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The Sims Team is changing its new load screen following health concerns

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The Sims Team has decided to adjust part of its new redesign in light of numerous complaints about health hazards due to the harsh contrasting colour scheme.

Players with a wide array of neurological and/or visual impairments have been reporting adverse reactions to the new look, particularly the new load screen. Migraines, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and sensory overload causing physical pain and discomfort have been reported by a large number of players.

Yesterday, @EAHelp on Twitter acknowledged these concerns in a tweet, saying that they are aware that the loading screen is a health issue for some people and that the team is currently reviewing it to see what changes can be made.

Today, @SimGuruFrost tweeted out an announcement saying that the loading screens will be changed in the next update in August and even provided comparison photos of the difference. The new loading screens will feature a much darker blue that does not contrast as harshly with the spinning green plumbob as the previous brighter blue.


Players with sensory, neurological, and visual impairments will be able to enjoy their games pain-free again soon.

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