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SPECULATION: Horses could be coming to The Sims 4

Please note: this post is pure speculation and doesn’t contain any official confirmation from The Sims Team!

Back in January 2017 when the toddlers update for The Sims 4 came out we uncovered some interesting coding that Cats, Dogs and Horses would be coming to the game. Afterwards we discovered that they were only referenced once in the code as a new species, while there were plenty of more references for Cats & Dogs.

Now, it seems that the references for Horses have been updated in the game code. Found by cheescaeks, the new Horse game code reference refers to animations, animation cues, interactions and movements that may haven’t been present in the game code before. There are also references that mention animation cues between a Sim and a Horse.

Interestingly enough, in the latest Sims 4 Realm of Magic Livestream hosted by The Sims Team, SimGuruRomeo went over a new feminine top that comes with the pack. When he mentioned that the top “kinda looks like an equestrian looking outfit”, SimGuruNinja gave him the hard stare and they continued to laugh it off with “we won’t go there”. You can check out the very moment in the livestream replay below (press play and you’ll be taken to this specific moment from the livestream)

Check out the raw code that’s been found in the game files by clicking the tab button below!

Horse Code

<!– Horse –>

<MoveController name=”horse_walk” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”dt” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk” is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_L_90″ turn_angle=”45″ />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_R_90″ turn_angle=”-45″ />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_short” distance = “0.01” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_L_90_short” distance = “0.01” turn_angle=”45″/>
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_R_90_short” distance = “0.01” turn_angle=”-45″ />
<Clip name=”ah_stand_posture_x” distance = “0.0” />
<Clip name=”ah_stand_posture_x” distance = “0.0” turn_angle=”-45″/>
<Clip name=”ah_stand_posture_x” distance = “0.0” turn_angle=”45″/>

<MoveController name=”horse_canter” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”dt” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_canter” is_pivot=”true” distance = “1.77” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_L_90″ distance = “1.77” turn_angle=”45″ />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_R_90″ distance = “1.77” turn_angle=”-45″ />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_canter_short” distance = “0.88” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_L_90_short” distance = “0.88” turn_angle=”45″/>
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk_curve_R_90_short” distance = “0.88” turn_angle=”-45″ />

<MoveController name=”horse_run” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”d” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_run” is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_run_short” />

<MoveController name=”horse_walk2canter” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”d” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_walk2canter_0″ is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”horse_run2canter” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”d” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_run2canter_0″ is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”horse_canter2walk” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”d” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_canter2walk_0″ is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”horse_canter2run” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”d” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_canter2run_0″ is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”horse_start” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”td” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_turnAndGo_0″ is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_turnAndGo_0_short” />

<MoveController name=”horse_stop” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”td” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_turnAndStop_0″ is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_turnAndStop_0_short” is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”horse_single_step” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”dmt” >
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_0_0_L” move_side=”left” is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_45_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_90_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_135_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_180_0_L” move_side=”left” />

<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_0_0_R” move_side=”right” move_angle=”-0.00001″ />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_45_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_90_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_135_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”ah_loco_singleStep_180_0_R” move_side=”right” />

<Clip name=”ah_loco_stepInPlace_0_L” move_side=”left” is_pivot=”true” move_angle=”0″ distance = “0.001”/>
<Clip name=”ah_loco_stepInPlace_0_R” move_side=”right” move_angle=”-0.00001″ distance = “0.001”/>

<MoveController name=”horse_turn_in_place” rig=”ahRig” classifiers=”t” >
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_L_0″ />
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_L_90″ />
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_L_180″ />
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_R_0″ turn_angle=”-0.00001″/>
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_R_90″ />
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”ah_loco_turnInPlace_R_180″ />

<MoveController name=”rideHorse_walk” rig=”uuRig” classifiers=”dt” >
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk” is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk_curve_L_90″ turn_angle=”45″ />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk_curve_R_90″ turn_angle=”-45″ />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk_short” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk_curve_L_90_short” turn_angle=”45″/>
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_walk_curve_R_90_short” turn_angle=”-45″ />

<MoveController name=”rideHorse_start” rig=”uuRig” classifiers=”td” >
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnAndGo_0″ is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnAndGo_0_short” />

<MoveController name=”rideHorse_stop” rig=”uuRig” classifiers=”td” >
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnAndStop_0″ is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnAndStop_0_short” is_pivot=”true” />

<MoveController name=”rideHorse_single_step” rig=”uuRig” classifiers=”dmt” >

<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_0_0_L” move_side=”left” is_pivot=”true” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_45_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_90_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_135_0_L” move_side=”left” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_180_0_L” move_side=”left” />

<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_0_0_R” move_side=”right” move_angle=”-0.00001″ />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_45_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_90_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_135_0_R” move_side=”right” />
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_singleStep_180_0_R” move_side=”right” />

<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_stepInPlace_0_L” move_side=”left” is_pivot=”true” move_angle=”0″ distance = “0.001”/>
<Clip name=”a_loco_rideHorse_stepInPlace_0_R” move_side=”right” move_angle=”-0.00001″ distance = “0.001”/>


<MoveController name=”rideHorse_turn_in_place” rig=”uuRig” classifiers=”t” >
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_L_0″ />
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_L_90″ />
<Clip move_side=”right” turn_side=”left” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_L_180″ />
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_R_0″ turn_angle=”-0.00001″/>
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_R_90″ />
<Clip move_side=”left” turn_side=”right” name=”a_loco_rideHorse_turnInPlace_R_180″ />

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  • I’m not a fan of horses, but for me anything is better than University, so I’m happy and I hope it will be horses (magic horses * . *)

    • im a owner of a horse IRL and i would love to see horses in sims 4. my favourite sims 3 pack was Pets because of the horses. but comparing the cats/dogs from sims 3 to 4? the sims 4 cats/dogs look WAAAAAAY better then 3.

  • if we get horses, i hope they’re at least in a “farm life” style ep. i don’t think horses is enough for an ep on their own and honestly i can’t see it as a gp.

  • Goddamnit. I was so ready for University, only to get blindsided by a yeehaw pack and an army of enthusiastic horse girls. What a disappointment.

    • I’ll legit cry if the next expansion pack isn’t university. GRANTED, I need horses for my farmer sims, which I use A LOT, but I NEEEEEEEED university.

      • I could go either way since I would like to have both in my game soon. University falls more under realistic or family focus style which hasn’t recently gotten a recent pack. It will likely depend on how far along university is and how far along the horse related pack is in production. The coding for horses has been around longer and we haven’t had in game “clues” that I recall that is pointing to the next EP that likely will come out by the end of the year – maybe. Might be a clue or two in the upcoming GP though.

    • @ida, while the coding for horses is in the game now, that doesn’t mean we will get them in the next pack. We know for certain that a rap artist was recording in Simlish for an upcoming pack that isn’t ROM, so that is more likely to be in the next pack, and not horses (since I can’t see rapping and horses being in the same Sims pack! LOL :-D ) So, if we get horses, I think it will be sometime next year! ;-)

      • Are we just gonna forget that we’re living in a post-“Old Town Road” world? :P
        I could definitely see a cover of that being a thing in a Yeehaw Pack.

    • We can get both. My guess is that the next EP is University and the one after it is going to be “FarmVille” . They saw the codes for Cats & Dogs in the toddler uptate. The expansion came around 10 months later, so between that we could have the University EP!

  • Hopefully it’s with a farming pack. The world needs to be large like with windenburg so it feels more open and maybe similar to widenburg or brindleton bay so that’s why I would rather it be a EP than a GP. This would be great for people who have farmer sims or specially those who play/use historical gameplay. Hopefully they add more things that would fit “off the grid” for modern and historical players as well as bringing back canning and nectar making. Finding coding is rather interesting since I think we’ve had coding for werewolves around C & D launching and nose rings but we can only wait to see how those play out.

  • I NEED horses in my game.. Like university as well.. but I want horses more to be honest. In TS3 all my families had horses and I hate playing without them! So please EA, if you see this, bring horses!

  • “When he mentioned that the top “kinda looks like an equestrian looking outfit”, SimGuruNinja gave him the hard stare and they continued to laugh it off with “we won’t go there”.”
    I feel like this is just teasing the Sims community. Not like a ‘teaser’ or a hint of future content, more like kind of mocking? We do kind of take the tiniest thing and run with it.
    The Sims twitter could post a picture of a Sim with a backpack in the background somewhere and everyone will start saying University is coming. Like chill. Don’t think that little comment means horses.

  • They need to put horses in there and make the toddlers and child be able interact with them like they do with the dogs and cats

    • I agree. The toddlers should be able to ride the horses. Only if they have some horse experience first. Also if we could actually control the competitions and make training a bit harder. Also i want realistic horse breeding, that follow the rules of genetics. In TS3 if we would breed a Palomino and a black we would get like a weird palomino with dark black spots. Also i need a height slider.

      Also i would rather EA work harder and put tiny but much wanted details in then rushing it

      • Yeah, it would be cool if toddlers could ride horses……………… but don’t rush making horses, try and make them as realistic as possible!

  • I would frantically love horses to come out in the sims 4 because I am horse crazy! It would be cool to see the difference in sims 3 horses and the sims 4 horses! Please add horses to the sims 4! Thank you!

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