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The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (April 16th, 2019)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 for Console devices – Xbox One and PS4!

Patch Notes

Update: 04/16/2019 – v1.14

Great news for console Simmers!

Finally, we get to answer the often asked question, When is mouse & keyboard support coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? The answer… right now!

What’s New?

  • Mouse & Keyboard support is available to all console players of The Sims 4. Simply connect your mouse & keyboard of choice and away you go.
    • You may be wondering how to adjust the mouse sensitivity or switch to left handed play. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handle these settings for you. Just head to the following locations on your console to make changes:
      • PlayStation 4 – Settings > Devices> Mouse
      • Xbox One – Settings > Kinect & devices > Mouse
    • Lunar New Year came a little late to console but now you can extend the celebrations with
      • New Recipes
        • Vegetable Dumplings – Requires Level 1 Cooking Skill
        • Mud Carp – Requires Level 7 Cooking Skill
      • New Objects
        • Shadow of the Moon Table – A six seat round dining table — perfect for family meals!
        • Moon-Gazing Dining Chair
        • Fiery Moon Gift Centerpiece
        • Wealth of the Moon Envelopes
        • Lucky Citrus Tree of the Moon
        • Paper Lantern of the Wiseacre Moon
        • Symbols of the Watery Moon
        • Sycee of the Prosperous Moon
        • Moon Panda Toy
        • Year of the Pig Statuette
      • New Clothing & Accessories
        • Adults
          • Women
            • 2 dresses
            • 1 pair of fan earrings
            • 1 jade necklace
          • Men
            • 1 jacket
          • Children
            • Girls
              • 1 dress
            • Boys
              • 1 jacket
            • Unisex
              • 1 yin and yang necklace
            • Toddlers
              • Girls
                • 1 dress
              • Unisex
                • 1 hairstyle
                • 1 shirt

General Issues

  • Sims will no longer be able to lie about employing each other in order to avoid marriage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Audio for the tutorial references skill levels for career progression.
  • Fixed an issue where terrain manipulation might crash the game when players were manipulating to close to the edge…
  • Fixed an issue where clicking various spots with terrain tools would cause an error.
  • The scroll bar in text messages will no longer reset the text field back to the top.
  • Fixed an error that would happen when adding an extended roof to the top of an object.
  • Corrected texture issues for the solid blue pants.
  • Corrected texture issues for rolled jean pants.
  • Corrected shadows that were being added to clothes from a few necklaces.
  • Fixed and error when players would switch between children that were created through genetics.
  • Fixed a few instances where terrain paint would not correct clear when using the bulldoze option in Build.
  • Fixed an error when trying to place a Nightclub on a lot that is smaller than the lot that is provided.
  • The Millie Bobby Brown Sim didn’t know what to wear to attend parties, so we helped her pick out a new outfit.
  • Fixed an error when trying to exit the pool in First Person Camera.
  • Thanks to all the feedback, we have added more ways to customize controls while in 1st Person Mode which you can find under Game Options > Game Camera.
  • 1st Person Mode should no longer terrify you with Sims that have missing heads.
  • Playing basketball on the Skye Fitness lot while in 1st Person Mode won’t require you to restart The Sims 4, so no more excuses for missing that 3 pointer.
  • Adjusting light intensity on items near the top of the lot will not cause the panel to display off screen.

Get Together

  • Listening to music on the Lin-Z Smart Speaker will now count towards the Listen to Music club rule.


  • Leaf Piles should no longer become stuck in neighborhoods; they should automatically get cleaned up at the start of each winter season.
  • Fixed a clipping issue that occurred when wearing the toddler’s rain boots with certain pairs of pants.
  • Fixed two toddler hats which were causing unintended shadows to appear on the toddler’s eyes.

Get Famous

  • Fixed a text issue in the 24 hour live stream buff. Please excuse any technical difficulties the stream will be back up shortly.
  • Your Sims acting agent will no longer give you false pay information when completing a gig. Those agents are always trying to skim a little off the top.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the SciFi Helmet and Straight Skirt.
  • Corrected placeholder text on the Celebrity Home lot Moodlet.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sims from staying longer on a gig to practice their acting skills.
  • Corrected text issue in the Charity Stream Moodlet.
  • Fixed floating Sims while wearing one of the high skirts.
  • Corrected Text issue in the Tiresome Energies buff from the Crystal Healing Helmet
  • Fixed an error when placing Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden on a bulldozed lot.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Your Sims can now pester… er… visit, any campers of their choosing in Granite Falls.
  • Fixed an error where Sims would get stuck in the Forest Hideaway lot in Granite Falls.


  • Corrected texture issue on Buttoned Pants.

Of course, we have added a whole lot of community creations into My Library as well as brought over some familiar faces from past Sims titles like The Newbie Family and The Grunt Family.

Now, where did I put that mouse and keyboard…

– SimGuruLegacy

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    • No. Belive me I am sad to (as I play on consule as well) but we will get that later in the year. Most likely in a few months. And, I think and don’t quote me but we might get Strangerville soon. Sooooooo?

  • As a console user I don’t get the ability to install mods, and one mod that I’ve always wanted was the sliders mod that Allows you to adjust the size of your sims. Now I know that, that is pretty impossible to incorporate into base game but at least it would be to add a height adjustment opinion the you did with the weight and muscle adjustments in create a Sim. I understand it’d be difficult but it be nice to add that much more realism to the game and it be really fun to play around with! I hope you consider this.

    • Definitely not impossible since mods have been made to do this on pc. They could Implement it in a future update if they wanted to. Just probably isn’t top priority.

  • My Sims acted like it was updating but it still shows the patch update from February. I already uninstalled Origin and nothing changed. Any assistance would be great. I have a Mac.

  • Can you guys make an update in Get to Work that has a koi pond water style, a wire/less phone to put on a desk, a nose ring and other piercings, new makeup and hairstyles, also earrings? Imagine an executive office with a koi pond

  • For those complaining about some things like the laptop not being included, keep in mind maxis manages the PC version of the game. A different developer manages the updates and maintains the console version. You’d have to ask them. Not all PC content will make it into the console version right away.

  • Started using my keyboard and mouse for my Xbox One, but now edge scrolling won’t work! Help? Not sure what caused it, it’s on and everything, I turned edge scrolling off and on again, it just won’t work.

  • I really appreciate the update, however my Sims still stand around for several sim hours after I told them to do anything basically.. can anyone help? I’m on PS4 console with no expansion or add ons

    • Somet8mes you have to pause the game for a few sec9nds then speed it up again. It’s like their little sim brains have a fart or they are digitally snagged on something. Been dealing with this issue since the first Sims games on PS2 believe it or not!!

  • It would be great if we could have a bit more options on the gallery it’s great what you’ve done with the new update though hopefully in future are gallery would be a bit more better though

  • Is anyone else having an issue with rotate objects not working in build buy mode. Also cannot add second or third levels on to a house. It started after the update.

    • Build mode is very messed up…when you try and click something to delete it, it duplicates it…when you first place a house and try to go upstaris it wont let you put the walls down… and oh man not be able to rotate things is so annoying

    • I have been searching for HOURS trying to find this. I too am having the same exact problem. I’m really getting upset…

    • Yes I had this issue before the April update. Seems you have to exit build mode & return or tap circle a few times to cancel out any actions your cursor is trying to perform. ANNOYING!!

  • Helllllp!!!! I play the sims on Xbox one. I updated the game last night and now my sims have disappeared. It says they’re at home but nobody’s there, not even the pets. All of the icons at the bottom appear as though they are out of the house and it won’t let me open their inventories as if they’re gone. It’s like this for every sims household I have so I basically can’t play at all. In addition to that I didn’t get any of the new items from the update. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well as the expansion, game, and stuff packs. Nothing has changed, I don’t know what else to do.

  • Can they plz fix when your sim is at home and it is still saying they are at work while they are in that mold you can not get into there inventory becuz it’s saying they are at work when clearly they are home

  • So on Playstaion, The triangle button now goes straight to the build menu instead of eyedropper AND the touchpad also glitches out and ONLY goes straight to the build menus and its impossible to highlight specific objects.

    Can you guys fucking with controls? its hard enough to play with a controller what the hell is going on? I’m sorry for the cussing but this like unplayable since I can even delete a single thing in build mode

    • And to add when the touchpad actually does toggle between curser and menus the game can’t decided if it wants to copy and item or delete it when you press triangle

    • Build mode is very messed up…when you try and click something to delete it, it duplicates it…when you first place a house and try to go upstaris it wont let you put the walls down… and oh man not be able to rotate things is so annoying

  • Y’all should put more hairstyles for toddlers and adults, and my updates come so late because that update from February came in april, and now I got to wait until 3 more months to get my update,

  • Is ANYONE gonna acknowledge our issues?? Or are we gonna sit around here with our thumbs up our asses after paying all this money for this console version?? For real, I can not even play because I cant function in build mode and I can NOT get up to my other floors. This is complete JUNK.