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Everything we know about The Sims 4 Realm of Magic so far


Yesterday’s announcement of The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack also brought plenty of new information from SimGurus. Although we’ve made a huge collection of all the tweets published HERE, some might prefer to just jump straight to the factual information.

Luckily EngramPixels provided us with a very useful list of all the information we have on this Game Pack so far including facts about the World, Spellcasters, Familiars and more. Huge thanks to Engram for taking the effort to make this handy list!


  • 2 worlds
    • 1 to live in (Glimmerbrook)
    • 1 to unlock and visit (The Magic Realm)
  • “New world will support all seasons”
  • Cannot live in the Magic Realm “but there is nothing stopping you from putting a bed on the lot”
  • Glimmerbrook is similar to Forgotten Hollow (ie. looks different and can live there)
  • The Magic Realm is a lot
    • It is buildable using the bb.enablefreebuild cheat
    • Accessible via the portal, a spell or The Glimmerstone that is given to every Spellcaster (the crystal sits in the Spellcaster sim’s inventory and is bound to the sim)
    • Not affected by seasons
  • Can ignore the portal to the Magic Realm
  • Magic Realm is 1 large lot
    • Has a custom day/night cycle
  • Glimmerbrook has 5 lots
    • Starts out with 1 empty lot and 1 starter home
    • There is a venue
    • 2 households
      • “A couple of spellcasters”
      • “A family of Spellcasters with a strong magic lineage”
      • 6 resident sims in total
  • There is a collectibles area in The Magic Realm
    • Contains new plants that will serve as potion ingredients
    • 2 new plants
      • Valerian root and mandrake root


  • 4 Styles of magic
    • Practical
    • Mischief
    • Untamed
    • Alchemy
      • The art of potion crafting
    • First 3 are represented by “the 3 Sages”
    • Can mix and match the styles or go down just one path
  • Spellcasting is a power (like Vampire powers), not a skill
    • No new skill
  • New supernatural = Spellcaster
    • New life state similar to Vampire
    • No fairies (except the familiars), no werewolves
  • Spellcaster progression will be very similar to Vampire, plus more
    • They will have Perks and Curses but there is also a Spellbook where they can log the Spells and Potions they have learned
    • Can get up to 3 curses
      • Can get them by failing feats of magic
      • There are a few ways to dispel curses
  • In order to become a Spellcaster you must select the Life State in CAS or ask one of the 3 Sages for the Right Of Ascension
  • Only Spellcasters can learn magic, though humans can walk through the portal into The Magic Real if they have discovered it
  • This version of Spellcasters will have more Spells and Potions than any other Sims game
    • Total of 24 spells, 15 potions and several curses
    • Need the cauldron to make potions
  • Cannot have a Vampire/Spellcaster hybrid
  • Magic is a secret art and will only be performed in the Magic Realm
    • The player can practice magic anywhere
    • But other sims will not be walking around the regular world casting spells
  • Kids are able to have the Magical Bloodline within them but they cannot use magic
    • Can start to use magic once age up to teen
    • “There’s a bit for kids to discover as well”
    • “Multi-generational Spellcasters can get various little bonuses too”
  • If you own cats and dogs you can designate your pet as a familiar
    • Can then send them out to forage magical ingredients
    • Will have sparkles around them
  • Can purchase a familiar
    • It will follow you around and protect you from Death
    • Work similar to the streaming drone
    • Can have as many familiars as you want but only 1 can be summoned at any given time
    • Can have a fairy as a familiar
    • Crows and owls
    • The Voidcritter Veild “possesses the powers of the cosmic void and might have origins in The Magic Realm”
    • Familiars help your sim conserve their Magical Energy as they cast spells
    • Not afraid of Death
    • Need to be found and collected in the world
    • Do not take up a sim slot in the household, do not have needs
    • Can name them whatever you want
  • There is a transformation spell “but it will not turn you into an animal, maybe a fish tho…”
  • Can choose a variety of wands, brooms, spells and familiars
  • Can also cast spells without a wand
  • Only Spellcasters can make potions
    • Everyone can make mac n cheese, chili and cioppino on the cauldron
  • New death?
    • “Perhaps there are ways magic can overwhelm your Sim. If it was easy to be a Spellcaster everyone would do it.”
    • “Death might come knocking if you push your Spellcasting to the limits”
  • No new woohoo location
  • Can perform magic anywhere but other sims may not react positively to magic
  • Can craft a potion of immortality
  • Each batch of potions yields 4 bottles
  • Copypasto spell to copy object(s)
  • Inferniate spell to set things on fire
  • No new food recipes but 15 new potions that can be made in the cauldron
  • The crystal ball-looking object in the trailer houses familiars (like a PokeBall)
  • Spells affect reputation if you have Get Famous, but there is no notion of Good or Bad Spellcasters


  • New trait called Magical Bloodline which will allow a sim to become a Spellcaster
  • 2 new Aspirations
    • 1 for Potion/Alchemy path
    • 1 for Spellcasting/Energy path
  • No second form for this occult
  • “Broom like bat, New hair styles no new facial hair, no new hats, no capes or cloaks. We do have quite a bit of accessories to show off your Spellcaster tho.”


  • Can purchase a variety of brooms
    • Broom goes in the sim’s inventory and you can make it your sim’s preferred mode of travel
    • Can fly anywhere
  • Wand display case
  • Brooms can be hung on walls
  • 2 versions of the cauldron
    • Normal one with regular fire
    • Fancy one with magical fire
    • The cauldron will work off the grid

Things hinted at

  • Possibly a new death by voodoo doll (set it on fire?)
  • Stair variety

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