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The Sims Team wants to know what’s your favorite Sims Content Theme


GrimSuruDoi, one of the developers working on The Sims 4 has shared an interesting thread over on The Sims Forums. Every year he likes to start a March Madness competition for the entire Sims Team to participate in. Previously they’ve done voting for the best movies, series theme songs and more but this year they want to get more involved with the community.

In their 2019 March Madness the entire Sims Team has decided to put together an interesting graph with multiple content themes that have been covered in The Sims Franchise. Those include Legacies, Superstars, Students, Time Travelers and many more.

In this voting you’ll be able to choose your favorite Content Theme and find out which aspect in The Sims Franchise is the community’s favorite!

Please note that this is just a fun little competition made by The Sims Team for the simming community and probably won’t have any impact on prioritizing what the next few packs for The Sims 4 could be.

You can share your vote by clicking the button down below!


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