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SimGuruNick shares a list of top community-reported The Sims 4 Bugs

SimGuruNick, Quality Analyst working on The Sims 4 has shared an interesting image over on his Twitter account.

The image that he shared consists of top community-reported bugs that players have been encountering in The Sims 4. All of these bugs have been listed, ranked and voted by other EA AHQ forum members that make them “a top priority”.

He stated that although he can’t make any promises on when these bugs will be fixed, The Sims 4’s Development and QA Team is actively looking into solving these issues.

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  • I don’t know how comment this is, but none of my apartment sims have shoes. Even when I have them go to a different lot, in another community, they still aren’t wearing the shoes I put on them.
    This is also true for premade Sims. I tested it, with Mister Rasoya. Nope.

    (I have been having a few of these problem, since the late November patch. I guess I will give Sims 4 a rest, until I get the University pack. Maybe then, these problems will be fixed.)

    • DO you have any littlemisssam mods? her small mod bundle includes a buggy mod that causes all sims to not have shows – its called no shoes indoors.

    • I just recently discovered this. It bugged me so much I changed out all the windows I’d added to the penthouse to new ones.

      • Before saying about a bug from the game, make sure to make a new save, clean cache, remove all mods and repair on origin, it’s simple but very important.
        I’m also having a problem with some distant objects not working properly, like pregnant bellies and snowy distant places.

  • It would be cool if Sims automatically go sit at a table. I’ll even settle for them to sit at the couch instead of just eating in front of the refrigerator.

  • Don’t know if other people have this problem or not but a sim in a household can’t chat with another household member unless they do it themselves or to other Sims . Have another problem but hard to explain but I do have other glitch

  • When I’m creating my sims, I only have one body type, and some animations are missing when I start up CAS. And then there’s the fact that Willow Creek, Newcrest, and Oasis Springs are now missing from my game. Can someone explain why that is??

  • I love how they said soon meaning when ever they can find some new way to change people…

    And that’s not nearly the amount of bugs Ive seen on their “active” sites

  • Odd jobs that require travel to the islands won’t complete when fulfilled – can’t get paid off cleaning the island, finding the jewelry or exploring the cave. Will spend all sim day completing the task and not get it fulfilled.

  • If i have my pregnant sim give birth at the hospital she randomly changes into her hospital gown even days after she gives birth. It happens to everyone of my sims. Like she’ll change into it rather then her daily outfit i planned for her.

  • I am having a problem with anything city living. Clothing and furniture from this pack is either invisible or make my sim red and black checkered. The world itself is completely glitched out or won’t save properly. City life was my favorite expansion so I hope this gets fixed soon!

  • I was playing in oasis spring for the first time on a new game and all my sims kept getting stuck in the bathroom till I went to build mode then back to live. They were able to leave after that I even removed the door to an arch way to make sure it wouldn’t lock. Weird and annoying.

  • Anyone else having problems with sims changing clothes after leaving class at University? I changes my sims clothes then go to class and when she reappears she’s reverted back to her pyjamas! So frustrating!

  • Hi,
    Ever since Ive gotten the sims 4 ‘Legacy Edition’ all of my gameplays and My Library Have disappeared and i don’t know how to get it back.

  • Hello their Sims. I have a question to ask. I have installed ‘Outdoor Retreat’ game pack and ‘Backyard Stuff’ Stuff pack and after the installed and all my packs updated. I went into the game and begin to build where I realized that most of the items of the ‘Cats and Dogs’ Expansion pack had disappeared. The only CC/Mods I have in my game is the redshelf. I wanna know if this is a bug or must I delete the Redshelf. (Yes I did exit and open the game alot of times)