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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: Welcome to Glimmerbrook & The Magic Realm!

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Hidden away between the trees you’ll find the world of Glimmerbrook. At first glance, it may look like your average small town but maybe there is more to Glimmerbrook than first meets the eye?

The world of Glimmerbrook is made up of five different lots. Three residential, one community lot and one empty lot.

Glimmerbrook Watch- 30×20 – $3,175

Rock Ridge Canyon 40×30 – $120,245

The Charm Family occupy this lot when you first move to Glimmerbrook.

Creek Side Corner 30×20 – $67,245

The Amicable Acolytes Family occupy this lot when you first move to Glimmerbrook.

Brooks Bridge Borough 30×20 – $17,436

Unoccupied lot.

Elixers and Brews 30×20 – Community Lot

The world itself feels much more open than previous worlds we have seen but there is no end of places where you will find amazing views and plenty of places that your Sim can explore when they are out and about.

Did we mention just how beautiful Glimmerbrook is in the snow?

While your Sim is out and about they may just stumble across something a little unusual. Are they brave enough to find out what is the other side?

Go on! Go see what is through the portal.

The Magic Realm

The portal grants your Sims access to The Magic Realm. It really is a world away from Glimmerbrook.

The Magic Realm is made up of several different floating islands. These islands have been subject to a vortex that has slowly been destroying the world. With the help of the three Sages, they worked together instead of against one another to help protect the world and keep the islands as together as possible.

When you first leave the Portal, your Sim will arrive at the HQ. This is the main hub for Spellcasters and you’ll usually find a variety of them hanging out here.

Your Sims can also find the three Sages at the HQ. They will be able to tell you more about magic and help you become a Spellcaster if your Sim isn’t already.

While you are at the HQ, you will notice that there are three other portals located on the island. These will allow you to travel to the other islands.

The HQ is a 40×40 lot that isn’t editable via Build Mode. However, you can enter the cheat bb.enablefreebuild which will allow you to refurbish and remodel the lot to your desire. You will not be able to change the lot type from Magic HQ.

The Gardens

The Gardens are located just to the South of the main island. Here you will find a conservatory that has definetly seen better days as well as a few collectible spawn points and a fishing spot.

Casters Alley

Casters Alley is located to the East of the main island and is the must-visit place for any Spellcaster. The shops have everything they ever need from ingredients, Tomes, brooms, wands and more!

Juan’s Wonderful One-Stop Wand Warehouse is where you will find a variety of Familiar’s, wands and Tomes.

Brooms, Baubles and Beyond is the place to go for all your Crystals and Brooms.

Questionable Quacks Emporium is where you will find a wide variety of Potion Ingredients.

There really is no other place you need to visit!

Dueling Grounds

Whether you want to Duel for artifacts, ingredients, knowledge or just for fun, the Dueling Grounds is the place to go while you are in The Magic Realm.

You will find the portal to the Dueling grounds located to the North of the main Island behind the HQ.

Much like Glimmerbrook, The Magic Realm also has some spectacular views and some beautiful locations that your Sims can explore and practice Magic.

Glimmerbrook & The Magic Realm really are places full of surprises and you never know what could happen next!

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