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The Sims 4: Giving Elevators a Purpose

Hey Simmers, Honnahoops here. I’m one of the newest Community Reporters to join The Sims Community team!

Firstly, a little introduction. I’m Hannah, a 24 year old simmer who’s been playing The Sims since the age of 11. I’ve just graduated from Northumbria University and I’m now trying to navigate through adult life (any tips welcome).

I’ve also recently set myself the challenge of rebuilding my entire save! You can keep up with my progress on my tumblr and find my builds on the gallery.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all in the comments. Please leave me your ‘mods you can’t live without’ and maybe I’ll find a few I haven’t tested.

Functional Elevators

Now that The Sims 4 Discover University has given us the ability to add roommates to our households (hooray), the Functional Elevator Doors & Portal Mod gives us the creativity to build our own apartment buildings!

Modder TheSimmer40 has given elevator doors a purpose and ability to be placed on any lot. With this mod, you’ll be able to have up to three elevator shafts on a lot to travel between your many stories.

By combining the functionality of the portals from Realm of Magic with the City Living elevator doors, stairs will not be required and elevator doors can be ‘locked’ on certain floors for specific Sims.

The elevators themselves don’t have any special interactions and Sims will fade when entering and exiting the elevator. However I do still feel it gives the realism that the City Living elevators were lacking.

Need help installing mods? Fellow Sims Community Writer, SnarkyWitch has created a handy guide for installing custom content and mods.

NOTE: Realm of Magic is required for this mod to work.

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Hello :wave: I’m Hannah a 24 year old simmer & marketing lady from England. Lover of a good cup of tea, bad puns and hoping to engage with the wider sim community. Currently rebuilding my entire sim save from scratch...


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  • I have been playing Sims for years and I’m 32, lol I love the new changes but I feel so far behind because of work. But I’ll be working from home soon and I will have time to catch up. I don’t have any Friends am just a homebody. ✌❤️

  • I have to say, I’m always somewhat suspicious about sims4 mods which add new functionality. What if it breaks my save, what if it messes up sims AI..? But this mod completely surprises me with its fluidity and integration with the game. Great great job and thank you!

  • be cool to see escalators too but stairs and floor kind. Just in case some of us created a Mall which I have done would be able to use.

    • Thanks very much Jaguwar! It’s very cool indeed. I’ve loved making my own apartments – especially with the new ‘ask to be roommate’ functionality.

  • Welcome, Hannah! Thanks for letting us know about this cool mod. Funnily enough, I just got RoM in the sales yesterday, so this is a great bonus. :D

    • Thanks Jim Cole, you’re very welcome. :) I picked up RoM in the sales too and this was the perfect mod to accompany it. Happy simming!

  • Hello hamnah it’s nice to meet you im Donna tip on adulting well stay a kid at heart cause adulting can be stressful bills and house repairs to car repair enjoy life

    • Hey Donna, thanks for the adulting tip! :) Myself and my partner have just bought our first house so I can imagine it’s going to get stressful soon!

  • I’ll most definitely be following! Im 27 been playing since I was 10 and im addicted to mods and custom content! I’ve even shared some of my building creations with the community :)

  • Do I need any expansion packs for this to work? I don’t have City Living or Realm of Magic. (yet)
    I was thinking of buying City Living just for the elevators alone. (Of course all the other stuff looks cool too)

    • This mod uses RoM’s Portal as the basis for the elevator interaction. I believe the doors are just meshes taken from CL.

  • Ive been playing the Sims since the very first one. Im 35 with 2 boys and a homebody. Wouldn’t mind friends that have the same interest in the Sims