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The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Coming This Fall!

The Sims Team had lots of exciting things to share with us during EA Play’s livestream today. Not only did @SimGuruLyndsay and @SimGuruDuke go in depth about the new Sims 4 expansion pack, Island Living, launching this month, but they also teased the next game pack.

The next game pack for The Sims 4 will be called Realm of Magic!

SimGuruLyndsay and SimGuruDuke didn’t have much to say about The Sims 4: Realm of Magic other than its title, but they assured players that more information about Realm of Magic will start coming out soon.

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic will launch sometime this fall.

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  • All we need is University this fall and they can do whatever else they want b/c the player wishlist for GP/EPs will be covered. So great!

    • University will be last or it won’t come out at all. They know we want it so they’ll probably(hopefully) work really hard for it to be everything we hope for.

    • Indeed!

      EA Games continues to disappoint us and refuses to meet our gaming demands. The new Island Living EP looks cute and all. Yes I am excited for a new sims EP, however, my expectations are getting lower and lower. Without University, I smell a boycott brewing!

      The Realm of Magic is totally NOT needed! The Gurus should have put this off for next year. We have been wanting an education and farming pack for about two years now, maybe longer.

      I totally agree with you. University this fall, NOT Realm of Magic, and then they can give us the bullshit packs that they are proposing. I have spent a lot of money on the Sims since 2000. I have been playing since I was in my 20s. At 41 years old going on 42, I am becoming less and less enthusiastic about the content that Maxis/EA Games is putting out. The company needs to consider that it us older simmers who have the money to pay for the EPs, GPs, SPs, and the stock investments, not the younger generations that they are targeting with these bullshit packs!

      Strangerville was a flop. Island Living will be a success, but Realm of Magic will also fail! Yes I said it and yes I predicted it first!

      • The Supernatural, Seasons and University packs have been some of The Sims franchise’s best selling expansions since TS2. TS3 has people BEGGING for Supernaturals to be added back into the game because they’re super fun. If they’re adding those types of Sims (fairies, werewolves, witches) back into the game, you bet that the Realm of Magic set will be another really good selling point for EA.‍♀️ Literally every video I’ve seen has been people asking for another Supernatural pack and University. You’re wrong if you genuinely believe that a Magic pack is going to flop.

        • That’s true when Vampires came out people were unsatisfied that the EP only featured Vampires and not other magical creatures.
          Sims 3 Supernatural was a huge success and one of my top favorite expansions, I have 100% sure that this one will be a huge selling point if made right.

        • What do you mean by we, you mean you or just a group of people. You can’t say we because u cant speak for everyone. I loved university also, but I also like mermaids and witches and other ones as well. I am not the only one who is happy about realm of magic or island living. I dont like they downed it from 3 but its still a good expansion. I see so much saying we want this and yes some people do but cant say we as a whole because that is inaccurate. Also I have been playing sims the first sims also and I’m 42 and I am happy with this years releases.

      • Umm, how can you say magic is NOT needed? It’s THE most important pack along with Seasons, and Makin’ Magic was one of my favorite ever, the theme, setting, music, buying houses and stuff with magicoins, everything was almost perfect – hopefully they will do something like that

      • You sound extremely entitled, selfish, and ageist.

        None of these expansions/game packs are technically “needed”, you’re just throwing a temper tantrum because you’re not getting exactly what you want. I would say grow up but you’re already 42.

      • Who is we? I have been wanting a University and a magic pack. everybody has different ideas of what kind of pack should come next. I think we can agree that a lot of people want university- but id venture to guess that more people want magic than farming.

      • Um, people have wanted witches in the game and that has been a popular request for the sims 4. It will not flop.

      • Look, there’s no reason to believe that Realm of Magic will fail, especially with how well The Sims has handled the Occult sims that you can create up to this point. They haven’t been haphazardly added like in The Sims 3 and largely ignored… though I will admit that there are some bugs between vampires and newer EPs (i.e. in Get Famous, vampires are falsely accused of drinking from Sims without permission, which happens even when you DO have permission).

      • Realm of magic is needed. For some they have been wanting it for ages. Some people practice magic/witchcraft and are happy to see magic coming back, finally.

      • @ uhriahx If University came this fall it would be a GP, not an EP unless that’s what you’re after. By all means boycott over University not coming out as a GP meanwhile those looking for a supernatural pack will have the option to enjoy the magic focused one coming. I’m always amused by people who want TS4 to fail so badly. They want all the countless of work others put in, not just the guru but many in the community with cc content and mods, and money spent to go down the toilet instead of just playing an earlier version like TS3 if you guys are so unhappy. No one is forcing you to play TS4 but folks like you like to push your weight around and act like anyone who doesn’t agree is “working for EA” or “a kid”. It is rather smart on EA to continue to appeal to a younger audience because they will likely play the game for a longer period of time compared to someone sin your age group and they remain the target audience that a lot of games are targeted to. You may not play with supernaturals, or witches in particular, but that doesn’t mean it’s not popular. “We want”? Speak for yourself. Just because things aren’t coming how you want it that doesn’t mean EA is ignoring anything. Seems to me you’re ignoring what others in the community wants simply because it’s not what you want. Witches has been a highly popular occult request for several years. We just had a poll done with the gurus that showed that also. Again, you’re more than welcome to play other sims games if TS4 isn’t your cup of tea but you should become more aware that this community is more diverse and is played on an international level so what some folks want isn’t what others want and certainly not at the same levels.

      • “The company needs to consider that it us older simmers who have the money to pay for the EPs, GPs, SPs, and the stock investments, not the younger generations that they are targeting with these bullshit packs!”

        No. YOU need to consider that Sims was built on a younger fanbase, which is why so many people talk about their fond memories of Sims games as teenagers. (I’m not one of them, I was no longer a teen by the time the first game was released.) Those are the people with more time to play as well. The teens might not have the money (or they might), but their parents will.

        These packs are no more “bullshit” packs than University would be. Plenty of people want island living (like Island Paradise, but hopefully without the issues that had) and magic in their games. You don’t want it? Cool, fine. But you don’t dictate everyone. Look around you. Look at the replies here. Go to the Sims subreddit and read the comments. People are excited for these packs.

        Sure, folks want University as well. And it’ll come eventually. But lots of people want these packs, so they are definitely not even close to being “bullshit packs.”

        If you’re so angry and bitter toward Maxis and Sims 4, why not fire up Sims 3 with its university expansion? Or Sims 2? Or Sims 1… oh, right, never mind that one. But hey, there’s two games that, being such an old Sims fanatic who’s so diehard on the games, you surely already have, and they were solid. So why not play them if you want university so bad? When I want to play something that was in Sims 3 but isn’t in Sims 4 (at least not yet), I load up Sims 3. Pretty simple.

      • Lmao, the amount of entitlement wrapped up in how factually wrong this rant is makes this recipe delicious. The added ageism is just the cherry on top.

      • Hi. I don’t super agree with you on a couple points:

        1. Witches has been requested ALL over the forums for ages so obviously they did listen.

        2. Stranger ville has a smaller demographic, I do agree on that, however, this pack was experimental and honestly, I really liked it. It brought story and intrigue as well as some cute outfit pieces, new traits and an aspiration dedicated to the whole thing. (Not much replay value, that really doesn’t bother me much, but again, personal preference)

        3. I think they must have started working on Island living before people were obsessed with University. It’s sounds kind of dumb but think about how many Expansion packs we have. Not many. Even if they did start working on them at the same time, they probably would have to take more time with University because it literally flips the whole cycle of a sims life, whereas island living is more of an add on ( like it doesn’t change any existing coding or whatever it just adds more?)

        Also I am 15 so I am in the younger demographic so I suppose our point of views may be different, and I understand you may have played the original sims, whereas I only came into the game in 2014 with Sims 3 and then I got sims 4 in 2015 (yeah I know it’s weird it’s because I heard about sims 3 first and then sims 4 came out like halfway through the year and I was like damnit)

        Anyway this was really long :) I don’t know maybe I’m wrong I’d just thought I’d try and give you the opinion of someone else who hasn’t necessarily been around the sims community as long.

      • No need to be so harsh.
        There are plenty of people out there that love and ador all the different packs.
        Don’t be so rude to the people that created this game that you have been playing since your 20s.
        You don’t own this game. You don’t get to decide what happens and what doesn’t. If you really love his game you’ll be patient and support it even if you dot get what you want straight away.
        There are plenty of people out there that don’t have enough money to buy the sims let alone enough time to play it so be grateful with what you have.

      • Just because you don’t want supernaturals doesn’t mean nobody does. People have been begging for witches for years. Two of the most recent examples that I can think of what in the supernatural poll that the gurus did on twitter last year. Witches and magical creatures dominated all other supernaturals with ease. Then there was also that theme poll that they did this year in March and witches would’ve won if it wasn’t for students. The fact that witches were close to beating students in a poll shows that people most definitely want supernaturals and magic.

        • I know I’ve been hoping for a magic pack since sims 4 first released as a base game so I’m happy to finally see it.

    • Also they should call the pack “Get to School” that way not only do we get university but we should also be able to follow kids and teens to school. They could add in cliques, popularity levels, dances, tests they have to study for…

  • I’m excited about the Realm of Magic! I wonder what will be included? I assume witches/wizards, but the title makes me think that there will be more magical Sim states than just witches/wizards. I’m hoping for Fairies, but I would say more people want Werewolves. But any supernaturals will be fun to play with. The only downside is that the Fall is the perfect time for University. But there is a chance that we get a 2nd EP this year at the end of fall (right before Christmas), so I haven’t given up hope!

    • I personally hope it’s just witches because then I think we’ll get a better quality and witches are my thing. I worry that if they do more than one occult per gp that the life states won’t feel as full and more like a filter over normal sims. Then I’ll be a bit annoyed that I’ve waited for my favourite occult for so long for something that feels incomplete or shallow.

      • Well, I gotta side with Jaymie on this. I mean, if it’s a GP, I want it to just be witches simply because The Sims team seem to be doing a good job with their approach to occult Sims. Like, could it be better? Sure. I mean, it’s a bit buggy when you get accused of drinking from Sims without their consent and take a reputation hit – even if you asked to drink from that Sim and they gave permission. But it’s not nearly as bad as, say, when family members are accusing other family members of being vampires in a family of vampire Sims and the impact that has on familial relations.

        • @Jaymie and @Veronique Bellamy, I actually agree with you on this. I would *much* rather have each supernatural sim type in its separate pack! More detail and more care given than if they were lumped into one pack like TS3. It is just that the title of the pack made me guess that there might be more than one type of magical being , so I was stating what I would prefer! ;)

          • Though, I will say, if it is an EP full of the three supernatural Sims that haven’t been introduced yet, there’s nothing saying that it CAN’T have the care that they put into vampires. The idea of the powers that fairies, witches, and/or werewolves can have is exciting to think about and the idea that they would need to be worked for adds a level of skill and nuance to the game that could make it that much more interesting.

          • I gotta say though, the whole realm of magic thing makes me think of a magical world. Maybe they will add some magical creatures with witches.

        • Yeah I do prefer their approach in TS4 with fleshing out the occults like vampires in GP. It also lets people who prefer certain ones above others to pick and choose. Although I do feel some occults have more to work with like witches compared to werewolves or zombies so I’m not sure if all occults need their own GP. I remembered that one frustrated person had told the gurus to just release witches as is and the gurus wisely understood what a disaster that would’ve been if witches weren’t at least as developed as vampires.

  • Can we get back the house robbers?!?? I miss alarming my house and having someone come in the middle of the night. Also being able to actually walk around the whole town that’s was pretty cool.

    • OMG I keep saying this over and over I miss it too what is the point of a detective career and kleptomaniacs smh plus we have fire alarm but no fire fighters

    • I’m hoping this gets patched in soon. They already have the means since vampires are already able to enter without permission so hopefully burglars will eventually make an appearance and dispel any more “doubts” some had because of that baseline rumor that floated around.

  • With buildings more taller and deeper combine with this maybe my magic garden will became more interesting. If it has some glowing tree or mushroom can use for garden also can use as light it will be more fun to to see.

  • Are we finally getting our supernatural pack?! I cannae wait to play with some fairies & witches again. Super stoked for the Island pack too, love the mermaids, the volcanoes, the conservationist career has me all excited too ♥

  • Occults have been kind of ignored since vampires so things look promising for supernatural lovers (or at least those who like mermaids and witches). They’ve been getting better with occults. I do wish they could revamp aliens and plant sims a bit.

  • Oh my gosh I’ve been waiting for this FOREVER!! I’m excited, but they also need to give us an equestrian pack of some sort in the future.

    • Yeah really nice and all! ( I mean it, all expencions are welcome but HELLO?! HORSES! HORSES! When everyone else has mairmaids and witches I want my horses .

  • Does anyone else feel like this is the end of Sims 4? Not due to anything bad. I love the game. It’s just been 5 years now plus, the island and magic were the last to come out for Sims 3 so finding out they are just repeating themselves has me worried there won’t be any more EP or GP just SPs. :( But I’ll keep hoping for the University pack before they move on.

    • supernatural and island paradise were not the last packs to be released. Six packs were released after supernatural and into the future was released after island paradise. Into the future was the last pack released for the Sims 3. The gurus have also stated they have years more of content for the Sims 4. They said that about a year ago so there’s plenty of time. Also, I think we will get University in the fall (November). We got two expansion packs last year. I doubt we will only get one this year and I really doubt they won’t release an expansion pack before Christmas. I also want to point out that the Sims 3 Supernatural came out before University did

  • Anyone who says that Realm of Magic is gonna fail obviously lacks use of their imagination. BOO TO THEM AND YASSSS TO ROM!!!

    Good job Sims Gurus!!

  • I hope you can turn your sims into witches, warlocks and wizards and you don’t have to make them witches etc straight away in CAS.

  • All the crying and complaints. If you play, you are a fan, if you are a fan you are going to buy whatever EA puts out for Sims. Just enjoy the damn game and be glad we are still getting new stuff. I can be disappointed about a certain pack, or not getting a certain pack and still enjoy and play the game. I for one don’t care what they come out with, as long as they continue to release new content I am good.

  • I have been waiting for werewolves since vampires came out! Waiting 5 years! More occult sims would be awesome! I’m not fond of university coming out but I’ll buy it just cause I love all sims! Just don’t want another chore! But as long as they keep putting out and don’t change another console I’ll be fine with whatever!