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The Sims 4 is getting Configurable Stairs

The Sims Team has confirmed during their Maxis Monthly Livestream that Configurable Stairs will be making their way in the upcoming Anniversary Update for THe Sims 4 this Thursday (September 5th, 2019).

Configurable stairs allow you to break down the stairs in 4 different directions and create many variations including L-Shaped Stairs, U-Shaped Stairs, Overlapping Stairs and so many different variations!

You can check out some of the previews that they’ve shared during the livestream down below:

Missed out on the livestream? You can catch the part where they showcase the configurable stairs in action down below:

The Configurable Stairs tool will be made available for free in the upcoming update for The Sims 4 on PC / Mac and later on Consoles as well.

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    • I never thought we would even get this so there is still hope for spiral staircases. This might even be paving the way for spiral staircase in the magic pack coming out soon. Who knows. But have faith.

      • Tipsey, we won’t be getting spiral stairs with Realm of Magic because it would be in this update if we were. They always add the Build Mode capability to the base game in the patch that comes before the pack is released. (Just like they did with the glass roofs in the base game that were released in the patch just days before Seasons came out). ;-)

        However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t ever get spiral stairs some day — it just won’t be in this magic pack. :)

    • The thing with spiral stairs is that they’d have to make new animations and stuff to make it look good. EA is well known for their miserliness (loot boxes lol), so they certainly won’t release that for free. But they could afford to.

  • Wow! This new stairs imorovement is fantastic! Now I can continue building that dream house I’ve been working on. The simsgurus rock!

  • I think this a nice meeting in the middle for people wanting spiral staircases as you can get a similar functional look. And as someone mentioned spiral cases require new animations which animations are expensive especially for free content. I would like them myself, paid or not but likely it will be paid content, however it’s not high on my want list and I think this is a better thing to add into the game now than spiral staircases.

  • Even though I prefer the looks of spiral staircases, this new staircase type is more functional (not to mention flexible ;-) ) and it actually a better choice for introducing a new stair type. :-D I still want spiral stairs and curved stairs, but this is much more useful. <3

  • Maybe it will not make sims climb faster between floors but it can make sims go down in faster style. Let see if sims have daredevil trait, how they will slide down or ski down with this one with mod of course.

  • Console players will have to wait longer for this update as usual.
    I need to vent for a moment though.
    It feels like console players are second class citizens.
    We have no access to the gallery or custom content and we have to wait longer for updates yet we pay the same price as everyone else for gamepacks etc. Just needed to say that. Will probably regret it later. Oh well.

  • This is really getting ridiculous! It is so crazy that console users always have to wait a month after pc to get everything. We spend the exact same and are on just the same playing. I don’t care that we aren’t on origin although it would be nice but I’m fine with it, but its bull that we get excited about all these updates we’ve waited so long for just the same and yet we have to wait so long for them. Stupid… really makes me want to stop giving my money to them. Not like they care anyway right…

  • I completely agree with Jennifer and v.. i dont mean to sound ungrateful and im extremely happy that sims 4 came to console, but we do pay the same prices . We still dont have all the packs as pc players too and it gets frustrating to me that when a new.pack does come out or a update we must wait . And we usually dont get a timeline either
    .its heartbreaking to know that im playing this game for hours just as much as any pc player does and yet i cant even get a release date for console on free updates
    Or access to some form of the online gallery.
    .might i suggest …when you have your ea gamechangers on YouTube talking about the new packs or updates you can give them info on console too.or shoot ill even do it

  • I don’t mean to sound rude but it’s already been 13 days and console users still don’t have them. And maybe in the future, they can find a way console users can have custom content, access the same gallery as pc users, and give us updates or timelines for when updates will come to console.

    • I Agree..It feels like we don’t matter no first pets stuff either also no thought for us on Sims birthday we have to watch all pc users get everything we know the packs inside and out before we even buy it and we just wait weeks without a single clue when we will be geting anything I’m constantly being disappointed as I have invested alot in my Sims on ps4 I was looking for the stairs update release date and found people with the same feelings thank you

  • 25 DAYS since this was released on pc/mac. What about us console players, hmm? Not even a confirmed date by now. I’ll already be dead by the time it makes it to PS4.

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