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We’re giving away 5 copies of The Sims 4 Seasons for PC/Mac!

PC and Mac players, it’s time to test your luck!

This time we’re giving away five copies of The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack for PC and Mac! The codes that we’re giving away are universal and can be redeemed by any Origin user.

The giveaway is being held on Sims Community Social for better organization considering we’ll be sending out 5 different codes to lucky winners. If you don’t have an account you can easily create one and enter the giveaway. Just make sure you follow the specific rules that we’ve linked within the image down below! The giveaway ends on June 1st at 8PM CET.

Click the image down below to enter the giveaway!

Make sure you also follow us on the following social media outlets as there are going to be ja lot more giveaways on both Sims Community Social and some of our social media platforms:

Written by Jovan Jovic

Founder of the Sims Community website. I do plenty of things around here including writing articles such as "Top 10 Disney Princesses in The Sims", social media management, video content creation, streaming and more!


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  1. My little brother just got sims and this would be a great present for him. Good luck to every one who’s entered

  2. I’ve already said this before on the other giveaway but it would be cool just to even get this one pack because I most likely won’t win the other giveaway, idk what else to say besides good job to whomever wins…luck was on your side.

    • I only have two packs, city living and get famous, but I heard that seasons was one of the essential packs. So, I really hope to win this and good luck to everyone!

    • My favorite pack! I can’t play sims without this. I never win anything so I hope that lady luck is on my side…

  3. I only have two packs, city living and get famous, but I heard that seasons was one of the essential packs. So, I really hope to win this and good luck to everyone!

  4. Good luck everyone! Seasons is my next too pack to buy so it would be great to win, but good luck regardless!

  5. I love the sims with all my heart! I’ve been playing since early childhood! This would be a perfect late birthday gift! Good luck everyone!

  6. Omg seasons!? I have always wanted the seasons extension pack. My friends tell me it changes the game. Please. This is my dream. #sims4

  7. I have entered, good luck for everyone, if you need to contact me just message me on Instagram: star_projections_

  8. Good luck all! Ive been a simmer sisnce the sims 2! Ive watched the game grow and this pack is definatly amazing, good luck!!!!

  9. I would loooove to win this pack, it’s probably the best pack (in my opinion) But also good luck to the other people who like to win it ❤️

  10. My daughter’s played sims for over 10 years and she believes this pack is amazing and would love to have it. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  11. Heyyyyy!!! I love the Sims so much and would really appreciate winning this giveaway! Love from South Africa

  12. My little cousins just got the game after enjoying it on my Mac, I’d love for them to enjoy this. The Sims recruitment continues lol!

  13. i would love to win because seasons is something ive been wishing for for so long in sims 4 and i never got it in sims 3!! 🙂

  14. I would love to have the seasons because I don’t have any expansion packs on my computer, I would be so grateful to get that expansion pack! Good luck everyone!

  15. I would love to get this because I just got the game! Thanks for the great giveaway good luck to everyone!!

  16. I’ve had the game for a while but have not had the chance to get any expansion packs! Would love to win!!

  17. I see it, I like it, I want it, and I DO REALLY HOPE I GOT IT. Plsss make this as my graduation gift? Anyways Goodluck to everyone I wish they could pick us all but its impossible

  18. I’ve been wanting seasons for soooo long when it was on sale It was still to much for me to afford and I was kinda pissed that you guys now decide to have the sims for free and ive been playing since like 2016 and I would so much appreciate if I can get the seasons pack Good luck everyone

  19. Wow! I had just started playing the base game since it’s free, but the seasons are like the first pack that i would like to get my hands on! Obviously i know, i will probably not win, but still it’s very exciting! You go!

  20. it would be nice to win this expansion pack, but if I do not I do congratulate the one that does. 🙂

  21. good luck to everyone that in this give away okay and best a luck to everyone, everyone has a one out of five chance of winning so good luck

  22. All i’ve ever wanted was the seasons pack! Unfortunately i only have the base game as of now. Good luck to everyone and much love. ❤️

  23. I am really bored because i only have the base game and i need expansion packs but they are so expensive

  24. i’m a student and i just got off for summer break, this would be so fun to play with over the summer! good luck to everybody!!

  25. good luck to everyone I hope I win but then again were all winners for getting to play this amazing game and can we thank EA for this game I love it but then again good luckj

  26. good luck everyone!!I have always wanted to have any pack for the sims 4 game but wasnt able to get any.Playing the sims makes me happy and its so fun.I really hope I win but its okay if I dont

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