Discover University

The Sims 4 Discover University: SimGuru Q&A

With the reveal of The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack some of the SimGurus have already started answering your questions revolving the pack!

Considering that not too many questions have been answered just yet we’ll make sure to update this post as soon as new tweets surface so make sure you check back on this post!

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  • Wouldn’t it be great if the new death was screwing up your robot build and it going haywire and killing you. I mean, it won’t be, but it’d still be cool…

    • Unfortunately, I’m sure if they were in there they would show them. They’ve had so many opportunities to add bunk beds and I can’t believe they haven’t been added yet.

  • I want backpacks, pool table, and more classes/majors…

    I’m so worried that we won’t get these features in this expansion pack. If features going to be removed for unknown reasons. Then I’ll be mad. But we have to wait and see if these are features are coming in the live stream.
    I did ask some questions to SimGuruFrost but he didn’t answer my questions yet.

      Sorry for the caps but JEEZ! My bars and pubs feel so empty and incomplete without pool tables.
      I’m super excited about the ping additions… but I just want a pool table to put in my bars and my bachelor pads.

  • I’m loving everything I’m seeing so far… one thing I’d like to see is the ability to customize lifespan length, or at least another option added between “normal” and “long”. Normal is way too short, and long is excruciatingly long… one of my sims just entered adulthood and she maxed out her career long ago and has already maxed several skills. Long allows me to have them form relationships and have fun with their lives, along with building skills and their careers… but it takes the challenge out of it because it’s *too* long, if that makes sense. I know that has nothing to do with Uni, but it’s still something I think we need.

    • Do you use mcc? You can manually choose the number of days for each state (child, teen, adult etc), it’s what I’ve done and it’s much better!

      • I actually don’t. I’ve read a lot about it, I’ve also thought a lot about it too but I have quite a few mods as it is and I’m pretty sure there would be conflicts.
        I may revisit the thought though… as it stands right now, adulthood for my sims is pretty much useless because skills get maxed during the teen/YA stages, and they are maxing out their careers as YAs so… I’m just killing time basically, LOTS of time… and I don’t like forcing them to age unless it’s their birthday.
        Thanks for the suggestion, I’m actually really considering it now. I was just hoping another option or customizable lifespan lengths would be added so I didn’t have to rely on yet another mod.

        • Definitely get MCC a try. I was hesitant for a while because just like you I had other mods I was using too. However MCC made it so I didn’t have to use some of those mods which made updating easier (or would but I like mods so I got more) for new patches. There is the ability to slow skill and career progression in MCC which you maybe interested in and yes changing lifespans plus prevent culling if you have a lot of sims you care for but can’t favorite them all. I also changed pregnancy lengths in my game since I play without aging so the birth would be too quick for me and have a mod that makes blowing out candles not age sims so I can have multiple birthdays for sims.

    • I believe they answered that already when cats & dogs was released and they said no to a color wheel being added as they would have to revamp CAS. Likely the revamping could break things and is expensive to do since they aren’t doing it new like with pets. You’re probably better off using CC recolors of items you’re interested in because the color wheel is very unlikely to happen.

  • anytime soon will you bring back the cars? and grocery stores I so miss my sims going grocery shopping like in sims 3:)

    • Some people, such as myself, are hoping for cars or another form of public transportation like a bus or a car pool. I don’t think they’ve ever said flat out no to this question but kept it floating in the air. They might be working on it but this may require changes that are expensive or take much longer since they have deco cars driving on roads.