The Sims 4 StrangerVille: Official Launch Trailer

The Sims Team released an official trailer for The Sims 4 StrangerVille Game Pack – celebrating the launch of this pack and also showcasing some of the cool storyline features of this game!

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    • I was just on the forums and it appears, as of now, you must beat the storyline first before the town becomes normal again :/

      Kinda a disappointment. I’d love to play the storyline but I know I’d also like to make saves where I can just use the new town. It’s stunning!

    • it didnt give me an option to opt out but once you finish the first playthrough, (which only took me 3 hours because in my opinion this pack is a bit of a miss… ) you can choose whether your future households play through again by going back to where you finished the mystery and choosing a special option (sorry its vague im trying bot to spoil it for you if you did still want this pack. Id say its worth it for the new world and items etc but the story length was so disappointing especially if youre an experienced sim player youll complete it in less than a day

  • The one thing I noticed in this video : sims are talking English! Such a turn off. A voice over saying welcome to strangerville is ok but actual sims talking English completely breaks my connection to the fun babbling idiotic sims. Simlish makes them feel more international, not just aimed at the American players.

  • I actually liked this trailer video. It was fun and the mystery looks interesting. I plan to play through it at least once. It was a bit strange that the voice over was in English so I wonder if the international trailers will be dubbed in their language or just subtitles.

  • Hi, I am on ps4 and I cant find the strangerville pack . Does that mean it didn’t came out on console?
    If yes, when is it going to come out?