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SimGuruFrost teases “surprises” for The Sims 4’s 5th anniversary

The Sims 4 Base Game is turning 5 years on September 2nd, 2019 and many are wondering if the game could possibly be getting some new content in the game to celebrate the occasion.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet if the anniversary surprise is a free content update for The Sims 4 or not, SimGuruFrost did tease on twitter that they definitely have something in plan to celebrate this occasion:

Interestingly enough The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack is coming out on September 10th, meaning that the game will be getting a new update to prepare for the pack. The upcoming update, along with preparations for Realm of Magic, could also include some new content as well.

So, what are we getting for The Sims 4’s 5th anniversary? Stick around and find out!

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  • Slightly tangentially related, but one of the things I would like for them to do for the 20th franchise anniversary in February is add Neighborhood 1 from TS1 into TS4. Just the original loop would be enough, but if they wanted to go the extra mile and add different sections for the expanded version from Unleashed — all the better.

  • Hopefully it will be functioning vehicles. They’ve been hinting at them for a while. And they already said you can ride a broom around for the new pack.

    • Yeah that would be a good idea since we have two new modes of transportations with island living and now realm of magic. And they have such good vehicles to use that are background objects. And since university is hopefully around the corner that would be a good idea to release it before then. Hopefully when they add vehicles they also include an inventory to the cars, a fixer upper car and a mobile one that has some of the functions like tents do. Oh and maybe reintroduce the carpool, buses and taxis as alternatives to owning a car. Hopefully cars come soon since it is a popular request so I hope they do some basegame and paid pack related ones.

    • I’m assume you mean releasing the babies from their bassinet. If so I also want that too. I assumed they would do it when there’s another family related pack that focuses more on the generations again but different from the parenthood gamepack.

  • I would love to see an overhaul of our personal inventories! Sections for produce, books, fish, etc.! We *really* need this! Also, I want to be able to fertilize my garden in one action (at least in the nearby area).

    • Yeees, please! Actually it should been done times ago! I´ve always have so much stuff plus the gardening thing you mentioned would be great, as it takes way too much time to care for a garden when you have all the harvests from all packs!

  • I really hope for another free trial for the base game to try it
    I unfortunately missed it by one day. I know a lot bought it expensive but I have a weak computer and I don’t play so often and the game looks funny first but it gets boring fast so I definitely don’t want to pay too much for it

  • Don’t think it’s a new world, they wouldn’t put out a new world in a pack and release a free one as well.

    Firemen, Burglars, Spiral Staircases? Or maybe just spiral staircases and a stairs overhaul? Foundations inside?

    • I would love another world like newcrest. I wished they would give us free worlds every couple of months. Even if they’re small. Burglars and firefighters are on my wish list. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be lackluster.

  • would be cool if there was a spectators mode were you can view what’s going on in each Lot without having to actually use a playable Sim. For those that just don’t want to play but actually see how everything comes life without being involved.

  • Maybe full function elevators to help sims especially elder one to stop take sweet sweet time to climb from bottom of basement to roof top.

    • Speaking of elders I really hope they do a generation pack. I felt they were left out with the parenthood gamepack in comparison to all the others except for the babies who remain trapped as objects tied to that bassinet. I would love more clothes that seems more likely elders would wear, traditional games (golf, board games, bingo, sewing or creating things for the grandkids) they may enjoy, some canes and a different walk style to fit the cane. Kids and toddlers got their own stuff pack so I wish elders would too so they can feel a bit different to adults/young adults.