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This Riverdale star tried playing The Sims 4 for the first time

Although it’s definitely not the most brilliant TV Show out there, Riverdale still manages to captivate a huge audience, myself included. The cast playing in this show are talented when it comes to acting, but are they good at playing The Sims 4? Ok, sure, that’s not something that you could count as a talent but after you watch the following video you’re definitely going to appreciate all the simming skills you’ve got.

One of the main Riverdale actresses Madelaine Petsch has given The Sims 4 a try for her very first time. The video is rather interesting and definitely shows what introducing a whole new person to a Sims game looks like. However, if you know all about The Sims and its possibilities you may want to brace yourself as Madelaine embraces her beginner adventure in The Sims 4!

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  • Thanks, this was funny! :-D I drove me crazy that she didn’t know how to center the camera on her Sim so it could follow her around!
    I also think she would like it better if someone gave her a few lessons, or tips. Even though she seemed to know she was bad at the game, she still seems to have given up on it, not realizing that with a few tips (like pausing the game to queue up actions) make the game much more easy to play. I hope her friend educates her so she can enjoy it!
    If she thought baking a cake and then going for a swim in the middle of the night was odd, then just wait until her Sim is at the library, and all of a sudden does push-ups! :-D
    I will say that if she designed the bedrooms , then she did a great job with how they looked! :) Now if only she would have included doors in the right places…! ;)