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EA Earnings Release: The Sims 4 stronger than ever; The Sims Franchise sold over $5 billion

Electronic Arts has just completed their earnings release call for Q2 of Fiscal Year 2020. In this earnings release EA has talked a lot about The Sims 4 and mentioned some interesting facts regarding the franchise in general and that it managed to surpass 5 billion dollars in lifetime sales!

Here’s everything they’ve mentioned in the release for The Sims 4:

  • The Sims 4 also continues to be an incredible long-term live service with a growing audience. Monthly average players are up more than 40% year-over-year in The Sims 4, and engagement across the franchise has led The Sims to surpass $5 billion in lifetime sales. The Sims continues to be one of the great franchises in gaming, and we have plans to bring new experiences to its amazing players for a long time to come.
  • And in Apex Legends, our EA SPORTS franchises, The Sims 4, Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront II, our communities will all have new content and new experiences to dive into during the holiday quarter.
  • We have ongoing growth expectations for The Sims 4, with new expansions and all-new ways to engage and grow the community.
  • Live services strength in Ultimate Team, The Sims 4, Apex Legends and FIFA Online drove performance significantly above last year.
  • Live services net bookings were up 50% year on year, to $493 million, another new Q2 record. The increase was driven by Apex Legends, Ultimate Team, in Madden, FIFA and NHL, The Sims 4, and FIFA Online, partially offset by the tail of Battlefield 1 DLC.
  • We expect to drive growth in all of our major live services next year, including Ultimate Team, Apex Legends, FIFA Online and The Sims.
  • As Andrew noted, the Sims is now a $5 billion franchise for us, and it continues to grow, driven by new content and new platforms.
  • Live services extend and enhance the experience of those games. Apex Legends, FIFA, The Sims 4, Galaxy of Heroes and more of our top franchises have thriving global communities spanning hundreds of millions of players.

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  • This is news that people who hate TS4 don’t like and always go “yeah but” in response. Anyways I would hope given TS4 success they’d give the gurus more resources especially for animations.

    • What success? Barely releasing quality content within 5 years? Releasing overpriced packs that contain shit content? Not listening to anything the fans are saying and paying YouTubers to give their garbage a good review?

      It’s a little more than “yeah, but”

      • And yet the people complaining still are playing the game or watching for news about TS4. If the game was that bad those people would’ve sailed ship a long time ago and spent their time playing games they actually liked. Some people act as if EA is holding them hostage and when others find any enjoyment they are ridiculed as if they are stupid, their age mocked even though simmers vary in age but their age is assumed to be that of a child, and working for EA because gosh darn it they’re not being negative 24/7. You act as if there aren’t youtubers who play and are getting paid simply because of the views from people. But continue on with your “yeah but” since that’s gotten you this far.

      • Why do you even follow The Sims 4 news when you hate it that much? Just ignore the game and live your life, lmao. It’s not that hard.

        • I can’t awnser for Nick, but I think I do know where he’s coming from. And the thing is, we DON’T hate the sims. Thats the reason we still buy it even though it has been a MAJOR let down ever since the sims 4 came out. This is my favourite francise and I buy every single pack because of it. But I don’t like it. I’m always dissapointed every time.

          And yes, I know how stupid this is. But I love The Sims and I can’t help myfelf.

  • well that’s cool but hopefully at some point they’ll be a concept in which a Sim will be able to remember various items in the game that they can use via memory. Like if you have 3 homes made on one lot, you go to make a meal the Sim will use the current kitchen you are standing in, instead of wanting to head 2 houses over to do the cooking. I mean what the hell is up with that. Along with trying not to glitch through items.

  • “If the game was bad people would play other games they do like” yeah except The Sims is the only game of its kind, and EA has a monopoly on it. Once there’s a better alternative, I’d gladly jump ship. And then there’s the fact this is a franchise a lot of people love and have played since childhood, it hurts to see it butchered like this, you keep hoping the next one is gonna be better.

    • @ Claude But since it’s a franchise you can play previous games if the current game isn’t what you like. For a long while you could get the whole TS2 for free (this was just recently discontinued but was going on for a few years). TS3 is still available on origin also (I think steam as well) and since it’s been out for years it’s rather cheap now (occasional sales too). There are options outside of TS4 is my point so there isn’t really a logical reason to follow TS4 news or be invested in the game if it’s that disappointing or lacking to someone. It just seems like a waste of time unless bashing the game and players who like it is what someone is looking for which I’ve seen numerous of time as the actual reason. For me, when something isn’t enjoyable anymore I have no issue in moving on and I would’ve sought out TS3 or earlier if I was that bothered by the content as Nick supposedly is.

  • All I really wanted is the ability to turn the LGBTQ content off in my game, the most disturbing part is when I mentioned it on the Sims 4 forum I was banned. Why should a Christian player in Island Living have to watch 2 female sims that are his neighbors making out, this is not what I call player control. I am so glad I didn’t play the Cats and Dogs neighborhood before all the premade died. The LGBTQ content should either have a off mode or be in its own stuff pack either for free or 2.99 they can certainly afford that since all their protest and rally’s certainly cost a lot more in money time and planning.

    I been playing the Sims since the year 2000 and haven’t been treated badly by the company until recently.
    So why should I still support them if they won’t let me play how I want? So yeah I decided I ain’t buying a Sims 5 game nope not at all. The Last game I will buy is the Sims 4. Not dealing with a toxic community that turns your ask for help post into a toxic debate over stupid nonsense that I never even put in my post that was made up by the group.

    • @Sid1701 You do realize the sims are bisexual? That’s how you’re able to decide their romantic relationships or if they interact with another sim that builds up their romance. That’s been there for years long before TS4 and will be like that long after TS4. You really should do some research about the history of this franchise. Also, you act as if you can’t delete sims that are so “disturbing” to you and are offended over pixels. This just brings back memories of when some people got offended that they were adding more brown skin tones and had a free patched in (not required for any person to participate in) day of the dead because they weren’t focusing on a more European tradition. It really opens my eyes all the more when I choose to interact with this community as there is a lot of ignorant and intolerance that is rather disappointing given how this game and developers try to represent different simmers.

  • This just basically means EA/Maxis will do absolutely nothing to make TS4 better for the fans and we’ll be complaining about a lack of content, replayability and longevity in the games from here on until TS5 is released.