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The Sims 4: All of the Hairstyles Added for Children and Toddlers

The Sims 4’s Latest Update comes with a surprise for all of those who’ve been waiting for more options for their Toddlers and Children in the game.

The update adds 15 Hairstyles in total that have been converted from Adult Hairstyles that have been available in the Base Game (and some of the packs) since their release.

Although the Hairstyles that you see down below are available for everyone who owns The Sims 4 Base Game – the original hairstyles that were originally made for adults that came with packs are still exclusive to them.

Down below you can see the full gallery of new hairstyle additions for Children (12 new Hairstyles) and Toddlers (3 new Hairstyles).



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  • That’s awesome! Definitely think they need to add a bit more for toddlers/children. Maybe we can get something for the elders too soon?
    But I’m loving the new hairstyles!!

    • You could have some that are gender nutural. I mean sure it says masculine and feminine but it doesnt mean you cant use them for both genders.

    • ??? What are you on about? There are 5 hairstyles that both boys and girls look great in children and 1 hairstyle in toddlers.

      “Nope” to you too.

    • Bous can have any hair they want. But if you want to pigeon hole children so early, there’s at least 5 that can be used as conventionally ‘male’ hairstyles.

    • Fr. I’m waiting for this, I got excited because I thought we got it too. But like we haven’t still! I paid money for this game too, it’s not fair they think of pc first. Like “you should’ve got a pc”.

  • When are console players getting this? I thought it would have come out when they launched gallery for console but nope. I’m pretty upset about this to say the least. The pc community doesn’t care much about the console community.