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The Sims 4’s Upcoming Update will unlock more than a thousand objects!

Today’s Maxis Monthly was full of news for the world of The Sims 4. However, one important piece of information that I’m sure all the builders out there will appreciate is the fact that The Sims Team will be unlocking more than a thousand objects in Build Mode!

So, what does that really mean? Well, you’re probably familiar with the fact that The Sims Team usually likes to lock away certain decor and environmental items exclusively to specific worlds. Well, not anymore!

You’ll soon be able to unlock a full catalog of world items including cars, fountains, sculptures and many more by using the bb.showliveeditobjects cheat. The team has also unlocked ALL of the objects from previous packs as well, meaning that you’ll be able to place down environmental items from, for example, Brindleton Bay on any lot you want!

As you can see in the image below all of the environmental objects will have a special globe icon next to each item on the top right corner.

The update is scheduled for release on July 16th, 2019! We’ll keep you posted on all the latest about the update on our website.

You can also check out the new environmental items catalog in action down below:

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