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The Sims 4 Essentials: Expansion Pack, Game Pack and Stuff Pack we recommend

Just getting started with The Sims 4? Here are 3 different pack types we recommend getting!

Are you just getting started with The Sims 4 thanks to the fact that it’s free-to-claim for the next 7 days? Do you want to expand The Sims 4 universe with official new content and features? You’ve come to the right place!

Before I begin, let me briefly explain the purpose of each pack for The Sims 4 and what they exactly do:

  • An Expansion Pack is the biggest pack type out there that often features a brand new world, new clothing and objects, a whole lot of new features and interactions that usually have a much deeper affect on the entire gameplay. They cost $39.99
  • A Game Pack brings almost the same things as an Expansion Pack – new items, sometimes a brand new world and extensive gameplay that’s usually tied into one strict theme. They cost $19.99
  • A Stuff Pack is brings exactly what their title suggests – new stuff including CAS items, Build Items and a gameplay object or two that bring new interactions. They cost $9.99

Now that we’ve clarified to what each pack brings let’s get down to business as I give recommendations for each pack type!

Essential Expansion Pack – Seasons

The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack is one of those packs that could’ve been included into the base game but luckily aren’t – and that’s for a good reason. Seasons was under development for quite a while for obvious reasons – the team had to bring 4 different seasons for each world (including worlds introduced with other packs) as well as feature a complex calendar feature.

Each Season can get quite unpredictable and you never know what each day will bring. From extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures to storms and strong winds, The Sims 4 Seasons will keep your Sims on their toes checking the forecast every now and then. Of course that the weather won’t be going crazy 24/7 and you can expect enrichened vistas and gorgeous views quite often.

The Calendar is probably one of the biggest reasons that make The Sims 4 Seasons an essential pack. Not only does it give you the ability to create your own holiday from scratch with numerous activities and interactions but with the calendar you can also plan out the entire week (and month) of your Sim’s activities by planning events, checking out your Sims’ work / school schedule and holidays that are coming up.

If you don’t have The Sims 4 Seasons then you can’t go wrong by making this purchase.

Essential Game Pack – Parenthood

The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack is one of those rare packs in the entire Sims Franchise that make the entire gameplay a lot more difficult – which is a good thing. Toddlers, Kids and Teens with this pack will have the opportunity to work on 5 different Character Values that will shape their future and make their adult days more easy or difficult, depending on how well you’ve worked on their upbringing.

Still, your younger Sims are not the only ones that get new gameplay. Adults and Elders also get a whole lot of new meaningful interactions, as well as a new Parenting Skill that allows the parents to be more influental and controling over their children.

Parenthood is probably one of the most complex packs we’ve gotten in a long time and for a Game Pack that’s $19.99 it’s no wonder it’s the most popular Game Pack that there currently is right now.

Essential Stuff Pack – Laundry Day

The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack sounds like the most boring pack you could possibly recommend to another person, but there’s a good reason why this pack was chosen, affected and brought together by The Sims Team and The Community together.

Yes, the only new gameplay you get with Laundry Day are a new washing and drying machine, as well as a washing bucket and a clothline for those who prefer a more rural lifestyle. Still, this pack has some of the finest community-picked objects and Create A Sim items that we’ve seen in the entire Stuff Pack lineup we have (thus far).

If you want to get these packs altogether I suggest you bundle up using Origin’s Build Your The Sims 4 Bundle Feature. Getting these packs in bundle will save you 30% off the total cost!

What do you think are the most essential packs for The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • especially the thunderstorms I love having my Sim sit out on the balcony listening to the storms going through. Just like in real life.

  • I agree with these suggestions, especially Seasons and Parenthood. :-D I’m not a huge fan of laundry in the game, but the clothing and Build/Buy Mode objects are terrific in this pack!

  • Laundry is the only one I agree with. For game packs Vampires is definitely the best made and most easily and consistently replayable. And frankly if people really look beyond ooo parenting is so fun! It doesn’t really add much or change the game much sooo for me it was a big disappointment. The new traits and skills that came with base game made growing up way more interesting than the parenthood traits, events, and actions. Yes it does add a new kitchen so if that’s a sticking point for you go for it. Seasons was just kinda meh. Like yeah I like having seasons but in terms of adding fun to the game (beyond just weather) it’s just kinda not at all an improvement from Sims 3. Aaaand while a lot of people like the revamp of gardening and greenhouses that’s included with base game soooo. I’d recommend City Living or Get Famous first as the make really cool and interesting improvements from Sims 3 versions and even though the are very specific and detailed the add a lot to the overall gameplay even when you don’t live in those towns/worlds.

    • @Hilary Merline, I understand what you are saying about Parenthood. I love it since I play a lot of families and it made them seem more like a family and not just roommates. :) And I do love City Living. But I really agree with you on Vampires! I love that GP! :-D But I think that it wasn’t suggested because it is more of a niche interest. I know of a lot of people who either don’t want to play any supernaturals, or those who don’t want to play Vampires in particular. Even if family life isn’t a persons preferred playing style, *most* people at least don’t refuse to play families, so I think that was why Parenthood was suggested. ;)

  • No way! I’m a supernatural player and hate kids, so Parenthood is my least favorite gp.
    I will never buy it.

  • Reflecting on all the packs, as far as starting, Seasons makes sense. Seasons offers so much, it changes the landscape around you, makes outdoors more interactive.
    Game pack is a bit tougher, I’m not sure I’d recommend Parenthood to first time players, simply to avoid overwhelming someone with all the new necessary tasks that pack brings. To go along with Seasons, I’d say Outdoor Retreat. Now, it’s far from my favourite game pack, but the camping aspect would work spectacularly with the seasons, whether you prefer winter or summer camping.
    Laundry stuff, I understand your reasoning, but personally I would put Perfect Patio if we choose Seasons, hot tubs compliment winter nicely, the furniture is fantastic for spring, more swimsuits for Summer, though you can make a parka your swimsuit if you really want to. Most of the stuff packs are great (except maybe my first pet stuff) but if it’s a bundle, why not compliment each other?

  • I just wish there was an all Sports pack or something Mall related so that escalators can be used. Granted I did make a Mall which is in the Community named 2 Rainbows Mall. I do like the Go to Work pack also not so much the laundry one (which is funny I have no problem doing laundry in the game but not in real life)