Discover University

The Sims 4 Discover University Now Available on PC/Mac Worldwide!

The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack has just been released to online & retail stores worldwide!

You can also get the pack right now via Origin! The price of the pack, just like any other Expansion Pack, is set for $39.99!

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  • I’m so excited to play. Sadly I’m at work and got another 7 hours left.
    On the other hand I got plenty of time to decide what career I want to try out first!

  • I won’t buy this until the bugs are fixed. I’ve had enough really. The Sims 4 is literally unplayable at the moment.

    The sims has never sold as well as the Sims 4. Still were getting wiped really, while we pay a ton!

    I have every pack so I have stashed way too much money into this. Still us, the customers, have to work for free to bug report, or making mods trying to fix the blatant and obvious errors. Bugs that are years old!

    There doesn’t seem to be any focus on toddlers and children either, with the excuse that we don’t play them much.

    No wonder when the toddler and sims play is super buggy and lacking! There is never anything to do with kids in the game. Its not impossible, as if you try out Sims 2, I was never bored! and my kids had personalities back then. If a kid was shy, it had an impact! If the house was not decorated, or there was no light, it had an impact!

    Sims 4 is a very expensive joke compared.

    • None of the Sims in Sims 4 has individuality and deeper personality, not even the adults. Sims 3 was way better. Sims 4 has only some deeper personalities when you play with mods.

      • This is a big issue for me. I don’t know why they don’t release a pack that is just behavioral. These Sims are so vanilla. Even in the Sims 2 they had more emoting and more personality. The spontaneity is so lacking in this game. They keep adding worlds but don’t do much to make the game interesting. Yeah, we have a new world (AGAIN) but they act the same. Who cares? I haven’t bought the magic or this University pack mainly because it’s just more of the same. It’s sad really. When I see the people in charge of the decisions made for the game I can see why. They are a bore too. Not to be mean but really, I see why the game is a big vanilla bean.

        • Yes! A behavioral pack. “Get Personality”, “Wake Up”, “Be Interesting”, “Stand Out” hehehe, man, it really needs that.

  • I cant believe I waited so long for this pack and its already unplayable due to the corrupt relationship bug. I hope the next patch comes out ASAP. I feel like I’m just wasting my time sending sims to university when theyre unplayable once they leave.