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The Sims Mobile: Laundry Day Update (5th November 2019)


The Sims Mobile Team has released a new update featuring content from Laundry Day. Here’s a quick glimpse as to what has been added in the new update.

via Google Play Store/The Sims Mobile

What’s New
Do your Sims long to undertake the most relaxing of all chores: laundry? Now they can in the latest Sims Mobile update, Laundry Day! Players can wash their wardrobe and hang their clothes out to dry until their hearts’ content, after they complete the ‘Wash ‘n Fold’ Sweet Treat Showdown! Earn laundry themed rewards for the perfect washing space, with prizes that include a washing machine and clothesline, sink, a dirty clothes pile to fill up that hamper, and more!

Patch notes will be added shortly.


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