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The Community threw in their Theme guesses for The Sims 4’s Next Three Packs

It’s no longer a secret that The Sims Team is cooking things up, especially with their latest announcement that they’ll be pushing out a new Expansion Pack, a new Game Pack and a Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 in the next six months.

However, The Sims Blog that they’ve released didn’t tell anything else regarding the release dates nor the pack themes that we should be expecting. Sure, it would be fun to know exactly what we should be expecting but any transparency about the game and its production is valuable.

We asked our followers on Twitter about what they think the next 3 packs for The Sims 4 are. Here’s what they shared:

Warning: a lot of guesses down below include the word University. You have been warned.

Actually forget about it – almost everyone wants University. However other ideas for the upcoming Game Pack and Stuff Pack were pretty creative. You can check out the full list of replies HERE!

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  • Witches allll the way. But kitchen counters pack would be graet some fancy ones to go with get famous. And better moden ones would be good to

  • EP: University
    SP: Hobbies
    I would love all of them and I want more careers like DJ,Rapper,Dancer and Teacher
    The Teacher one could be like the Doctor,Detective,Sciencentest or the Acting Career.And I would love Cars.

  • I hope for the new expansion pack it can be University.
    Game pack I’m not into supernatural stuff really.
    Stuff pack hobbies sounds good

    I really hope they become to life lol

  • EP: University with a Greek system (Sorority, Fraternity)
    GP: Toss up between Romance and Back To School.
    SP: Dorm Stuff (like My First Pet Stuff)

    EP: Looking over old official surveys (4+ years ago), most of the major proposals have been completed. University came up in almost every one, and It’s the next logical step, IMO. Descriptions from the surveys:

    “Achieve academic excellence! Sororities and fraternities, secret societies and sports clubs can grant you powerful career connections, but only if you graduate! Pick a major, go to class, and write your term paper, all while balancing an active social life.”

    “Send your Sims off to University! Explore the University campus and decide whether your Sims are going to study to ace their exams or spend their days partying it up. Sims can also pledge fraternities and sororities and try to become members of these prestigious organizations.”

    GP: A lot of the old, old surveys have pack info that became content. There are two options that I think are likely:

    The Romance pack has on the table for a long, long, long time (5 years?) and we haven’t really had romance/dating content beyond what little there was in Get Together.

    The other option would be another long proposed pack, Back To School, however it might be too much education content (even if it’s been highly requested). But if they don’t do it now I don’t know if they’ll invest resources into it in the future.

    SP: I don’t think they’ll leave the concept of using SPs to expand EP content off the table, so I fully believe they’ll use it to augment the University life stuff, especially because – much like Pets – it’s one of the most requested packs.

    Jovan, you should do an article on all of the surveys and proposed features, with all of the ones we’ve received marked off. Or I could submit it! :)

    • Romance Pack Proposal from official survey

      Love is in the air in The Sims 4! Find your Sim’s soulmate with the new dating app SimMatch, then head to one of the new romantic getaway spots for the perfect date. Build your romantic reputation as a loyal companion or the town heartbreaker, and enjoy the ultimate wedding celebration, complete with bachelor & bachelorette parties and exclusive food and decor.

      SimMatch Dating App: Help your Sims find their soulmate or a fun fling for the night with the new SimMatch app. Pick out the perfect selfie, fill out their profile, and decide how honest your Sims want to be.

      Romantic Getaway Locations: Take your Sims out for the perfect date at one of the new romantic getaway locations including a cozy bed and breakfast or the swanky eco-lounge.

      Romantic Reputation: Build up your romantic reputation as you go out on dates with different Sims. Will you be known as a loyal companion or the town hearkbreaker? Your reputation will determine how Sims in the world react to you and earn you unique romance rewards.

      Ultimate Wedding: Live out your Sims’ wedding fantasies and have the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party, select and customize the perfect wedding party, and spruce things up with exclusive wedding food and decor.

      • The romance pack could easily turn into a honeymoon kind of pack where you can take your Sims to a luxurious island resort, come to think of it. Would be amazing if they could merge these two in a single game pack.

    • The Sims 4 On Campus Expansion Pack
      School is in session and it’s time for your Sims to hit the books in The Sims 4 On Campus. Take your teenage Sims to boarding school to advance their skills, find more about themselves, and even impress their crush. Move on to university to learn new career skills, join cliques, and even experience the craziness of dorm living.
      • Attend Boarding School – Teenage Sims who are dedicated to their books can attend advanced classes where they’ll learn new subjects and weigh the pros and cons of being a teacher’s pet.
      • Find Your Place – Sims can discover who they really are and who they want to be. Pass notes to a crush in school, start a clique, stand up to no good bullies. Join a society, secret or academic, and see what adventures that opens!
      • College Life – Enjoy a game of Throwey Disk or Kicky Bag on the campus quad. Lead a campus protest. Sneak into the back of the library to smooch with your significant other.
      • Live in the dorms – Live with your peers outside the watchful eye of your parents. Meet new friends, discover romance, and host a party without getting caught. Prank your friends, face off with rival societies, and live away from your parents!

  • GP the witches expansion pack that was voted for last year (probably released in October for Halloween and more Halloween themed than most fans will want)
    EP Back to school or some sort of “fun in the sun” beach party pack
    SP clothes pack from Moschino collaboration

  • But they said it will be something new, am I right? So at least one has to be something we haven’t seen in the sims before, I suppose, and I see a lot of come-back titles

  • EP: New Occults

    GP: University

    SP: Farm Stuff

    Also, can I take a moment to point out that Seasons could totally have been called “Get Outside”? What a waste of an opportunity, Maxis.

  • I hope we’ll get witches, farming and a tropical island one way or another. The stuff pack could be anything but I hope it’s the much requested tiny home stuff!

  • Ep: looks to be university. Allowing to have degrees and being able to play school time.
    Gp: I guess Super Heroes and Villians will be the best. More selfemployment businesses like hotels are fun too.
    Sp: more hobbies stuff

  • EP: Back to School (university, ability to follow sims to school)
    GP: Island Paradise
    SP: Romance Stuff (teen pregnancy, option to be bf and gf in CAS, childhood crushes.)

  • For an Expansion pack, I definitely want University
    For a Game pack, I want witches and wizards (making magic sort of pack) or werewolves (maybe if you have werewolves and vampires you can have hybrids! YES PLEASE INSTANT BUY, i’ve been watching too much of the originals)
    For a Stuff pack, I don’t mind. I really just want something that adds realism like more hobbies
    Everything after they release ^

    For the expansion pack, Is a into the future sort of pack that was my favorite Sims 3 pack or I wouldn’t mind an island paradise pack
    For the game pack, it would be one of the others that i picked for the first GP or a school pack (Private schools, different homework, more activities and etc.)
    For the stuff pack, basically the same as my last answer for the SP

  • My personal wants ;)

    Expansion Pack – Simlish University
    Game Pack – Supernatural, More Medical Careers or More Vacation places like a European theme of some sort
    Stuff Pack – Themed Furniture pack or More Pets

  • Hear me out here I really don’t want a supernatural pack. I loved ts3 supernaturals, it was amazing! But I feel like EA will just ruin it. Like vampires looked really good and I forked out for it but I really hated the way it was done. I’m down for a supernatural pack but a, please don’t make it only witches and b, don’t make it like vampires.