sim might have to befriend the StrangerVille locals before they’ll give up their secrets.
  • Use the Listening Device to spy on your neighbors and to gather important information.
  • The native plants of StrangerVille may taste delicious, but they have some… side effects.
  • Some information is restricted to military personnel and government agents.
  • Soldiers and scientists can often be found grabbing a drink at the local bar.
    • Although not confirmed, this one suggests a new lot trait.

New Tags

  • Func_LabDoor
  • Func_InvestigationEvidence
  • Func_Stalls_CurioShop_Objects
  • Uniform_Stalls_CurioShop_Vendor
  • Uniform_Stalls_CurioShop_Hat
  • Uniform_Stalls_CurioShop_Shirt
  • Uniform_Military_Main_Level_01
  • Uniform_Military_Main_Level_02
  • Uniform_Military_Main_Level_03
  • Uniform_Military_Main_Level_04
  • Uniform_Military_Main_Level_05
  • Uniform_Military_Officer_Level_01
  • Uniform_Military_Officer_Level_02
  • Uniform_Military_Officer_Level_03
  • Uniform_Military_Officer_Level_04
  • Uniform_Military_Officer_Level_05
  • Uniform_Military_Covert_Suit
  • Uniform_Military_Covert_Sunglasses
  • Uniform_Military_Covert_Headset
  • Situation_Possessed
  • Interaction_Infect_House
  • Func_Investigation_JunkPile
  • Uniform_HazmatSuit
  • Uniform_HazmatSuit_WithFilter
  • Func_InfectedPlant
  • Uniform_Conspiracist
  • Func_MotherPlant
  • Spawn_Zombie (EA have confirmed that “zombies” aren’t in the pack, so this must be either a codename or a cut feature)
  • Spawn_BattleHelper
  • Interaction_CurioShop_BrowseBuy
  • Func_Investigation_SporeSample
  • Func_Investigation_SealDoor_Floor
  • Func_Investigation_SealedDoor_MotherPlant
  • Func_Investigation_SealedDoor_Hallway
  • Buff_PossessedBuffs
  • Uniform_StrangervilleScientist
  • Func_Ingredient_InfectedSpore
  • Func_MilitaryCareer_Medal
  • Func_Motherplant_Pit
  • Func_ListeningDevice_Bug
  • Func_Investigation_SporeFilter
  • Func_Investigation_HazmatSuit
  • Buff_PossessedBuffs_NoAnimate
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Military_01
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Military_02
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Military_03
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Military_04
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Scientist_01
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Scientist_02
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Scientist_03
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Scientist_04
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Conspiracist_01
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Conspiracist_02
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_Conspiracist_03
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_FBI_01
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_FBI_02
  • Situation_GP07_Walkby_FBI_03
  • Func_Investigation_Keycard (although not confirmed, this probably ties into the secret lot in StrangerVille)
  • Func_Investigation_Dossier


  • StrangerVille has its own custom weather type, internally named “StrangeWeather”, that is different from anything currently in the game. You’ll probably still need to have Seasons installed for this weather to have effect.
  • Bathroom objects (toilets, bathtubs, sinks and showers) have new object states that reference some kind of plant infection. This is probably related to the “strangeness” that occurs in StrangerVille.
  • The notebook introduced in Get to Work is used to keep track of leads for the investigation.

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