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The Sims 4 Island Living: Conservationist Career Guide

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The Sims 4 Island Living sees one full and three part-time careers added to the game with the Conversationist career taking the place as a full-time career.

As with any career, your Sim can become a Conservationist simply by sitting down at a laptop/computer, using their cell phone or by the job tab on the user interface.

Once you have joined the career you will be greeted with a pop up asking you if you wish to start the first Work From Home Assignment. You can either start it right away or hold off and do it at a time that suits your Sim better. Just make sure it is completed before your next shift.

When it is time for your first shift you will be presented with another small pop up which asks you if you want your Sim to Go To Work, Work from Home or Take Paid Time Off (PTO). The choice is up to you. If you choose to Go To Work or Work From Home you will still be working towards your Sims next promotion. If you choose to Take PTO your Sim can go about their day however they please.

Note: If you are not sure what your Sims work from home assignment is or what you need to do you, can head to the Career panel and there will be a section for Work From Home Assignments. Hover over the required task and it will let you know how to complete it.

Conservationist Career: Level 1-6

Job RoleWorks Days & Shift TimesHourly RatePromotion TasksDaily TaskPromotion Bonus
Wildlife EnthusiastMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Feild AssistantMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
$18Reach Level 2 Logic SkillSpread Conservation Awareness to Other SimsEnthuse about Conservation
Land SurveyorMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
$25Reach Level 3 Logic SkillSpread Conservation Awareness to Other SimsSpray Invasive Spiecies
Wildlife TechnicianMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
$37Reach Level 4 Logic SkillSpread Conservation Awareness to Other SimsWrite Conservation Article
Nature HistorianMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
$43Reach Level 5 LogicSpread Conservation Awareness to Other SimsThe Conservationist Canoe
Conservation DirectorMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
$62Reach Level 6 Logic SkillSpread Conservation Awareness to Other SimsNew Conservationist Clothes.
Acitvate Flower Sail
Deactivate Flower Sail.

Important: When you first start the conservationist career you will be asked to complete a Work From Home Assignment as a task towards your Sims promotion. You will find it under the Career tab. You will not have another Work From Home Assignment unless you choose for your Sim to work from home.

Environmental Manager Pathway: level 7-10

Job RoleWork Days & Shift TimesHourly RatePromotion TasksDaily TaskPromotion Bonus
Conservation RegulatorMonday - Friday
$127Reach Level 8 Logic Skill & Level 2 Charisma SkillPrepare Grant ApplicationConsult on Global Policy.
Prepare Grant Application.
Submit Grant Application
Sustainability SpecialistMonday - Friday
$178Reach Level 9 Logic Skill & Level 4 Charisma SkillPrepare Grant ApplicationWrite Conservation Paper
Enviromental AmbassadorMonday - Friday
$231Reach Level 10 Logic Skill & Level 6 Charisma SkillPrepare Grant ApplicationShoot Nature Documentary
Chief Sustainability OfficerMonday - Friday
$340N/APrepare Grant ApplicationNatural Speaker Trait.
"Can You See Me Now?" Camera.

Marine Biologist Pathway: Level 7-10

Job RoleWork Days & Shift TimesHourly RatePromotion TasksDaily TaskPromotion Bonus
Ocean ObserverTuesday-Saturday
$87Reach Level 8 Logic Skill and Level 2 Fitness SkillSurvey Ocean WildlifeEnthuse about Marine Biology.
Survey Ocean Wildlife
Fisheries SpecialistTuesday-Saturday
$130Reach Level 8 Logic Skill and Level 4 Fitness SkillSurvey Ocean WildlifeSurvey Ocean Floor
Aquatic EcologistTuesday-Saturday
$208Reach Level 10 Logic Skill and Level 6 Fitness SkillSurvey Ocean WildlifeShoot Nature Documentary.
New Marine Biologist clothes.
Master of Marine AffairsTuesday-Saturday
$325Survey Ocean WildlifeMaster of the Sea Trait.

Career Traits:

The Conservationist career has the possibility for your Sim to gain one of two reward traits once you hit the maximum level in a career pathway. There is one for each of the two career pathways and it is possible to gain both.

  • Natural Speaker (from the Environmental Manager pathway) – Sims that are Natural Speakers have been empowered by nature with instinctive charisma. Being friendly is second nature. These Sims find it easy to Enthuse and Spread Awareness of their cause to other Sims and find that their grant applications tend to get accepted.
  • Master of the Sea (from the Marine Biologist pathway) – A Master of the Seas becomes friends with dolphins and mermaids faster, and can maneuver around the ocean much more easily.

The Conservationist career is the perfect career for your  Sims if they love being outside and enjoy Island life.  It is full of detail and will get you exploring all over the different Islands and the ocean surrounding Sulani.

Let us know what you think of the new Conservationist career that comes with The Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack below in the comments.

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  • I received my daily task and in the first set (wildlife enthusiast) I have to survey wildlife, how do I do that

  • Thank you for this article it’s really informative!

    I discovered yesterday while playing my mermaid sim who has a career as a marine biologist that she can’t complete the daily tasks because mermaids apparently don’t snorkel! I know it’s quite easy to become a human again but I wanna be a mermaid AND a marine biologist!!

    • I am having the same problem with my human sim. I can’t move anywhere with my job. Until I can snorkel. It starts with snorkeling and ends just surveying.

  • Good article! But does anyone know what mood/emotion is the best one to go to work with this job? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

  • How do i write a conservation article? I went to the library and clicked on the pc but there doesn’t seem to be an option, only the usual research option.