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The Sims 4: New Preview of Configurable Stairs

SimGuruNinja has shared a new GIF that showcases the Configurable Stairs Feature that’s coming to The Sims 4 tomorrow, September 5th 2019!

The GIF down below is also showing some new items and surroundings from The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack!

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    • Spiral staircases will likely come as paid content in the future as they would require new animations for adult/teen sims, children, toddlers and pets which makes it expensive as animations are already pricey. However, this new ability the team is putting in now is more useable for builders and removes some limitations from the game than a new staircase would.

      • Penny, I agree with Rene in that this type of staircase is more versatile and useful than a spiral staircase. (Spirals are just way more pretty! :-D ) Far more homes and other buildings use L-shaped, and switchback stairs than spirals stairs.

        Also aside from needing new animations, I think a large reason why we haven’t seen spirals yet in TS4 is that they would need to work with all 3 wall heights we have in the game!

        Rene, I don’t think that spirals will come only in paid content, since EA has always with TS4 released new aspects like this in a patch before a packs release. They added basements in the patch before Get to Work was released, because the GTW pack had basements in it. The same goes for glass roofs , which were relased in a patch before Seasons came out because Seasons brought a lot of new plants and greenhouses just weren’t for looks anymore! Octagonal roofs also came with a patch just before a pack release. So, I bet that is what they do with spiral stairs if they ever give us spiral stairs! :-)

  • Nevermind! I found my answer! Yes, only I have to wait a little longer. Sims 4 is teaching me patience like no one ever has.

    • Well it’s like last games where things should’ve been there in the beginning but are patched in. From what I recall this sort of configuration has never been part of the sims franchise so I don’t consider it “too late”.