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Discover University: Everything We Noticed from the Gameplay Trailer

The Sims just uploaded a new gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 Discover University today and it revealed a lot of exciting new details about the pack! Here’s all the new information we gathered from the trailer.

PSST! Haven’t seen the trailer, yet? Watch the full trailer here!


In the trailer, the Sim called Julia says she got into Foxbury Institute on a scholarship, but later lost that scholarship when she neglected her studies and had to take out a loan in order to finish her education. While this is a rather painful mirror of real-life, we’re sure plenty of Simmers will appreciate being able to both gain and lose scholarships based on their Sim’s actions.

Student Loans

On the subject of loans, the trailer confirms that student loans are indeed a new feature of Discover University. This is sure to add a level of much-appreciated realism to the game. Let’s just hope our Sims have an easier time paying off those loans after university than many people in the real world.

Juggling Parenthood and Education

In the trailer, a young adult Sim can be seen studying while her toddler plays with some toys beside her desk. It’s great that our Sims won’t have to choose between their children and their education. Here’s to all those hard-working college students with kids! You rock!

Secret Societies

Secret societies were briefly mentioned before, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen a glimpse of them in-game. According to Julia, she accidentally wound up in this secret society when she joined a study group. Could this be a hint at how to join a secret society when we get our hands on the expansion? Only time will tell!

Study Groups

Speaking of study groups, there appears to be more than one our Sims can join. Julia explains that after leaving the secret society, she joined a more traditional study group in order to get her grades back on track. Study groups look like a great way for our Sims to socialise and make friends while still focusing on their academics.


In the trailer, Julia can be seen arguing with her roommate, whom she later becomes best friends with. It’s hard to imagine a proper university experience without roommates so we’re happy to see that roommates will be a prominent feature of Discover University.

Transferring Schools

When no one at Foxbury Institute believes Julia’s claims that the robots they study are planning world domination, she decides to transfer to the University of Britechester. This is a really exciting piece of news! It’s not uncommon for university students in the real world to change their minds about their career goals, so it’s great to know that our Sims can transfer schools if they decide that the one they picked isn’t the right fit for them.

Living On or Off Campus

In the trailer, Julia says she moved between a lot of different dorms before finally deciding to get a house off campus. This kind of freedom to live where and how we want while in university is going to allow for greater freedom to tell our own stories our own way. It’s also yet another layer of realism we can expect to see in Discover University.

New Careers

Three new careers are specifically mentioned in the trailer: Lawyer, Engineer, and Teacher. We don’t know much about what exactly these careers will entail just yet, but if they are all active careers, this would put Discover University on par with a previous career-oriented expansion, Get To Work, which also came with three active careers.

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The Sims 4 Discover University will be available on PC/Mac on November 15th and December 17th for PS4/Xbox One. It will be priced at $39.99 USD or your country’s equivalent.

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  • As long as there is no loading screen between visiting dorm rooms (I don’t want what happened with city living apartments and visiting hallway neighbors) then I will be happy. I couldn’t tell with the trailer. Hopefully they do it like it was with sims 2 university with the dorms since both TS2 and TS4 both use loading screens for lot changes so I don’t think it would be that hard to follow the same pattern.

  • I’m glad that we’re getting the education career back. I figured as much and I’m happy about it. I’m not sure what it will consist of but I, however, would love, love if we could choose to pick which subjects to teach. Like, art, math, english, social studies, history, black history, spanish, french etc. It would be nice if it was an active career, too, as mentioned above. I think that would be awesome. My idea behind picking what subjects to teach is based on how similar it could be to the politician system from City Living where we were able to pick a cause. I hope the idea of selecting different subjects to teach could be implemented into the game, if it’s not included in with the University pack already.

  • I like the fact that the EP is detailed. I‘m likely to buy it. But hey, most of it we already knew. There’s was a leak with detailed information about the pack. So I don’t really understand the hype and why it’s shown like something completely new.