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The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes! (July 22nd, 2019)

The Sims Team has released a brand new Update for The Sims 4 for Console devices – Xbox One and PS4!

Patch Notes

Here we are, once again. This time we don’t have pages and pages of new features coming with this update but we do have some rather important fixes.

General Issues

  • There is a saying that when a door closes a video game shouldn’t. I’m sure it is something like that. Anyway, we took that deep and profound message to heart and now you shouldn’t see your game close while in build mode.
  • Toddlers love toys, sometimes they were loving them so much that they wouldn’t let them go leading to all other kinds of problems. Now, toys and books will be put down now and then, although being toddlers they might not be where you want them, put away neatly. Watch where you walk as standing on toys can hurt!
  • During loading of a save game, you may have seen a message with Error Code 134. Your save games won’t do that anymore.

Island Living

  • Sometimes you want to lounge by the water, or in the water. If you choose to have your Sim relax with a lounger in the water, loading your Save Game would take an excessive amount of time. Loading should be back to normal and your Sim gets to enjoy the waves at their feet.
  • We don’t pretend to understand how Mermaid genetics work but we definitely knew they weren’t working as expected. This should be more like you’d expect when you get new arrivals into the family.


  • Vampires seemed to be confused about how to use Dark Meditation and Influence Emotions, and they wouldn’t be able to do it. We took them into a dark place and explained the situation – now they can do both, putting them onto the path of the most powerful Vampire ever!

The team is busy reviewing all other feedback and working on the next update which we’ll have more details on soon.

– SimGuruLegacy

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  • That is brilliant you fixed it so fast, I love to use occult sims my entire family tree is vampires aliens or mermaids looking forward to future stuff! Console simmer since the first on xbox

  • Ever since the new update when I go into my library and add a new home to the world all the walls are gone from the house and everything inside the home is floating in the air. How can I fix this so I can add the new homes to the world? I play on ps4

  • My game keeps crashing on the PS4 console. I thought I had it almost figured it out, well a way to work around it. Prior to Island living, my game would give me almost 2 hours before crashing. It does it 98 percent of the time when trying to save, but has done it at random too. Now, it crashes almost as soon as I enter the game and try to play. I went into CAS yesterday which it allowed me to do for 3 hours no problem, but soon as I exited and tried to save, BOOM another crash. 3 hours out the window!! This is beyond ridiculous as I have bought the game twice (one physical disc copy and one digital copy trying to sort this mess out), and then I have bought every single expansion, game, and stuffs pack you guys have put out for this game. I have sank well over 200 dollars into this game just to not be able to play it now period. I have tried all options put out there outside of just starting completely over (which I really would hate to have to do given the sheer amount of time I have dedicated into my current save file) No one should have to go to this length just to get one game to work mostly correctly. I have rebuilt the PS4 database, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and its’ packs several times, I have initialized the PS4, I even deleted the game user data (not the actual save) and re-did my settings cause of it, NOTHING resolves this issue! All other games played including Red Dead Redemption 2 (a freaking monster massive game), Kingdom Hearts 3, GTA V, etc work nearly flawlessly with only minor glitches once in awhile. No other games crash period. I don’t know what else to do and am fed up. I really enjoy the sims games and have a chronic illness that is cutting my life short. I’d appreciate it if I were able to successfully play the game with little problem before I bite the dust, thanks

  • I can’t uptate my game origin says there is a problem with internet and there is not and I tried again so many times. What should I do???

  • My Sims 4 has crashed so many times since the Island Adventure game pack install that it makes it impossible to play. I have all game packs and fun packs and everything extra except the Halloween pack … and have over 80 GB of available storage on my PS4 and it still crashes over and over again with the same error

    Have tried the shut down and restart
    Closing app
    And don’t know what next to try
    As u can imagine with buying all the packs I have spent over $400 and then some and the game won’t stay on long enough to play …. so frustrating I can scream and have done so

  • Ok PC and Mac got a new Update today and of course us Consile players are left in the dark and dont get it. We dont Get Story mode in CAS and now we dont get something so little as to being able to put pictures on tables. I’m so tired of this we get our Hope’s up for nothing because we dont even get a lot of what they get. We either have to wait a month after they get it before we get it or we dont get it at all. It stupid! If your gonna have an update out for the game you should let all users be able to use it not just the dumb freaking PC and MAC players. We love the game just as much as them and we dont get CC, Mods,Story mode, the gallery, the photography update, and excuse me for even saying it because it’s not even that good of a pack to start with but my first pet. What else are we not gonna get?! I mean it’s so annoying

  • My ps4 is not allowing me to update and i have looked everywhere to find an answer but nothing came up, if someone can help me please reply to this comment it would be greatly appreciated.