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This The Sims 4 Lighting Map Guide Will Help You Showcase Your Lots Better

Don’t you just hate when you spend hours working on your Lot in The Sims 4 and right as you decide to share the lot to The Gallery, you immediately find out that there’s an object blocking the view?

Sure, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. But sometimes you just want to know which lot has the perfect lighting for certain times of the day. That’s why the amazing @MrsTomato1018 has found the perfect solution to share with other players and that’s The Sims 4 Lighting Map Guide!

In the pictures down below you’ll be able to see each map (excluding StrangerVille) we currently have in The Sims 4 with each lot marked with lot size details and lighting / view information which is mostly just useful for lots that you plan to share on The Gallery.

Here’s more information for each color and outline shown in the maps below:

  • Blue – Morning
  • Yellow – Afternoon
  • Purple – Evening
  • Black – Objects Blocking the View
  • No Box – Generally bad lighting

Willow Creek

Oasis Springs


Granite Falls

Magnolia Promenade


San Myshuno

Forgotten Hollow

Brindleton Bay


Del Sol Valley

The creator of this Lighting Map Guide has also made a useful video overview of this map that you can check out down below:

Make sure you follow her on Twitter @MrsTomato1018 if you want to stay up-to-date on her latest Gallery creations!

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