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The Sims 4 Island Living: All About Dolphins

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One of the many features making a splash in The Sims 4 Island Living is the addition of Dolphins.

Now, you might be wondering how you go about finding one of the many dolphins residing in Sulani. Join us as we dive in and discover more.

You will usually find Dolphins swimming around near one of the Diving Buoys that are scattered around the ocean in Sulani. Dolphins only tend to appear two or three times a day at any given location. When you spot the Dolphins, they will usually be in a small group of three or four and you will be able to Call Over one of the dolphins. This may take a few times to do so but simply click near the diving buoy on the ocean and you should get the interaction to appear on the screen.

Once the Dolphin has come over to you there are a number of interactions that you can do with them. Some of these interactions may not be available straight away but they will unlock as you build your relationship with a Dolphin.

  • Pet Dolphin
  • Ask To Be Squirted (Requires the Child of the Ocean trait)
  • Playfully Splash
  • Feed – You can feed Dolphins for $2 or by using fish you have caught from your Sims inventory
  • Request Trick – Belly Rub, Dance, Fetch (the Dolphin may return with a gift for your Sim), Jump or Kiss
  • Talk to Dolphin
  • Name Dolphin – You are also able to rename your Dolphin if you wish as well
  • Dismiss

Note: Some of the interactions will require your Sim to have a higher friendship level than others. If the interaction doesn’t work the first time around, try a couple of other interactions and then try again.

However, if you are a mermaid you will be able to call an Azure Dolphin. These Dolphins take on a more blue/green colour for their appearance. Calling an Azure Dolphin takes away thirty hydration from your Mermaid Sim but you are able to call the Azure Dolphin from anywhere in the ocean. You do not need to find a diving buoy you simply just click on the ocean.  The Azure Dolphin’s have all of the same interactions as a normal Dolphin does as well.

Dolphins are an adorable and funny addition to The Sims 4 and it is lovely to see them swimming around Sulani. Who knows the dolphins may have a surprise or two in store for your Sim. You may be lucky enough to discover one or two of the Albino Dolphins when you help clean up the Islands.

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  • Just a reminder: there’s also an albino dolphin! It only appears when Sulani is at the cleanest state, and only in Mua Pel’am (the volcano neighborhood). But it’s functionally the same as the regular and azure dolphins afaik.

    • I have wondered about the hydration points, what happens to your sim if you don’t re-hydrate and run out of points? Are you just not able to turn to a mer-person or you can’t use your powers?

  • Can anyone help? After clicking on the game icon, it won’t start up correctly, it just switches to a small window and a blank white page with music playing appears where the loading screen is supposed to.

  • Such a wast of time and resources. They literally just recreated My First Pet in different form. Pretty soon, we’ll soon to forget that this creature even existed and won’t touch this crap ever again. A bunch of repetitive interactions won’t mean that much replayability. I’m just wondering why a lot of SimGurus and GCs are hyping this up.

    • It’s not my first pets stuff at all… it’s not a DLC for a DLC, has nothing to do with any other packs and is a cute, simple addition to finish the pack, making it less ‘empty’. And yeah, you may not want to be friends with dolphins every time you play, but it’s a cool new feature that many people love and will want to play over and over. Personally, I think it finishes the pack quite nicely and adds a cute feature for both normal sims and mermaids.

    • Regular Sim works just fine; however, you will not get the Azure dolphin. Both Albino and the regular one can be friends with a normal sim.