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Win a copy of The Sims 4 ULTIMATE Edition!

We’re kicking off our 6th year Anniversary Giveaway with a bang!

The first giveaway that we’re having is the biggest (and the longest one) and includes a special copy of The Sims 4 Ultimate Edition, specially crafted by Electronic Arts for the purpose of this giveaway.

The Sims 4 Ultimate Edition is a one-of-a-kind code that contains ALL The Sims 4 Games for PC / Mac including The Sims 4 Base Game, all Expansion Packs, all Game Packs and all Stuff Packs which are currently available in The Sims 4 Series.

If it just so happens that the winner of this code has The Sims 4 Base Game or any of Sims 4 Packs registered on their account, this code will update their library with a complete collection.

This is the first (of many) giveaways we’re having. To keep better track of all of the entires we’re hosting this giveaway on Sims Community Social. If you don’t have an account you can easily create one and enter the giveaway. Just make sure you follow the specific rules that we’ve linked within the giveaway thread down below!

Click below to enter the giveaway!

Make sure you also follow us on the following social media outlets as there are going to be giveaways on both Sims Community Social and some of our social media platforms:

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  • Dearest Sims 4 programmers, please pick me for this giveaway! I have been a devoted Simmer since the Sims 3, watched YouTubers played the Sims, and I know the game like the back of my hand! The game has helped me deal with my urge of control, unleashed my creativity, and allowed me to relax.
    Good luck to everyone<!

  • Since the sims 4 came out that’s all I wanted to play. However, I didn’t have the money nor a computer to play it on. But, how times have changed I just bought sims 4 and don’t have any packs at all. Being able to win the giveaway would be a dream. Even if I don’t get picked, I still appreciate the opportunity

  • I love the sims, and would be very happy to win, i also wanted the deluxe pack, since i wont be buying a pack anytime soon and that makes me very sad, thank you 🙂