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The Sims 4 Community Voted Stuff Pack: Round One Results

With the first round of voting for the next Community Stuff Pack coming to a close earlier this week, SimGuruFrost has just revealed the results of the first round.

If you are not sure what the Community Stuff Pack is all about, you can find out more here.


Hey Simmers!

You cast your initial Stuff Pack votes and they’ve been tallied! IT’S HAPPENING! After an exciting week of voting on the overall theme and gameplay for the upcoming Community Stuff Pack we’re pleased to announce the 1st round results. Every election is determined by the people who show up and let us tell you – a tremendous number of Simmers are showing up to participate! Thank you for your support! Stay tuned for upcoming information around 2nd round voting dates where you’ll be determining the art style of the pack.


Theme ranking:
1) Arts & Crafts
2) Happy Haunts
3) Self-Care
4) Science & Technology
5) Fun-Tech

Gameplay ranking for the winning theme:
1) Knitting
2) Sculpting
3) Glass Fabrication
4) Edible Art
5) Embroidering

The second round of voting will be happening in the near future but what do you think about the results of the round one vote? Is it what you expected?

Let us know what you think below in the comments!

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    • I have to know, why of all things was knitting the main thing people want? Why do people want to pay money to watch their sim sit and knit for countless sim hours? If it were a free activity added to the game, I’d see the appeal. But this is something that’s gonna cost actual money. Just to add probably some clothes and some options for different knitted crafts for sims to make and maybe sell. I get some people enjoy a bit more realism but this just seems like the kind of feature that would’ve worked better as a gameplay mod rather than something to pay for in a pack.

      • That’s exactly how I felt, I mean it would be such a dull thing to sit and watch, don’t get me wrong sure it’s could be interesting to see what the Sims could create but you know it’s gonna be an expensive pack.

      • I find this most interesting. The Happy Haunts stans couldn’t care less if knitting etc. is in the game; they just want their ghost stuff. Where as the Arts and Crafts stans seem to have this “ew ghosts get them out of my game!” attitude. What’s up with that?

      • I mostly want it for elder sims and so my female sims can have more to do in Decades challenge. I also love crochet and knitting irl so I want my sims to be able to do it also.

      • The people that voted for knitting are the same people that constantly complain how much better sims 3 is & how expensive the “unnecessary” expansions are, but yeah, good thing they have to at least pay for their stupidity….

        • They are still gonna complain about something not being held up to their ideals. Can’t make them happy, so they make everyone upset

      • I think it’s the appeal of having more things to do with the elders. I know that for a lot of people I’ve talked to, they saw this as a huge opportunity to have a more elder like activity.

      • Exactly. And to pass on Happy Hounts for something like knitting? People figure “oh, they’ll just add it later,” but I saw the figures somewhere and this pack is meant to come out 2020/21, meaning the next date for a possible pack (that they haven’t started working on) is around 2023. Seriously. Sometimes I don’t understand the Sims community. What is the collective average age? 84? Just learn to knit and go. Forreal.

      • I agree it is something for elders to do and maybe they could knit a jumper or beanie for a toddler and then give it as a gift

      • I TAKE YOUR POINT! It’s a life simulation game, and I love it for this type of thing (if it means knitting let’s knitt!) For the others who want magic, vampires, supernatural and impossible things that in real life don’t exist.. GO AND BUY SOME FANTASCENTIFIC BASED GAME

        • The sims franchise IS A FANTASY GAME. Weird stuff like ghosts and magic has been there since the very beginning! The Sims 1 had a whole expansion called Makin’ Magic, to say nothing of things like the chemistry table in the base game and other things. Sims 2 had aliens in base game and a creature type with every expansion. Sims 3 had a whole magic expansion pack. Part of what players love about Sims IS the magic, vampires, supernatural and impossible things. Don’t act like all that stuff came out of nowhere like some kind of pandering to a select few. It was always in Sims by design. Maybe YOU should go buy some happy little family simulation game on mobile and stop complaining about the supernatural stuff.

          • SERIOUSLY. And I bet if HH had won, someone sooner or later would make a knitting mod if they wanted it so bad. But noo. Let’s pay 20 euros to watch our Sims make the same hand movements for 5 hours and eventually come up with a couple knits modders could have made for free.

        • For those saying it’s a life simulation game so therefore it should be realistic, what do you guys do when one of your Sim dies and the grim reaper comes along with it’s tablet? Do you guys close your eyes, count to 100, and start murmuring: “it’s a realistic game it’s a realistic game”? Honest question.

  • Kinda bummed. I thought for sure Happy Haunts would be the winner for sure. Possibility of new careers (agent of death, ghostbuster, psychic) was a shoe-in I thought.

    • First LAUNDRY wins over a “Death & Danger” stuff pack, now arts & crafts wins over Happy Haunts. It’s like the Sims Community hates fun. Two community votes in a row the most BORING option beats out the more fun and interesting options. Okay boomers.

      • Believe it or not, some people actually want to play a life simulator as a life simulator and take part in normal everyday activities as opposed to unrealistic stuff like ghosts and vampires.

        • Sweety, we believe it, those of us who like supernaturals have been getting the short end of the stick for the past 5 years. In the previous games supernaturals have never been cut down this much.

          • I think the “supernatural” life simulator (and other extremely unrealistic things) defeat the purpose of having a life simulator. That’s the things I’ve disliked the most in recent years. If I want to be a vampire or witch with magical powers, there’s plenty of games I can play and be those things. Which I do enjoy! But I like my sims to be SIMS. When you say supernatural stuff has been getting the short end of the stick for years…. this game never was supernatural to start with. That crap came later. *eyeroll*

          • You are completely wrong, Steve. The sims has always a supernatural stuff in it right from the very beginning. You only need to look at what the original The Sims was like to see that. I mean they had an entire magic expansion pack for crying out loud. And it was in The Sims 2. And in The Sims 3. I mean when exactly is this “later” that you are referring to when all the ‘crap’ came in? That ‘crap’ happened to be some of the things that sets Sims apart and helped it to thrive, since the very beginning. When you say “I like my sims to be SIMS” I don’t know what you mean by that – because SIMS in my experience have always been little weirdo computer people who get trapped by a plate on the floor – they have been aliens, vampires, ghosts, and so on. I have no idea what you think a sim is supposed to be but I think you need to look for a different game, my dude.

        • I was so hoping for Happy Haunts!! But if it had to be arts and crafts why knitting? At least the glass fabrication sounds the more interesting of the bunch


        • The Sims has always been about “unrealistic stuff like ghosts and vampires.” Sims 1 had so much “unrealistic” stuff in just the base game, like a mad science table and a genie in a lamp and ghosts that show up at night and getting abducted by a UFO if you use the telescope. To say nothing of the ENTIRE magic pack with baby dragons in it. It’s always been there. Part of Sims 2 was waiting to see which occult type there would be in each new expansion. The weird stuff is very much a part of this game, don’t act like it’s being forced on you out of nowhere!

          • Thank you! Sims has ALWAYS been weird. It’s just supped to be a simulator. Make life what you want it to be. Like. C’mon… We all want to live out our fantasy lives. Sometimes I wanna be normal, sometimes I wanna be a mermaid with 15 wives, 30 kids and a secret vampire husband. So sue me!

          • Yes so glad you responded! Sims 1 literally had a whole expansion for magic just like sims 2 and sims 3 in addition to the stuff that was already in the game, sims 4 is the first time we don’t get a full expansion of magic.. it’s not even as great as past sims magic/ occult content.

        • Then they need to live their normal lives and stop trying to do so through a computer. That’s creepy, for one. And this is a VIDEO GAME! It’s supposed to have elements of whimsy and the unreal. It’s no wonder the game play is so baseless and shallow.

        • Science & Technology would have been WAY better than bloody knitting. And honestly, why are you playing the sims if you want realism? The sims, since sims 1, was never realistic

        • This result absolutely boggles my mind. Maybe, just maybe, arts and crafts would be a decent consolation prize if all of the suggested crafts were in it, but bloody knitting?! And that’s coming from someone who knits irl.

          I cannot believe that we are not getting Happy Haunts, simply because people want to watch their Sims moving their hands slightly for hours, only to get some horrid sweater as a reward.

          I just… How. HOW.

          On the other hand, I’m not made of money and won’t have to agonize over finding the money for this one, so that’s positive, I guess.

  • Oh boy. We’ll be able to watch our sims knit. How exciting.

    Seriously how are people choosing this over being the grim reaper !?

  • We could have become a GRIM REAPER as a part time job and you people chose KNITTING? What the hell?! I get occult stuff is pretty niche but COME ON, out of all the other things you could have chosen, you chose KNITTING. I hope to God we get some of this other stuff anyways.

      • Y’all some massive complainers seriously! Obviously more people want knitting than ghosts or it wouldn’t have won? you just want everything catered to your taste and not EA to listen to what the community actually want, how is that reasonable?

        • I am one of the complainers actually.

          I will say that of course the theme that wins ought to be the one to be made, and indeed it winning certainly is an indication that the vocal part of the Sims community wants knitting.

          Surely those who thinks it’s about as dull as dry toast has a right to express as much though? Just as it is their right to not waste their money on something they find utterly pointless?

  • Lets be honest how many of us actually pay attention to the plates and cups sims use not to mention knitting will only make sense in the winter if you have seasons… we need packs that apply to all 4 seasons

  • I’m very happy about this! Shame on all the granny bashers in the comments. I for one find knitting very exciting and thrive off of realistic gameplay.

    Our sims really need more they can actually DO.

    • I agree, what is the age spectrum in these comments? Teenager-throwing-a-petulant-child-tantrum-ish?

      I would have liked something more with the science or self-care stuff, because I thought the possible activities sounded the most interesting and actually might come in handy in normal gameplay, but I’m fine with Arts & Crafts.
      I can however admit I thought they made a Grim Reaper or staying at home Psychic career sound fun, but really anything with ghosts is such a turn off, they’re annyoing as hell and we already have so much supernatural gameplay to choose from, I really won’t mind knitting my Sims’ outfits and selling them as a way to earn money.
      I think once this moves forward and everyone will calm a bit down people will realise it isn’t that bad and honestly considering how many people use painting to make extra money in the Sims I’m sure knitting will find its place.

    • I highly disagree with this outcome. I honestly expected that we’d compete against science or tech. To me, this is quite a letdown. I hope all these other ideas will still be taken to consideration..

  • Did embroidery get ranked the lowest? That is a bummer.
    But I’m overall quite happy that elderly sims are going to get more activities! Well, my younger sims will definitely be knitting too, but you know what I mean!

  • How the F*** did self care make it to #3? No sane person would ever be a vegan. Why would you want a brainwashed sim.
    If it makes it they’re losing along time Simmer. As for the ones going on about knitting try growing the F*** Up, you’re acting like a toddler sim having a tantrum.

    • It’s an Arts and Crafts pack! Not an elders pack. Yeah, it’s got knitting, but lots of people knit, in all age groups and social cliques. Most of the people I know who knit are 20-something uni student with ADHD and they make hufflepuff scarfs and other geeky things, or straight-up spiderweb shawls cos they’re goth af. I HATE how so many people just saw “knitting” and went “Oh yay an elders pack, I’m going to vote for that.” No dudes! It’s Arts and Crafts! I don’t mind getting this instead of Happy Haunts but if this artsy-creative pack gets turned into an elders pack because of you people I’m gonna be PISSED!

    • Painting. Writing. Working out. Programming. Woodworking. Fishing. Gardening. Spending time with family. Literally anything you can do with young adults and adults. The elders have stuff to do. And now we lost stuff packs like Science & Technology or Happy Haunts for freaking knitting

  • Arts& Crafts + Happy Haunts were my fav. I guess more Happy Haunts. I know a lot of people like realism. That’s okay. I likeoccult stuff because my life is realistic enough and I wanted to be grim. Maybe they give us the other ones at well with some time in between. I would like to see the Happy Haunts features too. Still I’m glad for content and I don’t think Arts & Crafts is as boring as a lot of people think :D
    Can’t wait for the second vote.

  • Yay! I’m so excited Arts & Crafts won! Please let this be a sellable hobby, creating products to sell via Arts & Crafts would be awesome!

  • I’m happy!! I appreciate all the hard work our Sims 4 team does to try to keep us all coming back for more! :) It’s so hard pleasing the multitudes. I buy them all anyway so it makes little difference which ones come first. My only request is a rocking chair so I can rock my toddlers! :D

  • This is good. It will give the elders something to do and encourage me to actually use them in the game. It’d be nice to have an interaction with grandchildren like teaching them to knit or maybe adding a fishing interaction!

    • Painting. Writing. Working out. Programming. Woodworking. Fishing. Gardening. Spending time with family. Literally anything you can do with young adults and adults. The elders have stuff to do. And now we lost stuff packs like Science & Technology or Happy Haunts for freaking knitting

    • I totally blame her! She’s the one who called it an elders pack and now everyone’s calling it that. For crying out loud it’s an arts and crafts pack! If this is what we get then fine but I want arts, not retirement homes! Knitting doesn’t automatically make this an elder pack. How dare you all.

  • I’m glad this won. Not everyone likes to play with unrealistic stuff like grim reapers and vampires. Some of us like normal things, and tbh that’s been very scarce as of lately. This year added mermaids, magic spell-casting people, and robots. Arts and crafts should be very enjoyable to those of us who want to play normally and give our sims nice hobbies. And yes, a lot of us want stuff that appeals to elders, especially since they have NOTHING unique to them right now. Just let them have one pack for Pete’s sake.

    • How are robots unrealistic? Have you seen the current technology? Robots are not super popular amongst the general public, but to those who love robotics our current technology is very close to what is in the sims.

    • “Oh my elders have nothing to do! They need knitting! It is unique to them!”
      Uh, hell no. Knitting is for whoever wants to knit. Just like painting or writing. Your elders can do those hobbies or literally any of the other habbies in the game but you wanna claim there’s nothing for them to do? You wanna claim knitting is for elders and not for anyone else? Way to go and offender elders and younger age groups alike.
      Also grow up and deal with the supernatural stuff. Sims has been ‘unrealistic’ since day one and if you’re annoyed to see mermaids and robots then you clearly know nothing about this game series.

    • Science & Technology. That’s all I have to say. And if you can’t find anything for your elders to do, that’s your problem. My elders are doing just fine and without knitting

  • I am really happy the arts and crafts pack won. I wasn’t expecting it honestly, but it was what I voted for! Haunts seems very cool as well but I am sure there will be other chances for more super natural stuff. It is kind of pissing me off that so many people are calling it the ‘elderly people’ pack and making fun of it. Calm down people. It’s the Sims. And you are being a bunch of babies. I am very excited and I am not quite 30 yet lol. Guess I just like crafting :D

    • I like crafting too and we already have ghosts, aliens, the grim reaper, mermaids and wizards this is another skill like cooking that can be sold etc. I am happy with the results

    • They people I most see calling it an elders pack are the people who voted for it. I blame lilsimsie. She saw knitting and started calling it an elders pack and then all her fans ran off to vote for knitting on those terms. Even now I see people going ‘oh yay content for my elders.’ This is an arts and crafts pack y’all. If they voted for this and then get disappointed when it turns out exactly as advertised (as arts and crafts, not as elders) then we are never gonna hear the end of it.

    • I am sure that you’ll get bored of the pack in one or two weeks. It is like Laundry Day came back for round two. Science & Technology would have been way better. Still realistic, way more interesting than freaking knitting, and it would pair well with Get To Work and Discover University

  • I cannot believe happy haunts didn’t win. This is ridiculous. Why on earth would anyone want to knit and not play with a ouijia board. C’mon EA.

  • Make knitting a rabbit hole so no one can enjoy it. Im sorry but this sucks… jesus I cant stress how dissapointed I am. The Realistic simmers already have their drying laundry to enjoy. And I already know that knitting and sculpting are gonna be the only 2 options in the pack, maybe embroidery leaving out the only interesting things in the Arts and Dull Gameplay pack…

  • We have a bunch of blue haired grannies playing The Sims.

    I wanted the Haunted pack. We would’ve gotten 3 new careers with that pack!

    • no, we would not have gotten three new careers, i’m honestly shocked you think the sims team would be generous enough to give us three careers in a stuff pack. the point of the vote was that they would be giving us ONE gameplay feature from each list, that’s the whole reason we had to rank them!

  • If anything I was exited for embroidering if the arts one happened, but knitting is first…I just feel like this isn’t really the addition we need right now.

  • Can you do happy haunts in some form. As a goth and a simmer, this is stuff my gothic spooky sims are missing. Even just adding a burial place trait to make graves yards would be nice. Just a thought.

  • To be honest, I really liked all the options, I hope we can get most of them in some form in the future. :-) I really like the idea of the Sims actually making something that can be used in real life. New aspirations and careers are always good too! <3

  • I would of liked the self care or the happy haunts instead of knitting but I’ll be happy with whatever the sims creators do.

  • OMG I CAN FINALLY MAKE STUFFED ANIMALS. seriously, why can’t you guys tolerate a pack that doesn’t involve something intense?! Dun crafts exist, and it’s not a granny only thing! Give the dang pack a chance and don’t ruin it for others who want it!

  • Honestly not mad about this, I wonder if we’ll be able to make money off of it, but I do wish that they also thought of crochet maybe?

  • I like arts & crafts & knitting irl, but sorely disappointed there will be no happy haunts in the Sims. Surprised too, it seemed everywhere I went most ppl were voting for it.p

    But I guess the community has spoken. Congrats to those who wanted a&c, it should be fun too.

  • Im happy arts and crafts won out. Ghosts are annoying as hell though I definitely enjoy the supernatural aspect of things. Overall though I definitely would love to see how glass fabrication could be done. I’m glad they’re adding depth to one of my favorite sim hobbies.

  • I mean, I would prefer happy haunts because it sounds very interesting to do. Though, arts and crafts particularly knitting was my second choice so I’m not upset about our first round of voting

  • Really? An kinda surprised as there was other way cooler packs. People want thier sims to knit and embroider? I will pass on this pack.

  • So Arts & Crafts is gonna be our next stuff pack? I think I would rather have Happy Haunts at least with that you get cool new careers. Arts & Crafts would be better if it included Scrapbooking instead of Knitting.

    • Scrapbooking does sound like a good idea! I wouldn’t mind that. They already have polaroid-ish photos. I think that would be really cute. Imagine having family albums with that as well.

  • I think people are way too concentrated on the gameplay aspect, considering this is going to be a stuff pack… Sure, playing grim reaper sounded pretty neat, but how many times would you actually do that before it gets repetitive and boring? Then all you’re left with are all these weird occult objects that you can’t use in a normal sim family. That’s the main reason the arts and crafts pack would get way more use from me. Looking forward to the next round of voting!
    But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I’m sorry for all of the occult sim fans who were rooting for happy haunts. Maybe considering this outcry the devs will keep the theme in mind for the future…

    • But Science & Technology would have been a way better than Arts & Crafts since it would work great with both Get To Work and Discover University and it would be realist as well (why would you want the sims to be realistic is something I don’t understand, but whatever).

  • honestly…it’s kinda lame lol, why would i pay for a pack and wanna play a game to watch my sims KNIT?? are people that boring

  • i’m honestly pretty disappointed. i really really wanted happy haunts. like tarot reading and seances sound so much cooler than knitting and sculpting (to me at least). though, i am happy that arts and crafts won out of the other choices.

  • I voted for this one surprisingly. When they first announced the 5 options…I was more excited for Healthy living, but seeing the breakdown on the survey and thinking about how I play the game…Arts and Crafts got my #1 vote. I cant wait to vote on step 2.

  • really thought happy haunts had this in the bag with the psychic & tarot thing… knitting isn’t even the best option for the arts and crafts. it’s just going to unlock some ugly CAS exclusive sweaters or something bluh

  • Damn I’m super excited for knitting, finally something my sim can just sit down and do when they have down time! Plus an actually hobby elders can enjoy!

  • You sure this vote is right cuz I’m reading the comments and most people(including myself) don’t Agree with the results


  • Not a fan of supernatural stuff in my game most times but I still would’ve liked to see the Happy Haunts pack. Mini golf sounded fun too, way more interesting than watching your Sim knit.

  • So excited for Arts and crafts!!!! Sculpting was my #1, but happy to see so many people love knitting! It’s definitely made a comeback.

    • Sim Guru Ninja even joked about changing numbers around on the video…. Or too many little kids voted. Now we get to watch our Sims knit. Happy Haunts would of been funner. Hopeful wishing it ends up becoming a GAMEPACK in the near future!

  • I kind expected this kind of results! It was either arts and craft or happy haunts that were 1 and 2. There were a lot of simmers wanting self care pack too. So not surprising.

  • Darn I really wanted either Self-Care or Happy Haunts, I want to either have my sim be a paranormal investigator or wear a fitness watch. Here’s a question I wanna ask why can we have all the items listed in each of these themes as one stuff pack and call it the “Sims Community Stuff Pack” or something that way everyone gets what they want?

    • Because that’s just unreasonable to ask of them to do, the amount of work and effort and *testing* to do that is a lot and they won’t get the increased deadline they’ll need to do it, since EA :’) HOPEFULLY these are all packs coming in the next couple years one way or another, but we will not be seeing it the way you suggest. Plus, it’s just plain messy.

  • It’s what I voted for any I am very happy. I love knitting and to have my sim self knit will be exciting. I wonder if they will knit things they can then wear. Hopefully start a knitting club :). Knitting is much more popular today and not just for little old ladies, I have even taught my 8 year old

  • I am relieved it wasn’t self care, which was muy least favorite. But knitting? Seriously? Watching muy Sims knit sounds as much fun as watching them write books but those at least make money (hopefully knitting will, but probably not that much).

    But I really loved the sound of the science and technology one. It would have tied in SO well with university. I really want a small microscope!!!

    Oh, well. Arts and crafts should have cute clothes anyway! Hopefully it will have stuff for kids (and dare I hope toddlers?).

  • Sounds like we’re on our way to a really disappointing pack I won’t be buying. The best part of the Sims is exploring new lives and adventures to take your Sims on, and unless this pack is going to be sculpting us spiral staircases, there’s going to be a very different story told in the number of people who will actually buy the pack compared to these results.

    Also this voting idea kind of blows, it ends up disappointing the masses that would’ve been avoided if it was just quietly worked on then sprung on as a surprise. Now that we know what the other options would’ve been, a lot of people aren’t going to buy just on pettiness alone.

  • Y’all are really big mad that a lot of people like playing Sims as a realistic life simulator.

    Anyway, I didn’t vote, but I think arts & crafts sounds like a lot of fun, as does knitting. I’ve never been into ghosts or spooky stuff, so this is way more my jam. Only thing is whether or not they’ll give us content worth the price…

  • Hi, It was not my first choice (I had voted for the second topic) but that’s fine. I just want to say one thing: if this is the result guys … We voted for it !!! To all of you who work to entertain us, great job guys. Grazie!! Thanks


    “Knitting”? Is this a joke? Out of ALL the choices we had, THIS is what was chosen? I can’t believe this is real.
    We could’ve had so, SO much better: a new CAREER to explore, something that’s actually fun to do. I can’t believe everything we just missed, all in favor of watching your sim perform a dull activity no one will care about after the release. But it’s okay because we’ll get some new socks right!!!?! Wow we’re gonna have the time of our lives……………

    Anyway, these results completely sapped my enthusiasm for this pack… I don’t really care what happens to it from now on…

  • Do I want knitting? No. Do I understand why it was the top choice? Partly…is it still a bit ageist, considering most people chose it to have an activity for Elders to do? Definitely. Will I buy the pack once it comes out and have one of my Sims master knitting? Probably…depending on what you can knit at each level, and if the items are wearable.

  • 1) Give opportunity to vote for something that never was explored in any TS games
    2) Voting for something that was done before and could be as well part of the expansion
    3) Complain about EA being greed
    4) Repeat

  • Those are…frankly…pants. I thought surely all us simmers get frustrated by the same stuff…but…never have I thought… oooh I WISH my sim could knit…I mean…really?!

  • I seriously don’t understand how knitting is on first place.
    I get that people don’t want supernatural gameplay that’s fine but knitting? I just don’t see the appeal of watschend sims knit. And I like knitting. Currently I’m doing while playing the Sims when it gets a little slow…

  • This doesn’t mean they won’t do happy haunts in the future guys… There’s like 20 stuff packs already. I’m sure we’re due for many more come 2020.
    It would strike me odd if they trashed all these other plans that were clearly thought out to a degree. I mean come on, grim reaper career? That sounds like a good time!

  • It’s a stuff pack… I think arts and crafts is perfect for that. Something like the happy haunts would be better for a game or expansion pack because then we won’t be disappointed with all the things they would’ve/should’ve added in a stuff pack theme. Mind you that stuff packs do not have a lot of content or game play–it only adds a little something extra to do in the game.

  • oh fuck i wanted happy haunts, it would be a perfect pack to the game. would be chance to get the signals to the yoke along with a clairvoyant career i’m devasted

  • Seriously, knitting? I get arts and crafts but that seems like a base game thing. Rather add something like a hotel and resort pack.

  • Very happy with arts n crafts! Can’t wait to see what my Sims can create knitting, as I crochet!! (That would be cool to add too!!).

  • Did I vote for knitting? No, but obviously people want it. If you’re upset, request what you wanted as a future pack or something. Some of these people commenting are so rude, and I’m sorry you’re upset, but these are the results. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Simple.

  • I dont think that knitting was the best option here. Out of all the options, knitting…? Really?? If you wanted realism, I think the self care, fun tech, and science/tech packs are much more realistic. How often do you find someone that can knit, embroider, or fabricate glass? More and more people these days are interested in technology and a healthy lifestyle. Honestly, I would’ve preferred any pack but the arts and crafts one. Sure, it sounds cool and everything but honestly it’s not something I’d pay $10 to do.

  • As someone who knows how to knit, this is so unappealing, like “omg yes I just would LOVE to watch my Sims knit things I can do in real life” no, this is a horrible idea just like laundry day!!! Why do you people want so much realism!!!

  • I was really looking forward to self care or the Science & Technology packs feel like it was a lot the sims team could’ve added with those in just about every aspect of your sims life.

  • The Sims is doomed. This is so dumb.
    And people didn’t believe when one of the gurus said My First Pet Stuff sold a lot… It must be true, because this community is fckn stupid!

    • My thoughts exactly ughhhhhh
      When given the chance to do something actually new and exciting, we choose KNITTING and then we complain the Sims 4 is boring. I’m done.

  • Can we all have what we want and give us a happy haunts pack next time? You only have to buy the packs you want…so then everyone is happy. Including Ea making their money.

  • Honestly, while I know it’s not going to be as bad as My first pets stuff, i have a feeling it’s going to be bad. Happy Haunts should have won clearly.

  • I think it will be great. I would have suggested an expansion pack of exotic animal that you could have as pets or horse pack

  • Her I think I’d rather have golfing over knitting. With aliens. Mermaids. Vampires and now spellcasters happy Haunts is the only way to go

  • Maybe some people got confused w the voting system? For a second I thought that it’s score-based, meaning that I give 5 points to the best one. But it was the other way around!

  • I prefer that of the ghosts is more hemocionante than to manufacture objects, let’s be cinceros how many times we use the workshop tables or floral arrangements or the cool clay that a pack is only based on that.

  • I think it gives our elders something realistic to do, plus knitting and crochet are something a ton of people do (myself included) a lot of proper play the game for realism ‍♀️

  • Let’s be honest the so called voting is BS NO ONE WANTS KNITTING. But that’s what the creators wanted to add like laundry. And like laundry it will be ignored by all but 10% of the players

  • I was hoping more pet and kid stuff. Like a pet walker, more things for the pets to do and the toddlers have more stuff then kids, so it would be nice if kids could get jungle gyms, slide sets and ball pits like the toddlers can

  • Lol I was kinda hoping the crafts stuff pack would contain all the crafts mentioned to give variety to the game especially the knitting along with pottery ect…more crafts the better I say

  • sculpting because they had it in the sims 3 ambition with different material to used as wood, metal and ice. the sims was sculpting in the sims 3 ambition. they always used a hammer for the sculpted on the wood and metal but they had reach to a certain level in sculpting, and they had also used a chainsaw on the ice.