Island Living

Countdown to the release of The Sims 4 Island Living

We’re just days away until the release of The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack on PC and Mac!

The pack releases worldwide on June 21st, 2019 on Origin and other gaming retail and online stores. There is a difference of several hours on a couple of time zones which is why we’ve made this countdown post for you so you can know exactly when you’ll be able to purchase and play the game as soon as it comes out!

The pack has 5 different release schedules in total, with each release belonging to a different time zone / group of countries that we’ve added down below.

In case you don’t know, this pack will release worldwide on the same day but with a staggered release across different time zones. Down below you can find countdowns for multiple time zones. Make sure you bookmark this article and also stay tuned on our YouTube Channel as we’ll be throwing a Launch Party for The Sims 4 Island Living – counting down to the exact release of Island Living in Europe and America.

Our Launch Party Livestream begins at 8PM CET. We hope to see you there!

North & South America (Midnight EDT New York Time, June 21st)

2019/06/21 06:00:00

Europe (Midnight CET Paris Time, June 21st)

2019/06/21 00:00:00

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel & Turkey (Midnight MSK Moscow Time, June 21st)

2019/06/20 23:00:00

Japan, Korea & the rest of Far East (Midnight KST Seoul Time, June 21st)

2019/06/20 17:00:00

Australia & New Zealand (Midnight AEST Sydney Time, June 21st)

2019/06/20 16:00:00

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      • Not sure why us in America get it way later than the rest of the world. The one time I’m not proud to be an American is when a new sims pack is released and my fave show heartland have to watch it 2 seasons behind bcuz I’m not in Canada. We have to wait an extra 6-8 hrs so not fair. I don’t get to play until midnight so glad I’m 26 if I were still in school I wouldn’t get to play it until the 21st after school. I would have learned nothing at school that day. The rest of the world is already playing and I’m sitting here like the wait is torture and it rly isn’t fair I payed for the game and I want to play when everyone else gets to.

  • Great! Thank You! It’s very helpful to everyone around the that are #Simsters… . I’m 1 MYSELF and have been for well over 10yrs now. Keep ☝ the GREAT work! Just wondering by the way…do you think sims will become mobile in the next few packs? *Driving* ijs…sometimes the screen changing just to go across the street or visit a particular neighbour maybe be REAL close *same city* …ijs…no reason for.the.screen to.change or break in between visiting neighbours. Just a tip not a complaint….Thanks again…

  • why the f would they release it on a friday ffs i thought i heard they were gonna release it yesterday? typical ea

    • Me too. But i talk with EA supporter and they told me to try to download it 5-6 hour before it come out. Sorry if my english is not that good, i come from denmark :)

      • That’s why I don’t preorder .if you preorder then like it and want to pay for the full version that’s too much money. Take my advice never preorder only pay full after it’s released. This is one of the reasons why people complain because people preorder and they start acting disrespectful to the sims creators and it’s wrong. There’s no reason bro hate but never do a mistake by preordering it. But full version.

        • i think you’re confused. preordering is not a demo, its just paying for the pack before it comes out (not playing it before, but paying so you dont have to buy when it comes out and usually theres so many people ordering it takes a while to be able to order) its the full pack. its not a demo.

      • I live in Texas as well, so I can play it at like 11 PM tonight, but for everyone to the east of Texas(Central Time) it will be midnight, which is basically the 21st

    • I replied to “Q” who commented the same issue above. You can find the release time by going to the dedicated page for Island Living on Origin.

    • I live in Texas , so I can play it at like 11 PM tonight, but for everyone to the east of Texas(Central Time) it will be midnight, which is basically the 21st

  • It says 20th on my pre-order, in the UK. Why is that, if it’s not releasing until midnight of the 21st? I booked a day off to play all day, aww! :-/

    • I know the feeling I paid for it so we should be able to play it as soon as the money came out the bank I’m not happy

    • Hi there! It will be different times depending on your location! Mine says 11:00 PM on the 20th so that’s when it will be available. Some people get it at 9:00 (I believe in California) and some won’t get it until midnight on the 21st. Whatever it says on your preorder is correct! If it is at midnight on the 21st, it’ll only be an hour later than the 11:00 PM that it says on your preorder so you’ll still get to play all day! (:

  • My Origin says it’s June 20th for me, I’m in the US (Texas). Anyone else have this showing?? I’m trying to see when I can play and no one has a straight answer.

  • I’m from California and it says that for North and South America it’s gonna be out in 1 day which means tomorrow which is June 20 not the 21… I am confused I thought EA said that Island living would be available June 21 which would be in 2 days….

    • The Origin website says: Release date: June 21, 2019 12:00 AM EDT. Which means Thursday night at midnight in the EST/EDT timezone. I think that’s what it means!!

      • Which is why it’s so confusing! It’s midnight of the 20, but it’s technically the 21st at midnight lol.

  • I live Central Time in U.S. and mine will be available on Origins at 11:00pm CST on the 20th. Soo glad, was worried had to wait until the 21st.

  • Omg refer to the time zone of your general area. For example, it is released at midnight on the 21st on the east coast for me. Therefore, 12am EDT will be 11pm on the 20th in CDT where I reside. Time zones are not that hard.

  • For those confused about time zones:
    Midnight EST
    11 PM CST
    10 PM MST
    9 PM PST

    That’s why it says the 20th for some people, just check your time zone :)

  • For those who are questioning when the pack will be realeased if preordered from Origin …. Whichever Country you are in it will be realeased on Origin the same time when these timers above hit zero :). For instance, if you live in the UK, it will be released at 11pm on the 20th BST because of the different time zones. However it is a worldwide release of 12am (midnight) 21st. So please check your zone above, SimCommunity does a great thing for us with this countdown every time there is a pack release :)

  • Is it definitely being released in 2 hours in Australia or is it coming at midnight here? I’m so confused and feeling impatient.

    • It says (about) two hours but that’s 11pm – underneath it says midnight which I think would be the correct time. I’m also getting impatient! :)

  • Are these times correct? It says it will be released at midnight AEST (Sydney Time) and that (when i am writing this) there is 1 hour left, however, it is only 10pm in Sydney.
    I’m confused.

    To anyone else wondering when it will be released, go onto origin and search ‘island living’ and it will say the release date

  • I think the countdown for Australia is wrong. I’m in Perth and mine will unlock at 10pm local time. That would make it midnight in Sydney (2hrs) in front. Not the 3hrs or Daylight savings time, your countdown in showing. Its 1hr fast.

  • The countdown for Australia has already ended but I’m still unable to download it? So confused. So it’s wrong right? Must be or I guess I’d be able to download it lol :/

  • Yeah I’m not so happy as orgin says the 20th June and in the UK that’s today that’s fauls advertising if they have changed the date or if orgin is wrong I pre orded it as well and it took the money out my account there for I should be able to download and play it when the money came out am I wrong or do people agree with me?

    • youll get it very very late in between the 20th and 21st. for origin, 12am the 21st is the 20th, hope this cleared things up :)

  • Hi guys, this can be confusing, but if you live in America, refer to your time zone.
    West Time release-9pm the 20th
    mountain time release-10 pm the 20th
    central time release-11pm the 20th
    east time release-12am the 21st
    hope this helps :)

  • this is so dumb its not coming out on the 21st when it says the 20th. Like why cant it be released at the same time every where. Because really the people a day ahead of us are not waiting longer since they are a day ahead it would make sense for it to come out on the 20st for us and the 21st for the people who are a day ahead since it would be the same amount of waiting and is the same day for all of us!

  • Jovan Jovic you are perfect and you are better than simgurus !! Thank you very much for your hard work <3 Ea must to pay for it !

  • For all those confused about the 20th & 21st situations because of time zones who’s ahead behind etc, we all get it at roughly the same time. I myself am in the UK and am getting the game just shy of midnight, so technically the twenty first while Paris is getting it an hour before because they are an hour ahead of me.

  • kids can be mermaids but it’s just like vampires! make a baby with 2 vampires and they have a vampire baby, only gets its vampire-form from teen on….

  • Anyone know the pst countdown time? I’m in Bc Canada (same time zone as Los Angeles) and I can’t seem to figure it out because none of these clocks are my time zone?

  • this is absolutely ridiculous. why cant they release it the same time and day for everybody. why the heck does north & south america have to wait.

  • I payed for the game I want to play it when everyone else gets to. They need to fix this time zone crap being the last to get the game is fine but 6 hrs later than the rest of the world is just ridiculous I don’t get to play until midnight on the 21st so basically a whole day later than everyone else so not proud to be in America now.

  • If my time zones an hour behind new york id still get it an hour earlier right or is the new york countdown for everyone in the us?

  • I’m literally sooo excited sims is my life ❤️And I’m soooo unlucky that I go high school coz I have to wait til I finish school to play it but not today I’m off it has officially released ❤️in the UK YAY I’m sooo excited to play I want to be a mermaid and make good friends with dolphins let’s hope it’s out on PS4 coz I’ve looked and it only does pc where I’m looking for it but they might do it in store

  • Hey all. If anyone preordered island living and were unable to install contact ea help. They cancelled my order and allowed me to purchase the game. Im installing right now. Also delete the origin cache aswell. It helps alot.