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The Sims Team is changing its new load screen following health concerns

The Sims Team has decided to adjust part of its new redesign in light of numerous complaints about health hazards due to the harsh contrasting colour scheme.

Players with a wide array of neurological and/or visual impairments have been reporting adverse reactions to the new look, particularly the new load screen. Migraines, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and sensory overload causing physical pain and discomfort have been reported by a large number of players.

Yesterday, @EAHelp on Twitter acknowledged these concerns in a tweet, saying that they are aware that the loading screen is a health issue for some people and that the team is currently reviewing it to see what changes can be made.

Today, @SimGuruFrost tweeted out an announcement saying that the loading screens will be changed in the next update in August and even provided comparison photos of the difference. The new loading screens will feature a much darker blue that does not contrast as harshly with the spinning green plumbob as the previous brighter blue.


Players with sensory, neurological, and visual impairments will be able to enjoy their games pain-free again soon.

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  • Looks like I wont be able to play till August. I’m medically not allowed since it onset seizures that I’ve never had before but am susceptible to because of my family. Never had one till my hubby found me seizing at my laptop with it still loading.

  • Dear Sims Guru team, for me it was not the background that gave me a massive migraine it was the plumb bob that gave me my migraine. Those of us who have neurological problems have to be careful with certain things. We do appreciate your work and all that y’all do for us this is a huge health issue for a lot of us in the world.

  • I hate when people complain about: omg we have to wait august. Just close your fucking eyes while you are traveling. I stretch and walk until my sims is loaded.

    • I agree, its just complete bullshit. majority of youtube simmers have uploaded a video of the new update. Prior to updating your game you shouldve looked at the video and seen what the change was. I myself in visually impaired and this shit doesnt phase me ONE bit… especiallly when theres gonna be hella mods coming out to change this. Personally i thunk the shit is ugly and the colors are too contrasting. Also theres a option to NOT UPDATE YOUR GAME IF YOU PLAY ON ORIGIN. I played mines a whole day before it updated (because i looked at the times). Secondly who sits and watches a loading screen??!like really..i know i dont. aLso if the colors is a issue for all yall ..HOE ARE YALL ON THIS WEBSITE??!! THEYRE USING THE SAME EXACT COLOR SCHEME!!. If they can make a big deal about some damn colors then they should be able to listen more about what we Exactly want in the damn game…period…some yall a bunch of cry babies and will use your medical problem for a excuse for everything not just a damn game neither so what yall gonna do for the next two weeks??….also this is kinda ruinkng it it ror the rest of us because its anothet update that was unneeded….just be happy most the simming community without problems hate the screen because its ugly …so you lucky on this one like i said my ass is visiually in paired and this shit doesnt even affect me stop bein a cry baby.

  • People are making this up just to get attention and it has sadly worked. There is nothing wrong with the load screens. Migraines? Right. Give me a break.

    • People are not making this up. I’m sorry it upsets you, but the vibrant colors clashing causes many issues for people like myself. If it were made up, many players would not speak up about this. I should not be forced to close my eyes because of a loading screen. That was not how I bought the game, and a change that people did not have a say on. So when there’s a huge change and people have issues with it, they will speak up.

    • Dude, how sad is your life? You really think that probably hundreds of people just lied about having fucking migraines and seizures? What the fuck, man. Congratulations on being lucky enough to not have to deal with that bullshit, but fuck you for thinking that because it didn’t happen to you, it didn’t happen to anyone.

    • Just because you dont have a problem with it doesnt mean that someone else can’t have it. While there might, the key word here is might, be people overhyping the reactions not everyone is.

    • Are you for fucking real..? You seriously are ignorant. I personally, Like how fresh it all is, but the colors seriously hurt. Especially if you’re sitting staring at the loading screen for copious amounts of time depending on how long it takes for your game to load. This isn’t people faking shit, these are serious concerns.

    • I get migraines from staring at contrasting colors. Very easily, actually. It also gives me blurry vision and I can’t see anything more than 6 inches in front of me. Which usually then results in a panic attack because I no longer have control of my body. Making it up for attention? Sure, some of them may be, but it’s a very real thing. However, most people that are aware that it triggers a neurological response within them find something else to do during that time.

    • I think you need to do some research on migraines and other neurological/visual problems. It’s a real thing and it stops people from enjoying the game. The new loading screen is probably not going to affect you, and you will probably get used to it after some time.

    • Your such an asshole I LEGIT have migraines & I’ve played the game with a migraine too & it loading & changing towns ect bothers me A LOT just from the damn light fucking dipshit you don’t crap bout what other ppl have you don’t like it too bad literally light in GENERAL bothers me during a migraine not JUST from the game stop being a dumb whiny ass baby seriously GROW TF UP

  • I stopped playing The Sims 4 altogether because of the plumb bob I already have seizures due to epilepsy from birth but I had always been able to play The Sims games on pc since The Sims first came out never had it caused an issue then I bought The Sims 4 and then my seizures started happening every time I tried to play now I stick to The Sims 2 and 3

  • That’s not the blue from the live stream..! It looks better than the live stream blue. And now they’re going to change it to a darker blue? What are we, Emos?

  • All u need to do is turn down the brightness on the tv all playstation no need to keep doing these updates im sick of seeing them and y would u wanna star at a loading screan your just asking for trouble tbh

  • While I personally love the new bright colors, I am fortunate that this new format has not triggered my migraines. I feel for those who are not so lucky! :( There is a certain store that I can’t look up at the lights or I will almost always get migraines, so I know how it feels.

    Unfortunately, the contrasting colors weren’t the only problem because many people have problems with the plumbob. I’m sure a few people are lying , but I think most are actually having medical problems because of this. Those that are ridiculing the people who have been made ill remind me of those who years ago used to think that children who were allergic to peanuts were “over reacting”. >:(

  • Guys, there’s this magical thing on your laptop…. It’s called a setting to… I don’t know, set the brightness on your laptop. *gasps* I know, shocking, right?! If it’s that big of an issue that you need to wait for them to fix it for you, then do yourself a favour and learn to use those buttons. They aren’t there to look pretty!!

    • But then your whole game is dark, so should I tirm it back up when the game starts then back down again when I want to travel. Also considering that I play on desktop using a TV screen then I’ll have to minimise the game everytime just to change the brightness?

      And it’s not just the brightness it’s the colour clash of that blue with the spinning green.

  • I just need maxis to stop adding bullshit that dosnt change gameplay or add to the over all expericence. I cannot wait until paralives comes out a new simulation it will start off a thousand times better than the sims 4 and will have open world. We cant even have real babies for the same reason they kept toddlers out. No real play for kids, teens are no different than adults. No cas lock button no way to veiw pet motives so much wrong with this fucking game! Even after so long base game color scheam is still ass. Expantions and game packs dont fit together at least not all of them and add no new over all changes to make my sims lives have meaning traits dont make my sims eunique in the way it did in other games. Why not work on things that matter in game?! So much more they dont care to hear, with every new pack heres more new bugs! People will still kiss ass an praise the money grab ofc. Sad that people would think these medical conditions are a lie it truly is but they cant help it this is an era of trolls. I do belive they broke somthing that didnt need fixing and im sorry for all whove suffered. Now im sure they know for sure now without a doubt we are all sick of the loading screens! Im losing hope for this game and its a shame of what its become, i dont even want a sims 5. Throw thw whole game away already.

    • Honestly I’m getting to a point where I agree. I’m hoping Paralives will be good and that EA doesn’t try to squash them out because they’ve gotten lazy with their games and I think competition will really help them step up.

  • i’m asking out of curiosity, not contempt—how does the loading screen cause migraines/seizures? i don’t have diagnosed neurological problems myself, though i am sensitive to bright light and prone to migraines, and for me the new loading screen seemed a lot easier on the eyes than the blinding white it used to be. i don’t really care that they’re changing it again, but i guess i’m just wondering… why? what about the blue + green causes seizures/migraines, from a medical standpoint? and why wasn’t it an issue with the white + green? huge thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me understand this.

    • Different neurological and visual impairments manifest in different symptoms, so not everyone will experience the exact same symptoms when looking at the loading screen. Some people on the autism spectrum experience painful sensory overload, while people like me who are partially blind and have depth perception issues experience dizziness and nausea. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what about a specific set of colours triggers adverse effects because depending on the type and severity of impairment you have, you may experience a different reaction or no reaction at all.

      However, bright colours and colours with high clashing contrast in general have been known to have poor effects on health. People with existing neurological conditions are at a greater risk but these colours are not good for anyone to look at for any extended stretch of time. In this case, there is a very harsh neon blue against an even harsher neon green with the plumbob spinning very rapidly. The plumbob is also multiple bright shades of green which all move in random directions at the same time as the plumbob is spinning. All of these elements combined are a migraine or seizure waiting to happen in vulnerable people. For some people with very severe epilepsy, seeing something like this can even be deadly. Seizures can and do kill people.

      It was very important that the loading screens be changed. Some people have already been hospitalized due to seizures from the current loading screen.

  • Okay, I am not asking to be mean or as a joke. I am genuinely curious. If the old screen had that effect on someone, couldn’t they just look away while it was loading?

    • Yes, but why should a significant portion of players have to make sure they look away every time they want to travel to a different lot in the game or load a new save? There are game tips lots of people like to read on the loading screen, especially when they get a new pack and are about to explore it for the first time. It makes more sense to just not have a loading screen that causes seizures in the first place.

  • I wish they would go back to the previous load screen and the game packaging. It was so much more appealing and clean looking… The design was great, it didn’t need fixing!

  • It’s just ugly tbh the background is flat the plumbob looks weird the main logim screen puts the start button in a place where my name glitches and I can’t click it’s all around annoying