The Sims 4 Console

The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (April 30th, 2019)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 for Console devices – Xbox One and PS4!

Patch Notes

Since we were last here reading the release notes together, a few pesky issues managed to sneak through. This update is pretty small but looks to address the reports we have seen since the update, especially around the controller.

General Issues

  • Somewhere along the way, selling objects from your lot would duplicate them instead. Just because your Sims won’t give up their possessions without a fight doesn’t mean you don’t get the final say. Now you can sell objects as much as you like.
  • On the other hand, sending to Household inventory won’t sell your objects anymore either.
  • It was never intended that you could put a door or a window in your inventory and the game reflects this properly. I mean, who has pockets large enough for a door?
  • The camera almost had a mind of its own at times, choosing what to look at. It should behave and look at only the items you want to look at.

– SimGuruLegacy

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  • Ive been having a problem in build more where I can’t rotate objects or basically use my trigger buttons on my Xbox one controller they keep messing up. If i go to scale up my item it takes the grid off, if I go to rotate it sells the item. Very frustrating is anyone else having these problem

  • Honestly the sims on console sucks, don’t get me wrong I love the sims and playing PlayStation but the update and the content that we get is not worth it

  • I’ve still been having problems with my butler leaving the house when the sims leaves and then coming like hours later… I have no CC and I’ve done all of the updates…

  • For Xbox One I’m getting a glitch where instead of picking up all dirty dishes in a similar area they pick up one at a time. It didn’t do this before, so wanted to put that out there. Thank you for helping us with these problems. :)

  • What about the grand master vampires on console not receiving any more vampire points once they maxed out their ranks? Was hoping for this issue to be fixed too.

  • My game has been glitchy since the last updare/patch. It will semi freeze where everything is moving but nothing functions or you can play the whole house hold and one person will be frozen. It was quite funny..As my Sim would nit put his cat down and glaring at everyone who passed.

    It even crashed claiming it wasnt update but it had the latest version. I had to unistall it and reinstall it.

    Still glitchy but not crashing. I was hoping this patvh would have something for the fixes the other patch mightve errored out.

  • PLEASE BRING BACK ONLINE MULTIPLAYER…. even if you have two different servers for the game… you can make it to where there’s one server for 18+ and another for 16 and under and make it where if someone is under 18 a parent has to put in a security code to allow them on the adult server that will stop adults and children from playing online with each other PLEASE BRING BACK ONLINE MULTI I REALLY WANNA PLAY WITH MY SISTER AND CANT THATS THE WHOLE REASON I BOUGHT SIMS 4 WAS TO PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE NOW I DONT PLAY THE GAME AT ALL BECAUSE ITS POINTLESS TO PLAY ALONE ITS NOT AS FUN SO BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!

  • I was hoping it would fix the fact that my sim is the only scientist at future sims lab? Where are all the co-workers?

  • I have not seen many issues in the game. But I’m not one who spends hours and hours on a game. The one thing I would like to see in the game is some cars you can drive, motor cycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, tractors, trucks, and horses, longer hair like hippie looks for men and women. I mean long down the back type hair. In assories purses, more 60’s and 70’s styles. And heck if the sims can guitars and keyboard then why not some drums. Milk shake machine. Lets us grow blackberries, raspberries, corn and okra. Let the sims cook use all the stove eyes. Let the sims own a grocery store. In get fit more excerice equipment would of been great too. And with the Vampire should of had werewolves. But to the Vampire was a waste of money 100 percent waste of money. Zombies would of been better.

  • Please can we get the gallery because i really want to download Clare Callery’s sims and builds but i cant because i dont have the gallery

    Also please can we get cc because i watch sims4 on youtube and everyone uses cc but i cant get any
    Please respond

  • I personally think they should give more to console users because we cant expand the game with mods or cc. I feel as a console user were pretty much neglected. Ok so we cant do everything they can how about give us something they dont have that’s really fun or amazing. Cause I’m getting pretty bored. I really hope they respond to my message.

  • Agree, unfortunately I don’t really play anymore for that exact point. same hair same clothes same places gets boring. Contemplating just saving for a pc

  • Hi, I’m not sure if you guys will see this or not, but I’ve been having an issue with my game since the February update (I believe that’s when it started). About 75% of the time I am playing, my sims will not stay at work or school. They go for about two hours, and then come home and there’s no way to send them back. It’s kind of frustrating, and I’m not really sure if anyone else is having this problem. If it’s a sneaky gremlin, I’d like to catch it. Please know that I am a huge fan of the Sims and I know that you are putting out so much content in a short window of time (trying to catch up with PC), which means you guys are extremely busy, but I just thought I’d let you guys know.

    P.S. When I go out to eat at restaurants, it always doubles my bill, and there are some nights when my sims will go to bed and then wake right back up. They just won’t stay asleep!

  • Can you guys please add the gallery to the consoles. I have so many creations I made and I want to send it out there.